6 Unforgettable Fashion Trends, We Will Gladly Leave, In 2018

From dad sneakers sported by supermodels to bike shorts worn with anything but actual cycling shoes, these past few seasons have seen some strange fads. Some we loved, including the aforementioned, but others (high heel crocs) made us cringe.

While we’re all about having fun with fashion and wearing whatever the hell makes you feel good, the fact remains that some of the most popular styles are simply terrible.

Below, six of the worst fashion trends we’ll be happy to see sidelined in the new year.

worst fashion trends

1 Tiny sunglasses

Somehow tiny sunglasses look chic on the faces of Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and literally every fashion influencer on Instagram. But for the rest of us, aka those of us with less-than-chiseled cheekbones, the teensy shapes aren’t exactly flattering. It’s a stylistic risk, to say the least. Not to mention the lack of practicality – they offer no protection whatsoever. Go ahead and toss the eyeball-sized shades for ultra-round aviators, like this pair by Miu Miu.

6 Unforgettable Fashion Trends, We Will Gladly Leave, In 2018
2 Crop tops

Sure, when styled correctly, crop tops are cute, but it’s time to give the midriff a break. Opt for more sophisticated flashes of skin, like leg and side slits or back cutouts. You can’t go wrong with a cutout jumpsuit like this one from Fraiche By J.

worst fashion trends
3 Instagram brows

Can we all just take a second to appreciate the fact that, as a society, we’ve grown out of skinny brows? Stop messing with a good thing. Instead of the super-sculpted, perfectly-painted look that’s allover Instagram, go for a natural, fluffier brow this year. Get it by brushing the baby hairs upwards with a brow gel like Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel ($28; sephora.com).

worst fashion trends
4 Clear plastic shoes

Fashion insiders were all about these see-through shoes, which are great if all you have to do is step outside for a photo op. But they fog up with heat the longer you wear them IRL. Seriously, according to Vogue, they “provide a perfect milieu for bacterial and fungal growth.” And that’s just gross. With that said, vinyl jackets can go, too. I’m sweating just thinking about them.

worst fashion trends
5 Stupid statement shirts

“Pizza is bae,” “Running late is my cardio,” “Wine not?” … you get the idea. Trade in your silly slogan shirts for something that makes a fashion statement. T-shirts with more serious, socially- or politically-charged sayings are becoming the new norm.

6 Unforgettable Fashion Trends, We Will Gladly Leave, In 2018
6 Deconstructed denim

Remember the “extreme cut-out” jeans by Carmar Denim? If not, allow me to refresh your memory: They were basically a waistband holding up a few strings of thread. This example of deconstructed denim is, well, extreme, but shredded jeans really were everywhere. Ditch the distressed look for a dark, straight-leg style you can wear on rotation in the new year.

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