6 genius ways you can use Sudocrem in your beauty regime

It may not be an expensive lotion or potion with bold scientific claims and a designer pricetag to match, but Sudocrem is a cult classic in any woman’s bathroom cabinet.

We know it’s brilliant for nappy rash and can even be used as an acne treatment, but there’s actually a plethora of alternative uses for the thick, white cream.

Here, we round up the bizarre but brilliant ways you can use Sudocrem in your beauty regime.

Soothe psoriasis

Skin complaints like psoriasis can wreak havoc with your confidence but Sudocrem has been proven to help soothe sore skin thanks to its hypoallergenic lanolin and zinc oxide.

During a DIY hair dye job

There’s nothing more frustrating than dyeing your hair at home and being left with dark dye all over your head, ruining your new hairstyle. Next time you’re switching up your hair colour, apply a layer of Sudocrem across your forehead to act as a shield.

When you’re grooming your brows at home

Plucking or waxing your brows at homecan be a godsend when you don’t have time to book in for a professional appointment, but the bumpy rash that often rears its head afterwards isn’t. However, beauty buffs swear by the power of Sudocrem for beating the bumps! Hallelujah!

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Target wrinkles

If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to splurge on a pricey cream, Sudocrem can do the job. Why? Because zinc is a natural astringent, so tightens up your skin’s elastin fibre to reveal a smoother visage.

As a primer

Don’t have a primer to hand? Fear not; Sudocrem will serve as the perfect base for your makeup. It will act as a semi-veil on your skin, allowing your base makeup to sit perfectly – and stay put without caking.

It might not be a glamorous topic but everyone’s experienced that pesky red rash between their thighs at some point in their life and with humid temperatures set to rise throughout the year, the awkward beauty blunder shows no sign of abating. That’s where Sudocrem can help! Pop some on your thighs to keep things rash-free.

Talk about a beauty multi-tasker!

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