May 19, 2024

7 most shocking moments from her Variety interview

The girl was reportedly holding a letter for Pamela that read: “I’m not a lesbian, but I dream of you”. She then slit her wrists after the police arrived but survived the incident and was deported.

“The police said, ‘Well, you really weren’t in that much danger because she was a girl’,” Pamela told Variety. “I was like, ‘How does that make it less dangerous? Women can still murder people. ’”

She found the idea of Netflix’s Pam & Tommy ‘crushing’

“I think it’s hard to play somebody when you don’t know the whole picture. I’ve got nothing against Lily James. I think that she’s a beautiful girl and she was just doing the job. But the idea of the whole thing happening was just really crushing for me,” Pamela explained.

When asked what she thought of the makers of the series, Pamela, who hasn’t watched the Disney+ show, called them “assholes”. “Salt on the wound. … You still owe me a public apology. ”

She was subject to three incidences of sexual abuse before she was 18

In her new memoir, Pamela details how she was subject to three separate incidences of sexual abuse as a child. She was repeatedly molested by her female babysitter, raped by a 25-year-old man when she was 12, and assaulted by a high school boyfriend and his friends.

“Predators look for somebody to do things to that are so humiliating you’d be embarrassed to tell somebody,” she said. “Those kinds of things really colour the rest of your life. You block things out or you’re gonna deal with it later — and I’m dealing with it now. ”

A photographer sexually harassed her during one of her first swimsuit model jobs

During a flight to Hawaii, Pamela explained that she was sitting next to a photographer on one of her first modelling jobs.

“He whispered to me that I’d be the only girl, that he chose me … that it would be intimate, no need for hair or makeup people or photography assistants. Just him and me. I was sick to my stomach. I knew it was not good,” she said. Pamela ended up flagging a flight assistant who helped her get on a flight back to Los Angeles alone.

She says she witnessed Jack Nicholson having a threesome

“Mr. Nicholson had two beautiful women with him,” she wrote in her book, of a time she remembers at the Playboy Mansion.

Jack Nicholson in 1993.

Jack Nicholson in 1993.

“They were all giggling and kissing up against the wall, sliding all over each other. I walked by to use the mirror, bending over the sink to fix my lip gloss. Trying not to look, but I couldn’t help myself and caught his eye in the reflection. I guess that got him to the finish line, because he made a funny noise, smiled and said, ‘Thanks, dear. ’”

GLAMOUR UK has contacted a spokesperson for Jack Nicholson for comment on these claims.

She was kicked out of a speeding car by her high school boyfriend

During her first serious relationship, Pamela recalled that she was kicked out of a speeding car by her then-boyfriend.

“He pushed me with his foot so hard, I had no choice but to open the door when the car was moving and rolled straight into a ditch,” she wrote in her memoir, adding that she “landed a perfect gymnast dismount — at high speed”.

She claimed that he also tried to run her over with a car while she was walking along the sidewalk.

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