April 19, 2024

56 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas You Need To Try This Year

We love to lean into a theme and Valentine’s Day nail art offers the perfect opportunity to show our nails a little love. When it comes to romance, we’re very much here for a self-care sesh. As for which designs to choose. Red for Vally Day may not be groundbreaking, but it’s an undeniable classic.

And we’ve seen some stunning manis that remix traditional pinks and rouge in seriously swoon-worthy designs.

Likewise hearts and kisses can easily lead into mushy territory, but we’ve been crushing on clean, minimalist renditions that feel cool and grown-up. As for what’s trending for 2023, SpaSeekers analysed Google search and TikTok data to work out what’s headlining for Valentine’s Day nail trends.

Out in front is “swirl nails” which has picked up over 55 million TikTok views. Searches for “pink French tips” are up by 83% and red manicures are going nowhere with over 3 million TikTok views. Monochrome “black and white heart nails” have seen a 24% search increase and “French tip with hearts,” “ombre glitter nails,” and “red French tips,” are also proving popular.

To help inspire your decision, we’ve put together an edit of the most beautiful nail ideas that work equally well across acrylic nails, gel nails and every different nail shape. There’s options for long coffin nails through to short and natural shapes. For the romantics, we’ve found beautiful red, pink and heart designs. And we’ve got modern twists on classics with cutout details and heart French tips.

Pink swirl nails

Mix and match tips

Swirl hearts

Pink glitter tips

Hot pink hearts

Hearts and gems

Red Frenchie glazed donut nails

Little hearts

Love me most

Black and glitter hearts

Classic red

Baby pink heart Frenchies

Neon pink French tips

Love hearts

Scattered hearts

Hearts and French tips

Pink and red hearts

Pink smileys

Cut-out red heart

Bright pink

Pink and red heart emojis

Frenchies and hearts

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