July 17, 2024

7 favorite tools of Anastasia Piskunova (NAT)

REP singer NAT (@nat. nastia), in which the composition has collected on YouTube more than half a million views, told us how to get lashes-fan, he loved the shower gel from L’occitane and what the conditioning will save from dry ends.

Gelforshower Gel Douche Pour Homme-For Men, L’occitane

Yes, I use men’s shower gel, and I like it very much – he is just awesome goodness. Just two drops, and the bath tub is the smell of French lavender with notes of hot pepper and nutmeg. The gel perfectly cleanses the skin without drying. Even if the hand was not moisturizing milk, you can do without it.

In the no aggressive surfactants – important for Allergy sufferers and owners of sensitive skin. L’occitane is and gels with the other flavors. But this one is my favorite. Facts about L’occitane read here.

Гель для душа Gel Douche Pour Homme-For Men, L’Occitane

Air conditioningforthe hair Natureltech Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner, Davines

Кондиционер для волос Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner Natureltech, Davines

All natural adherents and opponents of sulfates dedicated! Air conditioning “Vegetarian miracle” oil rice and Aisa in the composition perfectly nourishes hair and rescues dry ends from breaking. The main component in the composition fitoaktiv derived from grapes. He has excellent antioxidant properties – helps to cope with free radicals and heavy metal salts. The air thick, creamy consistency and pleasant, delicate aroma. The manufacturer recommends that you apply the product for 10 minutes. When I have time, apply for an hour, wrap the hair with a towel and gently heated with a Hairdryer. It turns out almost salon spa-procedure. Strands of hair after it soft and shiny.

7 любимых средств Анастасии Пискуновой (NAT)
Mascaraforeyelash Lash Queen Feline Blacks, Helena Rubinstein

Тушь для ресниц Lash Queen Feline Blacks, Helena Rubinstein

This “baby” with one stroke of the brush makes the look open and makes eyelashes lush fan. Tool American brand appeared in my mind for quite a long time – learned from top makeup artists. Mascara smoothly – no lumps, excellent adhesion and no flaking. Individual applause tassel. It perfectly separates the hair and gives lashes a beautiful curve. Usually put in a single layer. But for the effect of “wow” you can go brush a second time. Mascara hypoallergenic. If you wear lenses definitely your option.

10 legendary carcass, see here.

Highlighter Soft Sparkler Feb, Inglot

Хайлайтер Soft Sparkler Feb, Inglot

If you are still in search of the perfect highlighter and note tool from Inglot. It entered the collection of the Glow Out – the first line of “baked” means. The highlighter there are no large reflective particles – provides a delicate glow (you can use both day and night). Highlighter perfect for filming – makes the face fresh and rested. Paint with your fingers – fits perfectly. In the line of four shades. Choose any – they are all beautiful and suitable for any skin phototype.

The Shade Of The Eyeshadow Quad, Tom Ford

Тени Eyeshadow Quad, Tom Ford

You don’t yet have the palette of shades from Tom Ford? Should be in every buthole.

Just look at what a combination of colors, what texture! Loud applause, and a deep reverence for the creation of the Volume. In a classic palette of 4 shades with a beautiful sheen. They fit perfectly, do not roll down and live up to the end of the day, even the owners of oily skin. Perfect for evening and daytime smoky eyes everyday make-up. In the palette the brush handy, and the case is a real work of art. Even if I didn’t wear makeup, I would buy a collection – worthy “exhibit”.

Fragrance Eau De Rhubarde Ecarlate, Hermes

Аромат Eau De Rhubarde Ecarlate, Hermes

There are fragrances that can be worn year-round. Sweet-sour, fruity with hints of musk it lifts the mood and gives a charge of vivacity for the whole day. A little on the wrists, a little clavicle… Be sure that you will begin to walk the crowd to ask what perfume I use.

Shampoo with vegetable extracts EclatArgent, SecretProfessionnel

This tool has been designed for blondes. The composition includes a plant pigment that helps maintain color. The owners of blonde hair remedy will also work to combat the treacherous reddishness. At Eclat Argent a delicate, creamy consistency and a pleasant, natural aroma. Excellent foaming and “cheers” to cope with their function cleaning.

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