July 17, 2024

7 Hair Hacks For Wrangling Rapunzel Locks During the Long, Hot Days of Summer

Summer has always been my favorite time of year. When I was younger, I would anxiously count down the number of days until school let out for Summer vacation. The warmer months meant fun trips, fewer responsibilities, and longer days – ideals I could totally get behind.

However, even though summertime is my favorite season, that doesn’t mean that I don’t recognize its downfalls – namely humidity and heat, two details that don’t get along so well with long hair.

As someone who has had long hair her whole life – there was that one time in second grade when I tried to give myself a bob, but let’s just forget that even happened – every time Summer rolls around, I know that I will be in a sticky situation if I don’t prepare accordingly. Here are some of my favorite tips to help make the whole heat and hair equation a bit more bearable:

Finish Off the Shower Cold

A warm shower feels amazing but can sometimes put your body and hair into heat overload, especially during warmer months. Because of this, one trick I like to do is finish off the shower cold. Not only can a cold shower heighten alertness, increase circulation, and ease stress, but it will also cool down your body and cut down sweating, at least temporarily. This way you have a bit of extra time to style wet hair before it starts sticking to you.

T-Shirt-Dry Your Hair

One of my favorite ways to dry my hair after a shower is to first wring it out over the drain and then wrap it in a cotton t-shirt. The cotton is much more gentle on your hair than a regular towel and can also cut back frizz. After t-shirt-drying my hair, I then like to apply a bit of argan oil or antifrizz creme so my hair dries smooth and shiny.

UV-Protection Starts in the Shower

The sun’s rays during the Summer not only wreak havoc on skin but also on hair. Because of this, it is important to use a shampoo and conditioner while showering that has added UV-protection to prevent any damage from the sun while you are out and about. In addition to this, I also like to do a hair mask once a week if I have the time. Hair masks are important, especially during the Summer, because they help nourish and moisturize dry, brittle hair, leaving it healthier and easier to manage.

Humidity-Proof Your Strands

High levels of humidity can cause hydrogen bonds to form between the hair’s proteins and water molecules, causing frustrating frizz. Thankfully, a few sprays from an antihumidity spray will solve the problem. I like to use antihumidity formula as a finishing spray right before I leave the house to go outside; this way no matter how muggy it might be, I know that my hair will still be manageable.

Get the Beach Waves Without the Sand

There are many different options of sea-salt sprays on the market that can help add texture to your hair while also creating loose, tousled waves. Just spray on wet or dry hair, scrunch, and voilà! You’ll get the beachy look without having to spend all day out by the ocean.

When in Doubt, Braid It

One of my favorite hairstyles during the Summer is a high or low braid. I’ll usually take a shower in the morning, put my hair up into a high or low ponytail, braid it, and then let it air-dry like that. When I am ready to go out in the evening, once temperatures cool down, I let out my braid and am left with soft waves – no curling iron needed!

Headbands Are Key

As if the Summer heat and humidity are not bad enough, turns out, if you are like me, you can also sweat from your scalp and hairline. To help better manage sweaty, flat hair and prevent sweat from causing forehead breakouts, I like to wear a headband. I usually pick up a three-pack from a drugstore; this way I can keep one in my purse, one in my beach bag, and one at home.

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