70 best tonal resources of all time

DLa summer and winter, oily, dry and combination skin, matte and glitter. Makeup artists, editors BeautyHack and beauty bloggers suggest favorite foundations, BB and CC creams.

Concealer Double Wear Light, Estee Lauder

“The tool I recommend to clients with combination to oily prone skin. Mattifies, hides imperfections and gives a slight lifting effect. Light in texture, I wear it in the summer.

But for dry skin not suitable: can accentuate flaking. Very durable – lasts up to 15 hours”.

Тональный крем Double Wear Light, Estée Lauder

Cushion-Double Wear Light, Estee Lauder

Кушон Double Wear Nude, Estée Lauder

“The easiest product of all tonal resources Estée Lauder. Gives a healthy glow to any skin. Fashion moves towards natural effect: worldwide models come with gym skin (skin “after workout” – approx.ed.) and “Shine” from the inside. Don’t think that cushion will only fit girls with smooth leather – Double Wear cope with any problems, even with the redness. I love this cushion for a delicate finish – you’re glowing like you had a great sleep. The applicator is very convenient – use a cushion, without looking in the mirror.”

Concealer Liquid Lift Foundation-Make Up For Ever

Тональный крем Liquid Lift Foundation, Make Up For Ever

“Love for a perfect finish – medium coverage of this tone allows you to hide imperfections and to give a satin glow. I apply Lift Foundation with a fluffy blush brush (Make Up For Ever 156): I hold all over the face with gentle circular motions. A thin veil. The layers – all because of the creamy texture. In the morning Lift Foundation works like Breakfast for the skin – it helps her to cheer up and prepare for a long day. Don’t forget: the Foundation only works in combination with the correct care for your skin type: dry areas should be well moistened, fat – zamarinovat”.

Cream Foundation Vitalumiere Aqua, Chanel

Тональный крем Vitalumiere Aqua, Chanel

“Best refreshing makeover well-chosen tinted moisturizer. Updating it in a couple of hours, you will not get the effect of plaster on the face. In the composition of this cream a lot of water. Gives a semi-matte, oluseyi finish and good shade”.

Foundation Affinitone, Maybelline New York concealer Skin Foundation, Bobbi Brown

Тональный крем Affinitone, Maybelline New York и тональный крем Skin Foundation, Bobbi Brown

“Affinitone perfect tone cream blends into the skin (I apply with fingers), dense enough to efficiently conceal flaws, fine, shade, cheap. I use shade #3 is a “Golden mean”. Refreshes the complexion, not too dark and not too bright.

Skin Foundation – cream dispenser glass bottle. The most important thing in this is balance: in the line of Bobbi Brown from the dense balms sticks to the lungs is located just in the middle.

You will not feel the cream on the face – very comfortable, but gives good coverage. It adheres well and doesn’t dry the skin during the day. By the way, I even under eyes applying it instead of concealer.

Tip: if you like to use tone, and a concealer, it is better to choose products of the same brand. It often happens that two products are good in themselves, but together don’t rhyme, make a visible border, no matter how rastushevyvaet”.

CC cream Perfect glow, Erborian

СС-крем Совершенное сияние, Erborian 

“My skin perfect CC cream. I found in the line of Erborian a tool that properly sets off the color of the skin. The product is a little dry, not shiny, gives a matte finish, beautiful color and almost invisible. However, I can not advise it for those who have dry skin, you most likely will not work”.

Cream Ultra Sheer by Face Atelier

Тональный крем Ultra Sheer, Face Atelier 

“It’s a professional tool is not so easy to get – you can find in America in the specialty stores for makeup artists. Allows you to make perfect even the most problematic skin. Vysokomehanizirovannyh concealer is easy to apply, enveloping the skin and repeating the relief, softens and smoothes the skin, eliminates peeling. In the palette there is a very light shade of snow white. Perfect to create the effect of porcelain skin.”

Foundation Maestro Fusion Makeup SPF15, Giorgio Armani

Тональное средство Maestro Fusion Makeup SPF15, Giorgio Armani

“The tool I recommend to people with oily, porous skin. Lays down a thin layer, not rolled and it looks natural. Gives the face a natural glow and is easily spread even with fingers, although I prefer working with brushes.”

Tonal fluid The Soft Long Wear Fluid Foundation SPF20 La Mer

Тональный флюид The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF20, La Mer

“Persistent tonal fluid. I can apply it with a brush or sponge Beautyblender – coating is thin, very natural, ideal for natural and lasting make-up. In addition, remedy skin care – a few weeks of constant use you will see it yourself”.

Concealer Studio Sculpt Foundation M. A. C

“Cream-mousse to create a porcelain skin. My signature technique of the preparation of the Actresses on the red carpet. I love this tool. One of the main advantages is its efficiency. Due to the fact that the cream is quite thick and unique texture (cream-gel), you need a very small amount to make the skin tone even and hide minor imperfections”.

Concealer Luminous Silk, Giorgio Armani

“Luminous Silk I love all the makeup artists – universal cream, suitable for all skin types. Similar to the fluid creates a silky finish, invisible on the face (consisting of an elastic transparent sphere Micro-fil). While well evens skin tone, disguises imperfections”.

Matifying powder Blot Powder Pressed Medium, M. A. C

“With their tasks copes perfectly – absorbs Shine and fixes Foundation cream. The Medium shade fits all, and the texture is light and translucent. The powder is easy to carry, complete a sponge”.

Finishing transparent powder True Matte, PROmakeup Laboratory

“For the production of this powder we found silica in Korea, which is treated with organo-silicone. This means that the powder not only makes the skin matte, but also leaves it smooth even on the driest areas. Scatters the light and does not leave the skin white highlight, because it is made in a versatile peach color.

Put at the end of the makeup and even the tone – powder “sticks” to the skin and does not weigh down your makeup. Packaging is always clean – the holes in the membrane are closed when the last corner of the lid”.

Powder Foundation Super Stay 24H, Maybelline New York

“Powder with a great matte effect lasts 6-7 hours. Recommend applied by a large brush in circular motions all over the face, paying special attention to the T-zone. In the palette 4 shades from very light to dark. Falls light layer of pores. Best choice for combination skin”.

Concealer Traceless Foundation, Tom Ford

“Fine, glossy texture. Excellent coverage for even the most dry skin and eliminates peeling. Appears a light shining finish. There is in the filter SPF 15”

Cream Foundation Face&Body, M. A. C

“Love from the moment I became a makeup artist. Face&Body is one of the few creams that is used at fashion weeks and completely undetectable on the skin. Evens tone, smoothes wrinkles, eliminates peeling and reduces pores. Sometimes replaces base under tight tone. Don’t use only for oily skin”.

Concealer for combination skin Superbalanced Makeup, Clinique

“This Foundation is available since 1968 (since the creation of the brand Clinique), and still everybody loves him. The tones of light texture, medium density – perfectly covers any skin, masking imperfections and giving it a natural glow from inside. Looks like a second skin and completely invisible.

Superbalanced Makeup – the “smart” tool. Concealer is able to control Shine in the T-zone and moisturize the areas of the face that need it. Sometimes paint brush, sometimes with fingers, in any case, apply and spread very easily.”

Cream to help eliminate signs of hyperpigmentation, Even Better Makeup SPF 15 Clinique

“This is the first dermatologist-developed cream that evens skin tone and removes age spots. Hyperpigmentation is a common sign of aging occurs because of damage to the skin by the sun or in the place of healed pimples. Cream Foundation Even Better Makeup for women who want not only to disguise spots, but to get rid of them.

The skin tone becomes uniform and she gets a healthy glow. SPF 15 protects from UV radiation. Density from Even Better Makeup medium, disguise, but no effect of gravity”.

Easy compact powder Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15 Clinique

“In the production of Almost Powder Makeup technique has been used to convert liquid into powder – during this process, the liquid evaporates, leaving a soft, dry texture. In this case, the powder formed small air bubbles that make it so silky and light. To create this powder takes twice more time than conventional production, the formula goes through three stages of pressing.

The powder creates a natural-looking coverage, masking redness and uneven pigmentation. Helps maintain moisture balance in the skin and therefore suitable for everyone: it will not dry out the dry skin and removes the Shine on oily. Can be applied not only over makeup, but also on their own, especially in the summer.

Cushion Cushion Le Encre De Peau Fusion Ink, Yves Saint Laurent

“Among European kushanov is my favorite. It is 30% consists of mineral water, which makes the texture light. The cushion leaves a beautiful satin finish. At a time when everyone from the dislikes talking about glossy skin.

Tip: use a cushion-only powder puff that comes in the kit because the product is applied with a brush or sponge will not allow you to create the right result!”

BB cream Gold Label, Dr. Jart

“All my clients when I first try this BB cream, they say that their life was divided into before and after! The product is really brilliant – flawless coverage, easy application, full integration with the skin.”

Foundation stick Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation Stick, Make Up For Ever

“Creamy texture of this stick gives it a great coating with satin gloss for beautiful skin. Comfortable, can be layered, good pigmentation and opacity”.

Radiant stick Foundation Stick Foundation, Clé De Peau

“This tool surprised me. In a dense stick – lightweight texture of a mousse. When it comes into contact with your skin – it becomes liquid. Apply the lightest layer and merges with the texture of the skin. Its surface looks clean and untouched. Your complexion is visibly aligned”.

Foundation Water Blend, Make Up For Ever

“Cream Foundation gives a sheer coverage with a slight matte effect – made of water-based. Effortlessly glides on beauty blender, well matting and hides minor redness. Tint recommend to select darker – not the tone of the face and under the neck tone. This will help to avoid the effect of “white shit”.

Concealer Toise Le Teint Eclat, Yves Saint Laurent

“This concealer is very easy to apply and blend with a brush, the coating is perfect – the skin immediately becomes well rested, and limitations of the product to cope at times.”

Resistant cream New York Super Stay 24, Maybelline

“Really strong tone, suitable for filming, and everyday life. Most importantly, don’t put it too tight, but if we are talking about natural makeup, dilute primer or moisturizer”.

Concealer DiorSkin Nude Air Dior

“For combination and oily prone skin, I suggest concealer DiorSkin Nude Air by Dior. It is lightweight, well matting and leaves a velvety finish. The face looks like porcelain! Nude Air have excellent spanning ability. A couple of drops is enough for entire face. But for dry skin dry skin this Foundation will not work. It will only emphasize the flaws. On a more universal tool, I will tell further”.

Concealer Lasting Illusion Satin Matte, Senna

“One of the most versatile tools with which I worked – Lasting Illusion Satin Matte from Senna. This Foundation good spanning ability and plasticity. In this case it really doesn’t. Lasting Illusion – resistant, not leak even under the lights for eight hours. But there is one problem: it’s hard to use, if you are a professional makeup artist. First you need to apply the cream flat brush and then blend it with a fluffy brush or butilenica, working very quickly. You definitely need to make friends with him!”

Concealer Secret Camouflage, Laura Mercier

“He has no alternatives – a dense texture that perfectly stretches unique. Paint not only under the eye – perfect for disguising blemishes on the T-zone and small imperfections. Can be layering. On the face is almost not felt – weightless. Without this concealer does not do any makeup.”

Highlighter Shimmering Skin Perfector, Becca

“Always recommend to take with you on vacation. This product can be applied not only on face but also on body – glow effect for tanned skin looks amazing. Hollywood stars very often trust this tool your way on the red carpet. Easy to apply with your fingers – for me it’s the best liquid highlighter”.

Foundation Barely Base Sheer Mineral Make Up, Senna

“This tool is the progenitor of a BB cream. Light toning gel instantly get used to your natural tone, with great covers fine wrinkles and redness. In vitamin C, extracts of ginseng and chamomile moisturize and soothe the skin.”

Cushion-Air Fit, apieu

“With this brand began the movement of kushanov, and at the moment this is the cheapest similar product on the market. Available in three textures. First, a classic, very shiny and a little wet. It merges with the skin – for that I love her. There is also very resistant matte texture XP (perfect for filming) and finally, the average between them is called the Korean word Pposong. So this cushion benefits from the variety of textures, low prices, and the lightest coating. Applied is so simple that it is convenient to use even in a taxi.”

Cushion Do Do Cat, Holika Holika

“Once you get the tone and Straubing: a product with a very shiny texture. Attracts a fun design in the shape of cat paws. When applied cools the face and reduces pores. Made on the basis of herbal ingredients that soothe the skin. And the silica in the composition helps to get rid of greasy”.

Foundation for airbrush, Temptu

“Perhaps the most persistent is the basis of all that I saw. For its application do not have to buy an airbrush, use a brush for tone. Apply a light veil, with good matting the skin and neutralizes redness. The rest of the day about makeup, you can forget – lasts at least 10-12 hours.”

BB cream Creme Nude, Erborian

“The medium glitters, but it does not necessarily apply all over the face – I love using BB cream under concealer. Or even instead of concealer – sometimes it is not needed to mask the bruises. This product has light-reflecting particles, so a BB cream will be enough.”

Cushion Miracle Cushion SPF 23, Lancôme

“I’ve been using them for two years and it never let me down.

Perfectly moisturizes and refreshes the skin, gives radiance and protects from the sun (there’s SPF filter 23). The makeup is no mask effect.

A porous pad impregnated with a fluid tone which has the texture of water. I especially recommend it to fans of BB and CC creams”.

Cushion My To Go Armani, Giorgio Armani

“If you need something lightweight, but still covering a bold spot, something cream-powdery and slightly matte, something that is not liquid, but not thick and very velvety to pick up and enjoy, rubbing his tender cheeks with a sponge.

Moisture here too (and even, according to the release, 18-hour – due to glycerin and hyaluronic acid in the composition), but it is not as dense as some Koreans – the consistency is something like essences, and the skin falls immediately.

From the pros: you can layer (that is, to correct makeup during the day without sagging effect Gibus), not rolled, decent durability for kushana (I have one layer was kept for 5-6 hours)”.

Cushion Teint Idole Ultra 010, Lancôme

“I don’t like primers: I believe that the best Foundation makeup – light moisturizer. But when doing a make with this cushion, even the cream is superfluous. Like the soft-applicator-pad – patting motions to distribute the product on the face. My skin is prone to dryness, but this peeling is not stressed. For daytime makeup do not use a highlighter – glow, which gives a cushion is enough”.

Foundation Teint Les Beiges Belle Mine Naturelle Healthy Glow Foundation SPF 25, Chanel

“Despite the fact that in most cases I limit myself to applying the CC cream, this Foundation from Chanel is in my purse. Dense texture and durability – these are its main advantages. Although it’s more of a summer option for special occasions like for winter darkish tone, and the SPF 25 was just the place in summer.”

Foundation Perfection lumiere velvet, Chanel

“This means water-based – perfect for my combination skin. Fluid with a light, almost weightless texture fits well and perfectly disguises mild redness, smoothing the skin. I have it dark, so always choose ottenok with a warm undertone (beige 30)”.

Concealer Liquid Foundation All Nighter, Urban Decay

“The resistance is really the unthinkable: struck at seven in the morning in one of the busiest days – what was my surprise when at five in the evening realized that even if we do not update the tone will still look good at the party. Shade 1.0 is ideally approached me and did the face too pale. Generally All Nighter Liquid Foundation manufacturers are particularly recommended to owners of greasy skin type – the tool will not clog pores and gives a beautiful matte finish”.

Moisturizing tint Foundation Sketches on Water Tinted Moisturiser, Rouge Bunny Rouge

“Skin becomes hydrated and fresh, and on the face and the truth remains a feeling of light veils – which, by the way, no one will notice. First, you can tell everyone that it’s just your flawless skin, and secondly- there is no need of layering a dense concealer to even out complexion, thirdly – can be applied with the fingertips and not be afraid of orange feathered borders.

And the bonus, which cannot be ignored. The ingredients and vitamins A and E, and antibacterial seaweed extract, and hyaluronic acid and even shark liver oil, known for its rejuvenating properties.”

BB cream Nourishing Beauty Balm Black Label+ SPF 25, Dr.Jart

“Beauty Balm from Korean brand Dr. Jart I use in summer and winter. In summer, it absorbs quickly and leaves no oily sheen, and in winter, qualitatively moisturizes and protects the skin from wind and cold provided that it is used a day cream.

I apply the tool like a regular cream, fingers spreading along the skin (including around the eyes). Beauty Balm absorbs within a minute and leaves a light shining finish. It literally adjusts to the tone, so the “mask” no.”

BB cream “immortelle Precious”, L’occitane

“This is the perfect tool for easy and weightless coverage. BB cream illuminates skin, smoothes flaws, removes bumps and redness. Bonus means a persistent and versatile: with it, you won’t need concealer and a primer, the cream and without them perfectly withstands 8-hour working day. Conditioning agents (essential oil of immortelle flower) in the composition protect the skin from frost and wind, and in summer protects from the sun. In addition, the cream very well moisturizes the skin. You can replace them and day cream. That’s what versatility!”

Concealer Studio Fix Fluid, NW10, M. A. C

“About the Studio Fix I’ve heard a lot, but his hands still did not get to try. Did not disappoint! It is slightly lighter than Urban Decay, but did not face too blendy. He decided to use those days when you need the perfect tone for your photos. The cream has no metering, the texture of the fluid allows you to “pour” the desired amount on the palette or directly on the beauty blender. Applied wet and hammered movements, moisten it and squeeze the sponge. Well distributed on the skin, not sinking in the course of the day, stoically withstand snowstorms and blizzards and dry. As a bonus filter SPF15″.

Modeling stick 2 in 1 Shaping Studio Skin Foundation Stick, Smashbox

“Stick from Smashbox is good in all respects: he has a soft creamy texture, perfectly amenable smudge and sponge, and brush and fingertips. And yet means a great overlay ability – with small imperfections to cope with a Bang, without the effect of thick mask. And a bonus, which raises the stick into the category of “you’ll always be in my makeup bag” – a convenient tool for cream contouring, which with the lightest touch turns into dust and creates a very natural shadow. Tint tools for modeling perfectly matched Foundation, therefore, when buying focus on it”.

BB cream “the Secret of perfection”, Garnier

“The first time I tried this drug a few years ago. The second time acquainted with the cream, I was pleasantly surprised. First, he’s not completely yellow skin and perfectly adapts to its natural color. Secondly, the cream is a very small expense, but it is better to apply with your fingers – so it is better distributed texture and application is more convenient. The tool best suited to owners of dry skin, but for better durability it is necessary to powder”.

Resistant concealer Haute Tenue Everlasting Foundation Clarins

“Cream perfectly covers blemishes without creating a mask effect, so in daylight it seems that smooth skin – a gift of nature, not a miracle makeup. The tools are thick, dense texture that gently blend with a brush. Sturdy ” a ” resistance, good matting ability and ease on the skin is almost not felt.”

Foundation Derma Blend Fluid Corrective Foundation, Vichy

“Foundation from Vichy from the category of “heavy artillery”. She steadfastly keeps the skin fair 16 hours and cope with such serious problems as acne, Hyper-pigmentation and even scars.

The lightest shade in this Foundation is ideal for snow white, but Tinker with it long is not necessary – blend as the tool is not “entrenched”. Really covers all the face is like a blank canvas on which you can easily draw the curves and lines. Contouring lovers take note!”

Foundation Petal Skin Foundation, Shu Uemura

“Using Petal Skin Foundation to achieve a smooth and even coating on face. Means higher density and gives a natural effect.

From the Foundation lightweight texture with a semi-matte effect. It is suitable for all types, but especially recommend it to girls with oily skin.

Composed of only natural ingredients: extracts of white Lily and Jasmine combined with organic oils and floral extracts along with natural oils gives the skin a feeling of freshness and well-rested”.

Foundation The Aerial Lightbulb Foundation, Shu Uemura

“Compact Foundation with shimmering particles makes the skin radiant and gives an instant effect of retouching. The coating is transparent and very light, glides on smoothly and does not feel on the face. For everyday makeup I recommend to not apply Foundation all over the face, and in some areas – like highlighter”.

BB Crème au Ginseng Erborian BB

“If there was ever the perfect tone, for me it is. Love it for what it is good for any skin condition, from dry to combination to wear in any season. Coating he had a slight noticeable on the face, not too matte and not too shiny. But imperfections – the extent of coverage is enough for me. To achieve the perfect color, I mixed the shades and Clair Dore in different proportions depending on the time of year and weather.”

Concealer Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup, Urban Decay

“If your skin color is not close to the average and you want a perfect hit, then this option is for you. He also has a medium coverage but can be layered to achieve a denser effect. As the name suggests, Foundation is included in the legendary line of “Naked”, which preached natural makeup “me, only better” and this is indeed so!”

Concealer Météorites Baby Glow, Guerlain

“Let’s start with the fact that he smells delicious violets and irises – is the most famous fragrance of the meteorites that everyone loves! Coating of medium intensity tone – perfectly evens skin tone and able to hide minor imperfections in the form of acne. But the shades are quite unusual – they have pink and peach nuances that affect the General appearance of fresh faces, the skin tone does not go into rogovenko and not discordant with the General colour of the body. Despite the fact that the Foundation refers to the meteor series, shimmer and other shimmering particles in it, no.”

Concealer Perfect BB Cream SPF 40, 3LAB

“If you can’t stand the extra layer on my face and want everything at once, this tone was created for you! It is surprising that such a purely care brands came out really good tinted moisturizer, which is often impossible, even in specialized stamps. But fact is fact!”

Moisturizing CC cream Cellularose Moisturizing CC Cream, By Terry

“It means I apply every day if don’t use bronzer. CC cream from By Terry looks fantastically beautiful on the face. The tone is natural, but it is very smooth. The cream enhances the beauty of natural skin.”

Bronzer The Celestial Bronzing Veil Kevyn Aucoin

“In the medium few shades that fade from one to another. This so-called Ombre bronzer. Cool shades in this range from rich sand to quite a dark highlighter. It beautifully illuminates the skin, good shade, you can use the shades together or individually. Especially advise young women with pink skin”.

Concealer Naked Skin, One Done, Urban Decay

“Naked Skin One Done – the lightest moisturizing cream tone, covering minor nuances. Weightless and invisible on the skin, while staunchly lasts all day. Leaves a natural finish and a slightly matte surface. Suitable for normal and combination skin”.

Concealer Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, NARS

“The tools are water-based, so the texture is liquid. Leaves a satin finish, the face looks radiant and hydrated. Tone well overcomes the disadvantages and comfortably worn throughout the day. Suitable for moderately dry or normal skin peeling. Bonus – SPF 30”.

Cauchon Nude Magique, L’oréal

“Foundation – cushion-L’oréal nude magique is a hit among the participants of the chat room created in support my beauty channel in the Telegram. From there I about it learned. Cushion liked it immediately, but now I apply it without looking in the mirror, and be sure of a perfect result. Always! Who have not yet won this “Bank” or just getting ready to meet with her, a little tip – moisten the skin before applying, then the tone will go perfectly.”

Cream Foundation True Radiance Clarins

“If my friends ask us to recommend them a good Foundation, I boldly offer True Radiance Сlarins: for me, there is no viable alternative to him. Light texture, even tone, healthy glow, six popular shades. The serum contains Moringa seed and exclusive complex Anti-Pollution to protect the skin from environmental influences. The complex Radiance Booster amplifies light reflectance from the skin surface. Tara gum and Salicornia extract provide hydration for 24 hours. A perfect Foundation for summer in the city and beyond, as a bonus still and SPF 15”.

Concealer Double Wear, Estée Lauder

“For more resistant and a very dense coverage I recommend to consult to experts in their field – brand Estée Lauder. Foundation Double Wear is really a godsend, if the skin has some problems or the person needs to prepare for Studio photography. On the skin much, but it really covers absolutely everything, so don’t forget about facial correction, otherwise it will seem flat.”

Tone cream Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation, Chanel

“Cream-gel, in all respects resembling cushion, published in the collection Les Beiges in April 2017. Composed of 56% water, so the tool is so light and not overpowering on the face. Want to even out the tone? This cream-gel is for you. Woke up, applied the product a “pad” and already look decent. And it slightly cools the skin, which also helps in the heat. But the redness and other shortcomings, it does not hide – corrector and concealer to help you”.

Bronzer Phyto-Touche Sun Glow Powder, Sisley

“Suggest a tool “Whitey”. Phyto-Touche Sun Glow Powder was released in may, palette in three shades: beige, sand and pink. Apply and shade easily without leaving red spots. Just today asked where did I get so tan. And I’m still at sea.”

Tinted hydrating gel cream Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream, BareMinerals

“First, it makes a dense layer, it’s not really love. Second, it provides additional hydration. Thirdly, he has a SPF 30+ that is now separate sun protection on the face is applied. The color of my Vanilla”.

Concealer Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, Rihanna Fenty Beauty

Since the tool is oil-free, with a large amount of talc, it is best suited for oily and combination skin. Silicones, leaving a breathable film, allows to use a concealer to owners of dry and normal skin. Minimum content of active ingredients gives this girly, but all the same conditioning effect. Will please fans paraben-free. Perfume does not contain allergens or their number is minimal, should not cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin“.

Concealer Éclat Opulent, By Terry

“Thanks various cascade pigments and optical particles, it will mask the color of skin imperfections and to fill in wrinkles, visually slimming their. The assets of the funds are directed to the correction of wrinkles, antioxidant protection and hydration. However, due to the fact that the silicone emulsion, it is better not to replace the care cream. But this is a very nice bonus in addition to functional work (color correction, wrinkles), the active ingredients will have a positive impact on the skin”.

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