8 Must-See Sculptures in Canada

We Canadians are immensely proud of the beautiful and diverse landscape of our country. And from small towns to major cities all across the nation, there are interesting and quirky sculptures and statues to be discovered.

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1. Maman – Ottawa, Ontario

This giant spider made of bronze, stainless steel and marble stands at 30 feet tall outside of the main entrance of the National Gallery of Canada in the nation’s capital. Purchased by NGC in 2004, the enormous egg-carrying spider is the creation of Louise Bourgeois and was inspired by the French-American artist and sculptor’s own mother, a tapestry restorer, representing a nurturing and protective symbol of fertility and motherhood, shelter and the home. With its monumental and terrifying scale, however, Maman also betrays this maternal trust to incite a mixture of fear and curiosity.

Here are four reasons to fall in love with Ottawa in the winter.

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