7 simple ways, you can boost your self-care every, single day

That’s what we tell ourselves as we reset the alarm for 45 minutes later, replace shower-fresh hair with dry shampoo and give our gym membership yet another day off.

It’s not that we enjoy this half-hearted attempt at life. In fact, we feel like cr*p. Eating rubbish, staying up late and choosing the social – oh, who are we kidding – sofa life over exercise was not part of the grand ‘new year new me’ plan. It’s just… well, this week has already been ruined by a slovenly start, so we may as well start on Monday.


Okay, someone’s got to say it. Enough is enough. If you really want to be the best version of you, and by extension be the best for those around you (airplane oxygen-mask analogy comin’ atcha), it’s time to bring self health and wellness into focus. Not next week, month, or year. Right now.

7 simple ways, you can boost your self-care every, single day

Alright, fine – tomorrow morning then. But no later! Here’s how.

1. The seven-day cycle

Monday shmonday! Why should a day that you actively dread mark the beginning of your week? By setting your own seven-day cycle, starting on…let’s say, Thursday, Monday loses its negative power. Plus, you get a weekend two days in *winning*!

2. One alarm rule

Your sunrise self is in absolutely no state to be making decisions, so take away the option. Ban the snooze button, trust last night’s alarm-setting you, and get up straight away. After all, what could be more positive than bounding out of bed in the morning?

3. Get up and go

How great would it be if the morning make-up routine actually took five minutes? Well, it can! A monthly LVL lash treatment (aka semi-permanent mascara) brow shape and colour, plus weekly masks for your hair and skin will minimise your preening time. All of a sudden, that frantic morning rush becomes a cool, calm and collected affair, with a side of breakfast.

4. Set your mantra

You can do anything you put your mind to – it’s just a case of attitude. Take the time to understand what your barriers are, address them, and then choose a personal mantra that reassures you. Every time doubt returns, repeat that same mantra and watch those obstacles melt away.

5. Time is time

iPhone Settings > Activity > Holy Christ, we’ve spent how many hours on Instagram this week?! Think what else you could be doing with those minutes… and then do it. Paint, run a bath, walk the dog, whatever makes you happy. It’s borrowed time, so you can’t even feel guilty about it.

6. Find the fun

Exercise is a great way to boost those endorphins, but if the idea of a spin class fills you with dread, do not do it. Dancing, rock climbing, hiking, horse riding and martial arts are just a few alternatives that could raise your heart rate and your happiness at the same time.

7. Treat yourself

There’s no doubt about it – all these positive changes are going to make you feel on top of the world. That said, some of us need a little extra incentive. Add a haircut, massage, or fancy meal out into your schedule to reward yourself for all the positive switches you’ve made that (Thursday to Wednesday) week.

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