70 Square Nail Art Ideas

With this manicure you will look glamorous at any time. Metallic colors are those that contribute to the glamour but only if they are used smartly and with measure!

Without proper and shaped nails, there are no real ladies and women with style. Dear ladies whether you have short or long nails, always let them be tidy and stiff. Beautiful hands are something that many people notice first on another person. If they are nicely colored and nicely shaped, you will give the impression of a carefree lady and a woman who looks after her appearance.

The beautiful embedded nails send a clear and powerful message about you to others, and surely they are a beautiful fashionable detail that gives to your appearance a special seal and completes it. In order to have healthy and strong nails it is important to pay attention to their care.

When you are settling your nails, you are often like most ladies in the dilemma which form to choose. Many are available, such as square, oval, almond nails… Choose the shape that fits your style. With square nails you will not make a mistake. Square nails are a classic in world of fashion that never goes out of fashion and you can take it in every occasion. This shape is very popular and is called the glamorous nail shape. This form of nail will surely draw attention to your hands and will fit well with those ladies wearing nails of medium length. These nails have sharper edges so because of that they break more easily – this is their only disadvantage.

As for the color, it is summer so be free to choose pastel shades that you will be able to wear everywhere and always. Be creative and combine colors like pink and blue, purple and white, yellow and black… Summer motifs like palm trees, seagulls are a nice detail for the hot summer days, and if you go to the sea, you will surely be noticed with these great details. Ombre in some summer color will be a great choice, but pay attention on the crossings – let them be discreet and let the colors spill over into each other. Black is color for all times and occasions, and gold and silver are there to give the glamour to your look. The stripes will make your nails visually longer, but be careful with the stretches across the width of the nail.

If you have strong natural nails, then you will need a little effort to fix them, and of course a good nail polish, it is better to have three good nail polishes than a bunch of bad nail polishes which can damage your nails. On the other hand, if you have weak nails that grow slowly, opt for a nail gelling technique that will extend them and make them strong. It is a steady technique that will make your hands beautiful for more than three weeks, almost all month.

We have prepared a lot of photos of square nails for you in our gallery. I hope that our effort will pay off and you will find nails ideal for yourself! Enjoy and do not forget to be your own this summer!

The diamond gloss in the nail polish contributes to its more luxurious appearance. The mystic purple color with diamond gloss in it will surely look very stylish on every hand.

Roses are often a choice of gentle and romantic ladies. Roses as a detail on nails is especially beautiful and effective in warm spring and summer days.

Pastel tones beautifully stand on young and on a little bit older ladies. RThis colors are always fashionable like a small black dress.

White and gray manicure with geometric shapes. Geometry is this season a absolute hit when it comes to wardrobe but and when it comes to manicure.

Teenagers and trendy women will definitely take and, at least one, such manicure this summer.

The combination of blue and pink slowly becomes a classic bass as well as a combination of black and white.

Thongs in different colors with the dominant golden color are beautifully combined with white. If you have all colors painted and they started to be bored to you, try this kind of manicure.

Matte colors may look bored but this way combined with a brilliant rhinestone look great and elegant.

These colors reminds me on the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, especially when it is combined with gold. The royal green on all fingernails would be too dark for these cheerful days, but as a supplement to a light green manicure it is especially pronounced and gives to the manicure a special seal.

Have you tried this kind of ombre? It looks very nice and the colors are beautifully spilling over to each other.

This bright manicure blurred with other bright colors will surely bring with confidence a real city girlfriend.

I would like to take this manicure on some beach or pool…

With this manicure you will be the main on any beach. Combine them with great glasses and earrings to look like true diva.

This manicure is very elegant, and beside roses to the elegance, contribute pearls without which it is impossible to imagine a real lady.

These feminine shades are definitely a favorite among ladies of all ages.

The beauty of the interior, exterior, make up, changing clothes and manicure lies in the details. Small details almost imperceptible like these roses in the upper corner of the nail gave a touch of tenderness to this manicure, and the metallic shade a dose of sharpness and glamour.

Black can, with no mistakes,to wear rebels but also sophisticated ladies. Black is dark and a bit boring, but in this combination looks very hilarious.

With French manicure there is no mistake. He is perfect for all occasions, and his simplicity and beauty have surely attracted each of us to take it at least once. Now are modern and enriched French manicure like this in the picture.

When you do not know how to decorate your nails, reach for the rhinestones. It is good first aid.

The French manicure from a long time ago stopped to be a combination of gentle pink and white.

A very luxurious manicure that is enhanced with this look of marble on two nails.

The summer is, the sun shines, the heat everywhere… It would not be a complete summer with no yellow color that you can combine in a wide variety of ways.

Ombre with fine crosses of one color to another… Irresistibly reminds on the sea and sea depths.

And for those younger members of the more beautiful sex, here’s a playful manicure.

Gel varnishes are easy to use as they are easily applied to natural nails. So there is no flooding and superfluous

Disco balls need not shine only in the discotheque, its shades can be found on our nails also.

Geometric shapes like cubes, squares, rhomboids and triangles can decorate your hands. May your inspiration be this manicure from the picture.

There are and stickers that you can put over the lacquer incolor, or a gel in color, and a colorless lacquer over the sticker. If you’re not smart with a brush, decorate on this way with nails.

The color pouring in other color that looks casual and optional, may be very nice.

Mystical purple has never even gone out of fashion.

And while you make nails, pay attention to your cuticles and skin around your nails. It also needs to look gentle and stylish.

Gel varnishes also dries in UV lamps, and when the nail grows, the gel lacquer can be easily removed with minimal spinning, often without any spinning.

Pink nails of extraordinary shine and very nice length. Pink flamingo on a white background is a real refreshment.

The bright colors are colors of warm summer days, while those stronger and darker are reserved for cold autumn and winter days.

Does exist a better smell than the fragrance of spring hyacinth?

A white color like black can be boring and cold if it does not come up with some details that give it a touch of interest and sophistication.

The tendency is that one or two nails are left over from the rest of the manicure, or that they are different for example, with a picture.

Proper lines are very interesting if you use and combine the right colors.

Many ladies like to wear tufts both on their clothes and nails. If you are one of them, I’m sure you will like these fingernails.

For ladies of a bright and cheerful spirit, this manicure will be a hit.

Square nails do not have to be too long. In fact, they are the most beautiful when they have medium length, although it’s possible to wear them as short as this one on the photo.

Manicure that is excellent for a serious business woman who loves discrete make up, discreet wardrobe, discreet neutral manicure.

Decoratingand putting emphasis on the nail root and not the top of the nail is already the choice of many women and professional masters of the manicure.

If this manicure was in matte color, it would be more desirable in colder days, in autumn or winter. However, this amount of glitter that it has made it quite acceptable in this hot summer days.

I would rather carry this manicure in autumn, but it’s all a matter of taste, so I’m sure it will like some extravagant lady.

You can draw a silver line with a nail polish in that color or special stickers for this purpose.

If you have a secure hand, first do the ombre and then pull lines with glittering nail polish like this on the picture.

Gel lacquers are much more durable than ordinary nail polishes, and their color does not fade and shine does not diminish. Expertly done gel lacquers can last up to four weeks.

Whether it’s summer or winter, red lipstick and red nail polish is a safe choice.

Silver spangles perfectly stand on a gentle blue and gently pink nail polish. Silver color combines perfectly with these two so that whatever combination you choose, you will not make a mistake.

How much gel will easily stick to your nails depends of you, of the work you do, your nail plates… There are ladies who have been wearing gels for a long time and upgrading nails that lasted them. Then those same ladies started to use gel lacquer, and he ran very briefly and separated from the nail. The situation can be reversed. Try you own and make sure of the durability and quality.

Each nail you can also paint in different shades of the same color.

Square nails are one of the most popular nail shaping methods.

Art works can be created also on nails, not just on canvas and paper.

There is also a variant of oval-square nails that are also excellent on short and long nails. These fingernails are harder to crack than ordinary square nails, and ladies on this nails prefer to wear matte shades.

The combination of baby pink and white is very sensitive, and with this decorations on itself veryseductive.

Very bold combination of baby pink and extravagant green. Dark autumns and hot summer color are balanced and you can wear this manicure even when colder days come.

As for the care of the cutter, the basic rule is not to cut them. It is best to push them only from a nail plate with an adequate device and to apply cream on them.

Shield gel polishes can last on nails for three weeks, and they dry in a conventional UV lamp or a modern LED lamp.

Monotonous manicure, where all nails are equally done, refresh with some details like rhinestones on this images.

When you remove the nail polish or gel, take care of your hands and nails. Be sure to apply a thicker layer of cream on your hands and nails, put gloves and go on sleeping.

To have strong and beautiful nails, do not forget about healthy nutrition and intake a lot of of vitamins in the body. If you eat healthy food and play sport your nails and hair will surely shine too.

This manicure is perhaps more appropriate for the winter, as these patterns remind a bit on cold winter days.

Great for an employed lady who wants to look neat and beautiful.

At least once a week or when you do not have a nail gel, make a nutritious nail bath with vitamin E, olive oil and milk.

The golden color with the white looks very luxurious and if we add it and modern rings, in the golden color we will be the main in every occasion.

Short nails are very practical, and the fact that they are short does not prevent them from being polished.

When you restore gel nails and let them “breathe”, let them be short and shabby in order to recover more quickly and do not get caught on clothes, furniture, and so on.

This is a very romantic manicure, in a beautiful blue and white color. If I were on the coast or I was going there, I would surely have brought such a manicure.

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