May 24, 2024

6 Ways To Use Johnsons Baby Oil

As the cost of living crisis continues to grip the nation, it’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to make those all-important pennies go even further, which is why multi-tasking products are quickly becoming household heroes.

One purse-friendly beauty buy that is going viral on social media is a £2. 99 baby oil (yes, really) that beauty veteran Nadine Baggott can’t stop raving about. The Johnsons Baby Oil might be synonymous with a baby’s bath time but, according to Nadine, the baby oil actually has a plethora of alternative uses.

In fact, thanks to its multi-purpose and moisturising benefits, it could well become the secret weapon in your beauty kit. From helping to remove ear wax (gross but beneficial), to boosting nail’s strength, we’ve rounded up the best ways to use baby oil in your beauty and wellness regime. You can thank us later.

1. To remove ear wax

It’s not the most glamorous of topics but everyone has suffered from ear wax at some point. And while those cotton buds can be hugely satisfying to use, they’re actually incredible dangerous. Step away from the Q-tips!

Instead, tip your head to one side and add a few drops of baby oil to your ear canal and then repeat on the other side. Leave it there for around an hour and then clean your ears out with a tissue.

So long, wax!

2. As the best moisturiser you’ll ever try

We love slathering a luxurious body moisturiser over our limbs but they can be pricey and often not live up to the price tag.

Try dripping baby oil over your entire body instead. Not only will it leave your skin baby soft but it will also save you a fortune.

One user on social media wrote: “I love using this after a bath or shower on damp skin to lock in moisture and I absolutely love it. I also use it to remove leftover was after hair removal, just apply it to a cotton round and swipe over the leftover wax and it cleans off nicely and pain free. ”

3. To give yourself an at-home manicure

Ever wondered what the secret to a perfect manicure is? Enter cuticle oil.

Not only does it keep your nails healthy, it also helps your manicure go the extra distance. Can’t get hold of any? Turn to your trusty baby oil, massaging it into your nail beds and cuticles for a super soft finish.

4. To remove makeup and fake tan

When your eyeliner is on point and your highlighter is blindingly beautiful, it can be a darn shame to wipe it off at the end of the day. Plus, cleansing often seems more effort than it’s worth but your skin will thank you.

If you don’t have a cleanser to hand, baby oil will do the job — and some. Not only will it banish stubborn mascara and foundation, it will also give your skin a surge of moisture.

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