July 22, 2024

7 Steps to Solving the Problem of Financial Independence

Any person wants to be appreciated by others. If the evaluation from loved ones is difficult to calculate – it is very differently expressed, then the assessment by the head is expressed in conventional units – in rubles.

When you plow for days on “someone else’s uncle,” you want this uncle to appreciate your work. And the gift does not need his love – you just want an increase in salary. How to achieve this?

Today is the day of X. You realized that there was no more strength to wait and went to the chief’s office. Stop it! If the famous commanders had not thought through tactics and strategy of behavior on the front line, they would have lost many battles. In order not to stay out of work altogether, you need to work out a plan.

1. Whistling – just at home. Remember there were teapots with a whistle? They snore for a long time, and when they began to boil, they began to whistle. It happens that a person works in silence for years, and then suddenly boils like that kettle, and rushes to the director with a demand to immediately raise his salary. Exclude emotions and indignation even outside the boss’s office. The chef and injustice of this world can be discussed at home, with my mother, with my husband or girlfriend. Remember that everywhere ears – and your feedback about the ingratitude and injustice of the boss (of course, in relation to you) will become known to him faster than you think.

2. Analyze this. Without a doubt, you are an excellent worker, but sometimes our self-esteem is higher than our salary. Before you visit the boss, take the trouble to find out how much your colleagues earn in similar companies in Novosibirsk. It is enough to analyze the vacancies and resumes of job seekers on the job search sites. Do not be guided by the stories of your friend’s acquaintance, whose cousin is your colleague. Choose a reliable source of information – first, you will understand the amount you need to orient, if you are underpaid, and secondly, if necessary, you can refer to it in conversation with the boss. Perhaps that same friend of your friends misinformed you, and you misjudge the situation on the labor market. About his, sorry, the cost can ask the headhunters – they, given your education,

3. Better forty times on time. Eh, they would raise the salary immediately by 50%! Think about it can only irreplaceable class specialists. As the famous film producer said about one of the “star” actors, “we overpay him, but he’s worth it. ”If there is no certainty that you are an indispensable “star”, it is worth stopping at 10-15% – this is what staff staff advises. You’d better get a slight increase every two years, than you lose your job altogether. Struck by the impudence of the request itself, the boss can easily invite you to look for another job.

4. Where is the benefit, brother? Any salesman will tell you: the main thing that needs to be conveyed to the customer is the benefit of your product for this customer. In this case, you need to show and prove to your superiors that raising your salary is quite natural and very profitable. This point is the most important, therefore, refer to it accordingly – it is very convenient to write on the sheet of paper evidence that you really deserve a salary increase. As arguments there can be an increase in qualification (various courses, additional education, participation in conferences, etc. ), additional work that is not part of your duties, an increase in the amount of work. Of course, additional work and increased workload should be of a permanent nature – it’s not worth remembering how you once sat in the office until late. But it is worth recalling,that thanks to you the company saved money or received additional profit. If this is true, of course – to embellish their achievements is not worth it, it is better to demonstrate the evidence of those that are.

5. The right time – when? Remember yourself when you did not get enough sleep, did not have breakfast, and missed the bus – the mood is not to hell! Your task is not to run into such a mood of your boss. You are surely aware of which days are the most tense, at what time are negotiations and meetings – in these hours, stay away from the boss. With an important conversation, come up when he is in the most gracious mood.

6. Down with the embarrassment and threats! If you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable approaching the boss with such a conversation – better and do not try, you will very quickly be sent to the workplace with a request to continue not to bother with any trifles. If you are taught since childhood that asking for yourself is somehow inconvenient, of course, your case. But, as practice shows, this part of the Russian mentality is extremely inefficient. Except when you have a friendly relationship with an influential, respected person of the company. Then he can help you. But remember what happened to the actions of such a “friend” (the hero Basilashvili) from the “Service Novel. ”The other extreme is ultimatums. “If you, Ivan Ivanovich, do not raise my salary, I will have to leave! ” – a dangerous path. “And, perhaps, to your competitors! ” – this is generally a terrible thing, can cause a very sharp reaction.

7. Closer to the point. Everybody knows the lengthy answers and veiled promises: “Let’s wait a little”, “We have financial difficulties due to repairs”, “We’ll talk about this later”, etc. Your task is to achieve a specific answer to the question. Later – this is when? A little – this is how much? If the financial difficulties are permanent, put a pre-emptive strike – include it in your speech: “I know that a lot of money is invested in repairs, but …. ” And further according to plan. If they tell you directly that the increase does not threaten you, find out what you can do additionally. Without going into too much detail (it’s of no interest to anyone), let the boss know that you need money (mortgage, child birth, car loan, etc. ) and are ready to take on additional responsibility, work harder – just tell me, What do we have to do! When receiving information,

As American humorist Henry Wheeler Shaw said, grease gets the wheel that creaks the most. But remember that everything is good in moderation – and lubrication, and creaking.

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