7 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Sexy Escape

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so get ready to turn up the heat. But if a romantic vacation or fancy night out isn’t in the cards for you and your partner this year, don’t sweat it.

Treat your relationship to a romantic staycation instead. Converting your bedroom from its everyday norm into a sexy paradise is as easy as pressing “Add to cart” (and maybe leaving the Invisalign in its case, just this once). Whether it’s in the form of sexy pajamas, mood lighting or a few bonus accessories (wink, wink), changing up just one small thing can make your room feel like an entirely new place.

So, forget the rose petals. Here, seven simple updates that will make your bedroom feel like the sexy escape you deserve. Trust us, you will never want to leave.

Spiffy sheets

Nothing says upgrade like a new set of sheets. Opt for a set that is closely-woven and a high-thread count, like Chancery Lane Dream Town ($880; hillhouse.com), to make you feel like you’re living your best hotel life.

A sexy scent

Science shows that scent and sexual attraction go hand-in-hand, so swapping your regular bedroom candle for something more sensual will help set the mood. Try one with hints of decadent vanilla, musk, amber, jasmine or lily of the valley. We like LAFCO’s Amber Black Vanilla Candle ($65; nordstrom.com).

Mood lighting

Lighting has also been shown to have a huge impact on mood. So, settle the age-old argument between “lights on” or “lights off” with a dimmer switch. The best part: Pretty much any standard light can be turned into a dimmer with a few easy steps (though, it poses a few limits on light bulb selection, including fluorescent). Get one here.

A bedside mirror

Mirrorplay can be very sexy. In many positions, only the penetrating partner gets to enjoy the view, but placing a mirror near the bed allows both to get little glimpses.

A goodie drawer

Fill that drawer on the side of your bed with some sex toys you haven’t tried before. Surprise your partner (and up your sexual satisfaction) with a feather, blindfold, or a couples vibrator like this one. Exploring new realms makes for a stronger sexual bond.

Silky PJs

If you’re normally a sweats kind of woman, slip into something a little less comfortable but much sexier, like this silky slip dress from Fleur du Mal ($295; net-a-porter.com).

Playful pillows

Swapping out your pillows is the easiest way to give your bedroom an entirely new look, and it will make your bed feel like a totally different place than the one you reluctantly crawl out of every morning. To further play on the sense of touch, go for furry ones come February 14.

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