April 19, 2024

7 Holiday Trends For 2023

2022 was the year where we tentatively headed back out into the world, finally using those thrice-deferred plane tickets or booking a country house with pals and schlepping up bottles of wine and pots of Pringles.

And as we wave goodbye to what has been, let’s face it, a very odd 12 months, we’re looking ahead to the holidays we might take in 2023 (‘might’ being the operative word there thanks to the cost of living crisis).

And though money is tight, many of us would prefer to forgo nights out and new clothes in favour of travelling somewhere, and for 2023, travellers are ditching the conventional and veering off course for all-new experiences. Yep, Prepare for the year of no normal, according to the 2023 travel trends from Expedia Group. These trends have surged popularity in the last year and are predicted to continue growing over the next 12 months, according to search data and research of over 2,000 consumers.

So, let’s all just get through Christmas and then we pack our bags and enjoy a break that doesn’t involve arguing over Monopoly and sharing a room with our snoring nan.

New Wave Wellness

Alternative getaways such as sylvotherapy (forest bathing), fruit harvesting, and body therapies such as cryotherapy are increasingly more popular than classics such as cookery courses, sports trips and meditation sessions. Almost a third (31%) have become ‘bored’ with traditional wellness trips and want to try something more exciting at the most unusual wellness retreats.

Three-Star Superstars

Travellers are no longer planning just one big blow-out expedition. They want the excitement of a spontaneous, easy trip, prompting a boom in more affordable three-star hotel stays. Travellers
might be browsing luxuriously but are booking affordably, according to Hotels. com data.

Hotels. com data shows interest is up by more than 20% globally in three-star and under hotels, emphasising the rise in the mighty lower-starred stays. In 2023, 39% of UK travellers plan to stay in 1–3-star hotels and 28% plan to book a holiday with added value inclusions, such as toiletries or free breakfast.

Travellers are ready to enjoy the hustle and bustle of cities and experience urban vibes.

Among the world’s culture capitals are cities rich with unforgettable experiences and celebrations. Visit Edinburgh to enjoy the world’s largest arts and media festival or Sydney to celebrate World Pride, coming to the city for the first time in February 2023. Cities such as Edinburgh, Lisbon and Tokyo were top of Expedia’s global top 10 destination list for 2023.


Adventure-seekers are turning to captivating TV locales for their next-big-trip inspiration. Get ready for the Set-Effect.  The top TV-inspired destinations include New York (Inventing Anna, Sex and the City), New Zealand (The Lord of the Rings, The Rings of Power) and the UK (Bridgerton, The Crown). 44% admitted that TV has inspired their travel planning and 37 per cent have booked a trip after seeing it featured on TV or in a movie on a streaming service.

Hidden Gems

37% would rather book a unique holiday home in a lesser-known destination. The top 10 hidden UK gems – where demand has increased by 40% or more included:

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