6 Reasons, to Appreciate, the Blunt Friend, in Your Life!

Do you like when people are too honest with you? Do you always want to hear the truth? Well, if you have a blunt friend, you’ll always hear their honest opinion, whether you like it or not.

Some people think it’s a blessing to have such a person in their life, but others think it’s a curse.

That’s because this person is uncompromisingly forthright and will sometimes tell you things you wish you never heard.

If you still doubt if you like that blunt friend or not, here are a few things that will hopefully help you make up your mind. They will help you see them from another perspective that will make you appreciate them more.

This is why everyone needs at least one blunt friend in their life:

6 Reasons Why You Need a Blunt Person in Your Life

6 Reasons, to Appreciate, the Blunt Friend, in Your Life!

1. They Help You Deal with The Root of The Situation

Blunt people are always honest with you, which doesn’t necessarily mean they are cruel. Sometimes you’d prefer a less brutal opinion, but the blunt friend knows that it won’t help you.

They know you’d only be able to solve a problem only if you face the truth and lay all the cards on the table. You may not realize the help they are giving you at the beginning, but it won’t take long until you see the beneficial outcome.

2. You’ll Never Worry If They Are Fake Friends

These people can never pretend they are someone’s friend. They will always tell you how they feel about you and your friendship in general. Sometimes you can hear them saying they disapprove of your actions and behavior, but that doesn’t mean they want to end the friendship.

It only means they are honest with you and care about you enough to tell you their opinion. If a blunt person doesn’t like you, they will tell you as soon as they realize. So, having a blunt person as your friend means you’ll never have to worry if they are fake or not.

3. They Push You to Become the Best Version of Yourself

A lot of people find it hard to tell their closest friends what’s wrong with them. But, a blunt friend doesn’t have a problem to point out your weaknesses.

They don’t do this just to mock you or make you feel less worthy, but to encourage you to work on improving yourself and becoming the best version of yourself.

4. They Admit When They’re Wrong

6 Reasons, to Appreciate, the Blunt Friend, in Your Life!

Some people just can’t admit when they are wrong, so they always avoid apologizing, even to their best friends and partners. But, you won’t have this problem with a blunt friend. They are realistic, so they don’t have a problem to say sorry when they are wrong.

This is something that every friendship needs – honesty and ability to admit your mistakes. That’s why the friendship with a blunt person is usually stronger than others.

5. They Will Be the First One in Your Corner When You Need It

This means that they won’t tolerate any kind of wrongdoings against their friends. They always speak the truth, so they won’t talk behind your back when you are dealing with a stressful situation.

Instead, they will be the first one to lend you an ear and help you solve your problem, even if it means to become personally involved in your problem.

6. They Are Fun

6 Reasons, to Appreciate, the Blunt Friend, in Your Life!

You may not always be in the mood to hear their brutally honest opinions, but the time spent with them is one-of-a-kind. The blunt person is the friend who will point out the wrong and weird things about other people in a way you won’t stop laughing.

Just imagine what happens when they get drunk. They become even more honest which can be hilarious for you, but not too much for them the next day.

We hope these things will help you appreciate the blunt friend in your life a little more. They don’t want to harm you when they tell you the truth. It’s just who they are, and you should be grateful for having a real friend like them in your life.

Honestly, you won’t find a more real friend than them!

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