May 18, 2024

7 Subtle Signs That Someone Envies Us

Do you ever feel like someone you know gets surprisingly upset when you talk about your achievements? That person could be your friend, but sometimes you’ve got a feeling that the happier you are, the more bitter they become.

This “friend” could be a toxic person that you’ve unwittingly invited in your life. Whenever they hear things are going great for you, they find something to minimize your happiness and excitement.

This could mean that they are jealous of you and can’t stand the fact that you have something that they don’t.

Here are a few signs that will help you recognize that someone secretly envies you.

1. Using Even Your Smallest Mistake Against You

A person who envious you is taunting you whenever you make a mistake. You can even a smirk on their face when hearing that something is going wrong in your life.

They mock your failures, find joy in your flaws, and are happiest when they say “I told you. ” Just don’t let them affect your wellbeing in any way.

2. Saying Bad Thing Behind Your Back

An envious person could appear to be your nicest friend, but only when you are around. They talk negatively about behind your back you in order to make you look miserable or unhappy in front of others. You definitely don’t need these people in your life.

3. Belittling Your Achievements

An envious friend might be the first person to appear when you achieve something, but not to celebrate. They come just to tell you that your achievement is nothing special. They will give you a reason like “I know a friend who did this even better. ”

Their purpose is to prevent you from celebrating and being happy about your success because they haven’t succeeded in something similar.

4. Leaving You When Having No More Use of You

When they need you, you’ll be their best friend. And, you could offer your maximum support or help, thinking that you are helping your friend. But, the moment they feel like you have nothing more to offer them, is the moment they’ll disappear.

A person who envious won’t hesitate to take advantage of you whenever they can.

5. Seeing You as a Rival

Whenever you do something in your life, they will try the best they can to do the same thing even better. An envious person sees you as a rival most of the time than as a friend.

6. Giving You Bad Advice

This person is capable of doing anything just to bring you down from the ladder of success. They can tell you lies or give you bad advice just to see you fail. You may often hear them discourage you from doing something you enjoy because that will make them happy.

7. Humiliating

These people enjoy humiliating you in front of others, even though they say they are joking. They feel superior and smarter than you when they bring you down in front of people.

Don’t let an envious person affect your life and wellbeing. It’s best to can cut them out of your life, but if you can’t try to avoid them as much as possible. And, don’t take their rude comments and behavior to heart.

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