July 17, 2024

6 NHS heroes open up about the COVID-19 frontline the impact on their mental health

With that in mind, for one of the final GLAMOUR UNFILTERED videos of the year – our biweekly celebrity chat show hosted by GLAMOUR UK’s Entertainment Director, Josh Smith – we wanted to place a spotlight on our NHS heroes as they have truly become the celebrities of our year.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. It has been a year that has put the work of ourNHS under greater strain and shed a renewed light on the work our inspirationalNHS frontline workers undertake every day in the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

We met six inspirational heroes from the Central and North West London NHS Foundation, Jessica Bailey, Shantell Naidu, Ciara Moss, Ashima Sharma, Carole Waters and Natasha Harmsworth, all of whom have undertaken great personal sacrifices personally and professionally to keep the NHS going, like so many NHS heroes.

Strict COVID-19 social distancing measures were in place to film this video and the interviewer and the guests may seem closer than they were due to the video being altered.

In this video, the six women who all undertook different and varying roles in the pandemic, talk about the impact working on the front line has had on their own mental health and their families, as well as relaying first-hand accounts of treating the virus. What is astounding about these women is that despite the traumas they have seen and faced, they would only actively encourage others to join the NHS.

Jessica Bailey, Shantell Naidu, Ciara Moss, Ashima Sharma, Carole Waters and Natasha Harmsworth-Blyth are in fact supporting the ‘We are the NHS’ campaign which hopes to encourage others to join the NHS. To find out more about a career in the NHS, please visit the ‘We are the NHS’ websitenow to find available roles and training support on offer.

Please join us in celebrating the NHS heroes who have worked tirelessly on the front line to keep the country going in the face of a year like no other.

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