April 17, 2024

60 Sad Movies To Make You Ugly Cry

Who doesn’t love a good tear-jerker? Whether you’re looking for an epic tragedy that will leave you bawling, a life-affirming heroic tale, or a cry-off-your-mascara romance, a good weep can be the solution to all your problems.

So get those tissues, get under the duvet and let those feels do their thing, because we’ve trawled our favourite streaming services to bring you the best sad movies to cry your heart out to. It’s healthy to have a good cry, after all.

One film that’s 100% guaranteed to make you cry is If Anything Happens I Love You. You may have noticed a strange, black and white animation dominated Netflix’s ‘Top 10’ list, or noticed people talking about it on social media.

It’s only 12 minutes long and doesn’t have any dialogue, but If Anything Happens I Love You will break your heart in two. Produced by Laura Dern, it tells the story of two grieving parents as they mourn the loss of their daughter. It’s one of the saddest things we’ve seen all year.

Other weep-worthy movies on Netflix include triple Oscar-winner (and absolute sob-fest) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Seven Pounds (double sob-fest), and Marriage Story with Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver (so much of a sob fest you’ll need a new pack of Kleenex).

For serious dramas that will not only educate, but will portray real life injustices in the criminal system across America (which has also transcended in some form in the UK) you can also find When They See Us, which dramatises the real life story of the Central Park 5, which were five teenagers wrongly accused of sexual assault, while the real culprit ran free in the streets if New York. This is definitely not a movie for the faint hearted but an important piece nevertheless.

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