6 Swimwear Brands That Have Cult-Favorite Status With Celebrities

So, while you may not be lounging on a yacht and dodging paparazzi while wearing them (looking at you, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck), that doesn’t make a sexy new swimsuit any less exciting.

Whether you’re shopping for a vacation or stocking up for next season, here are some inspiring celebrity swimwear brands that are worth checking out. From tiny triangle bikinis to shimmery swimsuits, find your new favorite seasonal fit below.

We turn to celebrities for all sorts of inspiration – what skincare products to use, hairstyles to try, and, of course, what clothes to wear. While their luxe lifestyles make whatever they use look far more enticing than it probably is, there’s no denying that there are plenty of high-caliber celebrity-loved brands.

And when it comes to celebrity swimsuits, you might be surprised at how many cult-fave swimwear brands are not only great quality, but actually affordable.

Inspiring Celebrity Swimwear

Of all the celebrity bikini brands, this brand is definitely a Kardashian favorite. You know those upside down bikinis you’ve seen all over your feed? There’s a good chance they’re from Sommer Swim. Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kendall Jenner have all been seen wearing the trendy style from Sommer, which, by the way is not actually upside down. Rather, the suits are intentionally made to have that effect (but that hasn’t stopped people from wearing their bikinis upside down to mimick the the design).

Like the name suggests, Swimsuits For All offers swimwear for any and all sizes. They even let customers shop according to their body shape (hourglass, pear, athletic, etc) so that you can make sure you’re getting the best fit possible. Given the inclusive nature of the brand, it’s not at all surprising that body positive queen Ashley Graham would be a huge fan – she’s even collaborated with them to create her own pieces.

Ashley Graham summer body pressure

Stars like Kylie Jenner and Ashanti love wearing PrettyLittleThing, not just for swimwear, but for all kinds of apparel. The brand offers a variety of trendy styles at a super affordable price – it’s a win-win.

size-inclusive swimwear brands

Inspired by Ghanian culture, this swimwear brand showcases authentic African prints in their bold designs. Lizzo is a huge fan of the brand, and was even spotted rocking the best selling bikini in the style Ama and in the classic Kumasi Print in a Tik Tok video encouraging her any “big girls” watching to embrace bikini season.

Frankies Bikinis

When it comes to teeny-tiny celebrity swimsuits, Frankies Bikinis seems to be the go-to. Stars like Jennifer Lopez and Bella Hadid love the Los Angeles-based brand, which specializes in colorful designs, trendy prints, and string bikinis. These suits might not be the sturdiest for actual swimming or other activities, but they’re the perfect attire for a summery IG pic.

Textured swimwear has become a massive trend in recent years, which can essentially be traced back to Hunza G’s terry cloth-esque suits. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski have been spotted wearing the brand year after year.

Plus, you can feel good about purchasing from Hunza G; they’ve made a committment to sustainability by offsetting carbon emissions, reducing waste, and using as little packaging as possible when shipping their products.

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