6 Wedding Registries That Are Anything But Traditional

One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is creating a wedding registry. It’s the one time you can ask for items you’ve been eying – like that KitchenAid mixer or those pricey non-stick cooking pans – without feeling guilty.

For some couples, though, the traditional registry isn’t exactly their style. If you aren’t interested in filling your closets with a bunch of stuff, there are other ways to register for your big day. From gifts that give back to gifts that create memories, consider these six nontraditional wedding registries.

For the indecisive couple

Maybe you don’t have the space for new gadgets and silverware. If you aren’t quite ready to build a fully-stocked kitchen and would prefer to pick out items later, then a gift card registry may be the way to go. Card Avenue offers gift cards to over 250 stores and makes it easy for you to decide what retailers you’d like to receive gifts to. Also nice? No lugging packages back to your car and into a closet after a shower.

For the charitable couple

If you and your fiancé would prefer to give back to society, then a registry like Heartful.ly may be a good fit for you.  The site allows you to create a registry tied to a vetted charity of your choice and provides a direct donation link that you can share with your wedding guests. Whether you want to help kids in need or save endangered animals, this registry is undoubtedly rewarding.

For the globetrotting couple

If you and your fiancé dream of visiting Thailand or Hong Kong, then a Honeymoon registry is the perfect idea. Traveler’s Joy makes it easy for guests to help fund the trip of your dreams. Whether you want to lounge on an island or explore a new city, simply select your desired location (they offer great guides!), along with the activities and excursions, and your guests can contribute monetary gifts to lessen your out-of-pocket expense.

For the outgoing couple

If you and your partner prefer dining out at new restaurants over fussing with pots and pans at home, then Wanderable.com is the perfect alternative to a traditional wedding registry. This registry offers experiences – not things – like restaurants, concerts and shows, hotel accommodations, and more.

For the practical couple

Investing toward everyday necessities such as groceries or toiletries is never a bad idea. Costco’s (yes, that Costco) newly launched wedding registry in partnership with MyRegistry.com is the perfect choice for couples that want to stockpile their favorite snacks or get a new TV at a fair cost. They also offer the traditional categories, including kitchen accessories and cookware.

For the wino couple

If wine tastings are more your thing, perhaps a wine registry may satisfy that itch. Have family and friends help you build a collection of your favorites through Wine Cellerage. This registry allows you to select from national and international wine, all of which are carefully curated by fine wine experts, and delivers to them to your door. You’ll never have a shortage of wine at home again.

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