June 21, 2024

8 Stylish Tops to Wear For Videoconferencing From Home

I’ll always remember the first time I had a video interview for a potential job. I was incredibly unfamiliar with how to put my best foot forward while being admittedly uncomfortable in front of a camera.

Thankfully, videoconferencing has become my norm as I’ve spent the last five years working on teams located in cities spread across the country.

And one thing I’ve learned from them, whether you’re leading the call or just joining as a participant, is that everyone can tell when you’re focused and ready. Whether you work from your couch or a desk, wearing a professional-looking top or blouse can really make all the difference. And no one will ever know that you’re still wearing loungewear on the bottom! Here are our favorite tops.

If you’re in the mood to watch a movie that stars a sexy guy, we get it. Thankfully, Netflix gets it, too. The streaming service’s current 2020 lineup is the gift that keeps on giving, blessing us with some of the hottest eye candy that we’ve yet to see.

We did the dirty work and rounded up a bunch of movies that feature the most smoldering men around for a shameless movie night in. Some of these characters are being romantic, some are showing off their guns (and abs) in action movies, and some are pure evil (in a really hot way), but what they all have in common is, well, we want to jump their bones.

We can’t vouch for the quality of all these movies, but we can say that the actors starring in them are nothing short of sexy.

Looking for even more Netflix recs? Check out more movies and TV shows that are available on Netflix in April here.

11 Horror-Comedy Movies Streaming on Netflix, in Case You’d Rather Laugh Than Scream

For those who aren’t horror enthusiasts, goosebumps are sure to ensue when you realize that there could be a spooky movie waiting around practically every corner (er, channel) when you least expect it. If you’re not into all that gore though, Netflix is here for you.

In addition to plenty of straight-up horror flicks, the streaming giant also has a decent selection of horror-comedies in its library for you to check out while you’re making that batch of popcorn. So, without further ado, keep reading to get an equal dose of thrills, chills, and laughs.

25 Celebrities Who Have Some Important Thoughts About Netflix’s Tiger King

Netflix’s surprise hit docuseries Tiger King has had social media buzzing, and that includes quite a few famous folks! A surprising number of celebs have watched and commented on Tiger King, sharing their reactions to the shocking twists, the memorable (and meme-able) personalities on screen, and their theories on some of the dangling mysteries the show leaves behind.

When it comes to obsessing over the latest streaming sensation, it turns out celebrities are just like us! Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best celebrity reactions to the show – keep reading to see if your favorites have tuned in and what they have to say.

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