July 18, 2024

7 ways to organise a last-minute Christmas at home

Never prepared your own turkey? Nope, us neither. Until Saturday afternoon, many of us expected to be spending Christmas lunch somewhere else entirely yet suddenly, in the absence of roasties, mince pies, turkey or stuffing, we’re facing a lockdown in the four walls we’ve already spent *way* too much time in during 2020.

Since the restrictions now prevent some households from mixing during the festive period, you might be facing an at-home celebration that you totally weren’t prepared for.

But don’t worry, Christmas is not cancelled. It’s just time to initiate Plan B.

Whether you’re spending it alone, with flatmates or it’s a merry little Christmas à deux, the usual festive traditions can easily be tweaked to suit any celebration.

Think Christmas ham with all the trimmings, edible presents and paper snowflakes that bring you just a little bit of festive cheer. After all, who decides what Christmas is supposed to look like? We’re thinking proper day clothes aren’t even on the agenda.

So, whether you adapt your traditions or create some new ones, we’ve got the last-minute solutions for creating Christmas at home even if you haven’t even got a tree…

Leave home without leaving home

Hands up if you’re bored with your four walls… That’ll be all of us then. Moving the bed, rearranging the sofas and generally just “feng shuiing” the whole place might just be the simplest hack to feel like you’ve left the house this Christmas (because variety truly is the spice of life). Not only will it do wonders for the flow of your home, it’ll feel like a whole new space to spend the festivities.

Decorate your space

If you were planning to be halfway across the country by Christmas Eve, you probably didn’t bother with a tree this year. Even though investing at the eleventh hour doesn’t make a huge amount of financial sense, there are still ways to make the place a bit more festive. Such as seasonal poinsettia instead of pine needles and paper chains instead of twinkle lights. Consider yourself a regular Bubby the Elf.

No turkey, no problem.

The Christmas delivery slots are booked and the supermarkets are packed, so if you can’t get your hands on a turkey, we say just fake it. Roasting a chicken with all the trimmings (stuffing, pigs in blankets, veg and gravy) will be just as festive. Plus, turkey is dry anyways.

Delivery kits

You’d be surprised how many slots are still available for Christmas dinner deliveries in your area – that’s all the hard work done for you! With local restaurants and pubs out of action in Tier 4 areas, check their websites and social media feeds to see what packages they’re offering for households making emergency arrangements.

Handmake your gifts

If you’ve got 567 family gifts gathering dust but you haven’t bought a single thing for the people you’re suddenly spending Christmas with, avoid the last-minute rush and be a bit more resourceful this year. Those shopping queues look like the least fun ever so GLAMOUR has 10 totally chic homemade gift ideas that you can make in front of the telly this Christmas Eve or if you’re a whizz in the kitchen, why not try rustle up something delicious they can enjoy on Christmas Day?

Start a playlist

There’s nothing a good playlist can’t solve. For a “flatmas” with added festive cheer, choose the music carefully to suit the mood – and your unexpected Christmas companions. Morning prep deserves Christmas tunes, festive lunch needs chilled ambiance and for the evening, line up the bangers,

Give it some romance

Could this be the only year you get to spend it just the two of you? Why not throw out the usual family traditions with the arguments, tension and awkward gift exchanges by dedicating this one to coupley ideas only. Light some candles, line up a rom-com marathon on the laptop and run a bath for two…

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