May 20, 2024

7 fascinating things we learnt from the new Kardashians documentary

At this point, it feels as if there is very little that we don’t know about the Kardashians. After all, their lives have been documented for public consumption for well over a decade.

Yet, a new documentary looking at the family has revealed several fascinating things about the Kardashian-Jenners. The Kardashians: Billion Dollar Dynasty charts the rise (and rise) of the family who were one of the OGs of reality TV, from Kim Kardashian’s humble stylist beginnings to their now-billion pound empire.

When Keeping up with the Kardashians launched in 2007, Kim’s sex tape had already been widely released — but did you know that she was “in tears” when she found out about it? Or that the release of the sex tape cinched the decision to put the family on air?

From staging a “flour bomb” to the family reportedly being in “massive credit card debt” here are some of the biggest revelations from the Channel 4 doc.

Kim was “in tears” when she found out her sex tape would be released

It would be the sex tape that launched her career, but Kim was reportedly beside herself when she found out that her intimate video, which she shot with former boyfriend Ray J when she was 21, was going to be released publicly.

“She was in Australia at the beach with Paris [Hilton],” former editor of Life & Style magazine Dan Wakeford said. “So we called her, and Kim was in tears. She was absolutely in pieces, but she admitted there was a sex tape. ”

The Kardashians were in “massive” credit card debt

“The Kardashians were in massive credit card debt, and there were a bunch of stories that had come out about that,” TMZ reporter Dax Holt claimed. “They needed money and this show changed their entire lives. ”

He added that they were using a “facade house” as Kris Jenner’s home during the first season of the show.

“It was this big, beautiful home near Runyon Canyon, that was very visible, but it wasn’t even where the Kardashians lived,” Holt said. “And I think that was ‘we want to put on more money than we necessarily have which, I kind of love. The whole Kim Kardashian fake it ‘til you make it really worked out for them. ”

Kim Kardashian was Paris Hilton's stylistcomeassistant before she became famous in her own right.

Kim Kardashian was Paris Hilton’s stylist-come-assistant before she became famous in her own right.

An E! producer confirmed Kim’s sex tape helped seal the deal for KUWTK to air

Ted Harbert, executive producer at E! Network admitted that E! was a “successful but struggling network” at the time, but that they were keen to pick up Keeping up with the Kardashians and that Kim’s sex tape release sealed the deal.

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