55 best of the shadows

Witheysie, matte, liquid, your best options – the selection BeautyHack

Shadow-mousse Cream Crush, Kiko Milano

Тени-мусс Cream Crush, Kiko Milano

Awesome, I just love them. Work a lot, I have in the working case there are all shades. Put fingers to have a lash color was darker, and shade with a brush on the movable century.

The shade of Cream Color for Eyes, Tom Ford

Тени Cream Color for Eyes, Tom Ford

Also a very cool product – great palette, plastic when applied, but after a few seconds will dry and become resistant. They are also very easy to mix together.

Liquid eye shadow, Eye Tint, Giorgio Armani

Жидкие тени Eye Tint, Giorgio Armani

Definitely cool. In the form similar to lip gloss. Some complain that they can apply the shadow with a brush from the packaging, but don’t really need to try! Shade with the same success could be squeezed from a tube. As I said, fingers and wrist are all your tools to work with them.

Eyeshadow and brows Eye Brow Maestro Giorgio Armani

Тени для век и бровей Eye Brow Maestro, Giorgio Armani 

I use them for when you need a very dense coating. Reveal the secret: coal-black smoky eyes eyeshadow can be done in 10 minutes. It’s simple – first fill on eyelids, cream shadow, and apply on top of dry, and shade them together in a light haze.

Liquid shadows Full Metal Metallic Color Liquid Shadow, Yves Saint Laurent

Жидкие тени Full Metal Shadow Metallic Color Liquid, Yves Saint Laurent

Format and texture are very similar to the Armani shadows, but Yves Saint Laurent I also advise you to pay attention, for example if you are looking for interesting shades or want to experiment with metallics.

Palette Eye-mazing Eyeshadow, Misslyn

Палетка теней Eye-mazing Eyeshadow, Misslyn

The shadows are soft, rather dusty than creamy or satin, the brightness of the pigments is moderate. Brush applied quite easily, spilling within reason, color is easy to layer, there is no risk to put the first time too much. In the feather rather obedient than not, although the brush is better to use the most soft. Colors in a compact palette conveniently matched for both day and evening make-up, and during the working day keep “Bang” even without a base. Feels light, not weighted and do not irritate the eyelids.

Summary: a working version for those who too feel in the face of professional tools who find it difficult to cope with them in applying or just feel sorry for money on expensive palettes (here the issue price of 600 rubles). Well, a handy little package – and in the feast (clutch) and the world (selling makeup) and good people (Desk).

Loose eyeshadow Pigment, Blue Brown, M. A. C

Рассыпчатые тени для век Pigment, Blue Brown, M.A.C

This pigment is one of the oldest chameleons makeup: deep brown-Burgundy color base with green shimmer. This combination fits very many, especially great shades of blue and green eyes.

Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Lounge, Urban Decay

A similar shade of pressed shadows are Urban Decay Eyeshadow Lounge is also a combination of brownish Burgundy with greens, but they have the green color more intense and vivid. Generally Urban Decay shadows in duochrome foremost – I have about five eye shadow-odnushek, but they are actually even more.

Тени для век Eyeshadow Lounge, Urban Decay

Eyeshadow Moondust Eyeshadow Solstice, Urban Decay

The most interesting added shimmering Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Solstice, where the pink base when light shines blue. No wonder that this shade has long been in bestsellers like I have never met.

Тени для век Moondust Eyeshadow Solstice, Urban Decay 

Still a very interesting shade of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Fireball is a warm reddish-sand colour is amazing goes into cold rose, therefore, immediately attracts attention. “Fireball” has become so popular that the brand released a self-titled, with a complementary highlighter shade.

Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Road Stripe, Urban Decay

Тени для век Eyeshadow Road Stripe, Urban Decay 

For the “snow Queens” of the range is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Road Stripe and overflow of white in the blue permeates the heart of an ice needle beauty.

Eyeshadow Eyeshadow X Urban Decay

Тени для век Eyeshadow X, Urban Decay 

And complete the ode to the dry shadows marks yet another shade – Urban Decay Eyeshadow X: pink-gold iridescence on the verge duochrome/adukrom, but, in my opinion, is still more Yes than no.

Liquid shadow Liquid Moondust, Urban Decay

Жидкие тени Liquid Moondust, Urban Decay 

This Urban Decay did not stop there and has recently released a line of shimmering liquid eye shadow with glitter Urban Decay Liquid Moondust, among which two duochrome: a familiar pink-and-blue Solstice and beige-pink Recharged, which is similar to the aforementioned Fireball. For these funds obligatory substrate in the form of other shadows: they are more about lights and sparkle than about the rich base color.

Pigment AMC Pure Pigment, EyeShadow 22, Inglot

Пигмент AMC Pure Pigment, EyeShadow 22, Inglot 

Have Inglot in a constant range for more than five pigments. The most famous – Inglot AMC Pure Pigment EyeShadow 22. Cost Elena Krygina to praise him, and he has long moved into the category of “not available”. Of course, I must admit that the overflow from the purple to gold is worth it! No less popular Inglot AMC Pure Pigment EyeShadow 85, where again meet the brown-maroon and green – a combination of all the replicable. In the assortment you can find shades 82 and 86, where different nuances play a combination of red and pink.

The Shade Of Duochrome Pigment, Makeup Geek

Тени Duochrome Pigment, Makeup Geek 

The Makeup Geek brand is a collection of duochrome consisting of pigments Makeup Geek Pigment and non-recurring Duochrome pressed eyeshadow Duochrome Eyeshadows Makeup Geek. Eight pigments of chameleons in a constant range is no joke, and another, and ten pressed “odnushek” – that is where carousing suffering for duochrome soul. Yet of eighteen I only bought five, but certainly don’t plan to stop there, especially since the price is very attractive – the 6 and 12$.

The Shade Of Pressed Powder Shadow ColourPop

Тени Pressed Powder Shadow, ColourPop 

Another fairly budget brand of decorative cosmetics with duochrome in the range is ColourPop Cosmetics. They have recently launched a pressed dry shadow Pressed Powder ColourPop Shadow – and among them seven chameleons! The price of$ 5 hints that you need to take all at once, which I did. So here they are, shades of heroes: Play by Play, Sideline, Up and Up, Take a Break, Come and Get It, Sauvage and Time Out. All except the last one, great quality – pigmented, soft and good to work with, so you can take in. Also pay attention to the old brand in the section of the cream pressed eyeshadow – ColourPop Super Shock, So Quiche, Partridge, Bae, Girly.

The Tartelette palette In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette, Tarte

Палетка теней Tartelette In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette, Tarte

The purchase was also inspired rave reviews from overseas bloggers, who praised the colours, the pigmentation, ease of application and blending, the aroma of vanilla and nice carrying case. In practice I found them great stability – they stay on oily eyelids all day! But it is a regular dry brush is just incredible! First

I thought it was a coincidence and good luck, so checked this fact again and again… never disappoint! So the palette in my make-up favorites for more than a year and certainly not going to leave.

Eyeshadow Eye Shadow, Haux, M. A. C

Тени для век Eye Shadow, Haux, M.A.C 

With a light feeding Elena Krygina M. A. C Eyeshadow Haux become one of the most famous topovyh shadows. In fact, this shade is much more complicated than just a mixture of brown and grey – there was also added the tangible purple-Burgundy accent, resulting universal and basic shade on the eyelids.

Palette Downtown Cool Eye Shadow Palette, Bobbi Brown

Палетка теней Downtown Cool Eye Shadow Palette, Bobbi Brown 

For true fans of the shadow in shade Taupe recently released a limited edition palette Bobbi Brown Downtown Cool Eye Shadow Palette consisting of four matte taupe shadow! Undoubtedly, this is the perfect companion makeup eyes every day: the shade will be a great basic thing in mind. Light, two medium, and dark shade allow you to create a whole makeup from scratch. And if you add them to other colored and/or glowing shadows, it will make a wonderful accent.

The shadow of Steven Klein Studio Single Eyeshadow, NARS

Тени Steven Klein Single Eyeshadow Studio, NARS

Another limited edition shade, for thought over the purchase which left little time – Nars Steven Klein Studio Single Eyeshadow. They came as part of the collection-an extraordinary collaboration with photographer Steven Klein, so all shades are appropriate. Stud is a chic metallic “taupe”, which allows with ease, in a few strokes to create the eye makeup! Despite the fact that the shadows give a strong glow, they are still suitable for daytime makeup – of course, if you have a lax dress code.

The Super Shock Shadow So Quiche, ColourPop

Тени Super Shock So Quiche, ColourPop 

Duochrome shadow ColourPop So Quiche Super Shock can also be attributed to “toponym”, and they truly deserve attention. Complex grey-brown swamp-bronze hue instantly catches the eye, and lilac-pink tide scored the final bracket in your heart! And all this beauty of color connected with a fantastic creamy texture and amazing durability. Do you know how much? At just$5!

Palette Naked 2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette, Urban Decay

Палетка теней Naked 2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette, Urban Decay 

Its composition is just wonderful taup – Frisk. And besides it’s five shades of nude-colors. Silky, soft and smooth in texture, it seems that they do wear eyeliner, and the result pleases every time.

Eyeshadow 24H Color Tattoo 40 Permanent Taupe, Maybelline

Тени для век Color Tattoo 24H Permanent Taupe 40, Maybelline 

These budget cream-gel shadow in a glass jar earned his fame for a beautiful cool shade, as well as supple texture. They are well kept, although not 24 hours as indicated by the manufacturer in the title, but still better than most shadows. I still prefer for them to use a database, to not think about the durability of makeup throughout the day.

The Shade Of Ombre Hypnôse Mono I206, Erika Taupe, Lancôme

Тени Ombre Hypnôse Mono I206, Taupe Erika, Lancôme 

If you are looking for a single shade, which can be applied to anything and always get a great result, for this purpose you can use the shade of the Lancôme Ombre Hypnôse Mono I206 Taupe Erika, who even in the name of the shade contain the required us Taupe. Here gray-brown dilute greenish note and a beautiful twinkling shimmer, which is kept on the eyelids all day.

Water-resistant shimmering eye shadow Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow, Clarins

Водостойкие мерцающие тени для век Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow, Clarins 

Without superfluous epithets – they stay forever! But with such phenomenal resistance there are some nuances that are worth considering: apply them better thin translucent layer, which organically looks in the daily makeup, otherwise they can crack and not make you fascinate. Unfortunately, it was released as a limited edition, so now sell the remains. Hurry, you can still make it!

Gives a creamy eye shadow Couleurs Nature by Yves Rocher

Ультрастойкие кремовые тени для век Couleurs Nature, Yves Rocher

If we consider the low-end cream shadows, then there undoubtedly lead: gives cream eyeshadow Yves Rocher Couleurs Nature! In contrast to most other inexpensive cream shadows, these really don’t need a base on the eyelids all day, actually, so they got into my collection. Recently, the brand has updated the palette, so it now has a large number of shades in the nude range – they deserve the most attention.

Cream eye shadow Aqua XL Color Paint, Make Up For Ever

Кремовые тени для век Aqua XL Color Paint, Make Up For Ever

And will complete the selection of another novelty – a cream shadow Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint. Like all the shadows from the review, they have remarkable resistance without applying the base shade: apply in the morning and in the evening returned with the “alive” eye makeup! Besides, they are easy to apply and shade that will appeal to both makeup artists and all other lovers of makeup. The only drawback is that in Russia there are only eight colors, mostly in neutral colours, and left as many as twenty! So I hope that we will take all the bright palette.

Palette Ultimate Naked Basics, Urban Decay

Палетка теней Naked Ultimate Basics, Urban Decay

It is therefore not surprising that in a few years, the brand Urban Decay decided to continue the matte theme and launched a big Ultimate Naked Basics palette consisting of 10 matte shades! Among them there are both cold and warm gray and black, purple and terracotta, a large number of light neutral for shading and beautiful brown. All fans of the previous two matte palettes dedicated!

Palette Photo Matte Eyes Palette, Smashbox

Палетка теней Photo Matte Eyes Palette, Smashbox 

And if you need more matte shades, the palette Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes Palette – just what you are looking. In her fourteen refollow on the theme of the nude-makeup, and two sectors in a double volume, as it is assumed that these colors most often used. Brand positioning mosaic not only as eyeshadow, but the shade for eyebrows, and they can be used as a powder eyeliner.

Palette Meet Matte Trimony, The Balm

Палетка теней Meet Matte Trimony, The Balm 

One of the last of my favorite palettes, in which nine matte shades. First, it affects the size of each of refollow – it seems that they will last for a lifetime, even if you paint them every day! Then faced with a pliable “oily” texture, beautiful pigmentation, and… to remain indifferent chance remains. Also noteworthy is the palette – it contains literally everything needed matte shades for a variety of looks.

Palette Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette, Too Faced

Палетка теней Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette, Too Faced 

If the trend of warm Burgundy-peach-red shades not passed you, and you want a matte palette in this range, it is definitely Too Faced Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette, consisting of twelve very beautiful colors. Not to mention coming from shadow soft peach smell is great when you even think of such details! Unfortunately, in Russia, the palette is not represented, so to help us overseas online shopping or offline shopping trips.

Eyeshadow Eye Colour Silk 302 Taupe Brown, Burberry

Тени для век Eye Colour Silk 302 Taupe Brown, Burberry 

And if you need matte shadows from the category of “hard luxury”, then I want to draw your attention on a single shade Burberry – among them you can find wonderful matte color. I especially love the Burberry Eye Colour Silk 302 Taupe Brown – universal taupe shade is suitable as a main hero of monomania and complementary color to other shades.

Cream eyeshadow Ombre Matte Cream-to-Powder Eyeshadow Smoothing and Long-Lasting, Clarins

Кремовые тени для век Ombre Matte Cream-to-Powder Eyeshadow Smoothing and Long-Lasting, Clarins

Touching on the theme of “odnushek”, you can’t go past Clarins Ombre Matte Cream-to-Powder Eyeshadow Smoothing and Long-Lasting. This matte shade is individually washers – the texture is very interesting, even did not immediately know which category to take her – creamy or dry? But are they in this collection are not so much for it, as for pigmentation, the density of the shades and friendly behaviour when applying – don’t need to be an ACE make-up to cope with them! Almost themselves to apply and shade – even a black shade, which is usually not very good.

Liquid matte eyeshadow Professional Makeup Lingerie Matte Lid, NYX

Жидкие матовые тени для век Professional Makeup Lid Lingerie Matte, NYX 

And complete a selection of budget matte cream shadows NYX Professional Makeup Lingerie Matte Lid, which is a very interesting story. First, the brand launched a line of liquid lipsticks nadovich, which everyone liked and loved that they EN masse have begun to put on eyes, because the shades were just wonderful. NYX didn’t pass by this trend and made a similar tool, but designed for eye makeup! We have a total of twelve natural matte shades at a very attractive price – 530 rubles per one tube. And most importantly that they are also good – easy shade and intertwine, and are wonderful as a base under other shadows dry.

Shadow Eye-Mazing Eyeshadow Set, shade Oh Boy I’m Your Hero!, Misslyn

Тени Eye-Mazing Eyeshadow Set, оттенок Oh Boy I’m Your Hero!, Misslyn

Cute brand Misslyn collection was released Superwoman, where, in particular, entered this compact palette three nadovich shade. The shades here are very casual and versatile, the texture is nice and silky and pigmented shadows are quite weak – in order to achieve color, will have some trouble. But you never overdo it with them.

Cream shadow Metal Shock Eyeshadow, Supernova, Essence

Кремовые тени Metal Shock Eyeshadow, Supernova, Essence

Part of the killer metal Essence collection, which includes lipstick, mascara and eyebrows, eyeliners, polishes, and shadows – all with a chrome Shine. Metal Shock Eyeshadow – wet cream shadow that is easy to apply with the attached puff, and easy to blend.

Cream pigment Metalizer Eyes Lips Metal Cream Shadow, shade Reflection 898 Plum, Dior

Кремовый пигмент Metalizer Eyes Lips Metal Cream Shadow, оттенок 898 Plum Reflection, Dior

Metal cream pigment Peter Philips recommends to use and easy on the eyes and on the lips, but it’s still primarily the shadows: the very rich, while yielding a very thin and not tightening the skin. They can be used on top of other shadows, changing color and texture, but you can solo.

The shadows Collection Privée Eyeshadow, shade 003 Exclusive Burgundy, Pupa

Тени Collection Privée Eyeshadow, оттенок 003 Exclusive Burgundy, Pupa

Not quite Burgundy, but rather brown with a red undertone – beautiful color that is equally well suited as a base for Smokey or simply for a bright daytime look. Shadows are done in prisma shine technology, which I have already told, and therefore very saturated and easy to apply even with your finger.

Cream shadow Ombre Matte, Midnight Blue, Clarins

Кремовые тени Ombre Matte, Midnight Blue, Clarins

The first thing to know about these matte shadows from Clarins autumn start – they are not matte. They are quite satin, with a soft smooth glow. It’s their only color – small shimmer adds depth – but the name is misleading. Otherwise all is well in this series are very high quality shadows, ideal texture cream-to-powder, and beautiful shades, which are well compatible with each other.

The shade of Pure Color Envy, the shade Ivory Insolent, Estée Lauder

Тени Pure Color Envy, оттенок Insolent Ivory, Estée Lauder 

Light shades of eye shadow Marche I have never failed – they work with Estée Lauder, not chalky and not flat. Insolent Ivory – bright matte ivory shade, this chassis color, which is useful in every purse. And updated a couple of years ago, the Pure Color Envy formula – pigmented and dense.

Paperlight Cream shadow Eye Color, the shade of Sango Coral, Shiseido

Тени Paperlight Cream Eye Color, оттенок Sango Coral, Shiseido

Already third eye creamy eyeshadow Paperlight Cream Eye Color, for which I write the review – can’t get enough, so they are good. Sango Coral – not quite a classic Nude: it’s a peach-coral shade, which, nevertheless, is perfect for a natural makeup, making eyes brighter.

Shadow Ombre Première, Talpa, Chanel

Тени Ombre Première, Talpa, Chanel


Perhaps the most popular shade of the updated line Ombre Première – taupe satin Talpa. The color of those that are equally good on the entire eyelid and in the crease, mono-makeup and as a Supplement to other colors. If you want to play with textures, international designer makeup Chanel Lucia Peak recommends that you apply powder shadows over cream from the same range.

Shadow When Birds Are Singing… the shade Solstice Halcyon (Santalovo, maleo), Rouge Bunny Rouge

Тени When Birds Are Singing…, оттенок Solstice Halcyon (Санталовый малео), Rouge Bunny Rouge

Skate Rouge Bunny Rouge is a complex and interesting options for Nude-shades, and this applies to lipsticks, and blush, and shadows. Solstice Halcyon is light gray-brown satin shade, expressive and not dirty even in the feathering. The quality of mono-shadows RBR perfect: texture is dense, the shadows are well shaded and not raise dust.

Cream eyeshadow Long-Wear Cream Shadow, shade Sandy Gold Bobbi Brown

Кремовые тени для век Long-Wear Cream Shadow, оттенок Sandy Gold, Bobbi Brown


Intelligent warm beige-Golden color – not metallic, but not just subtle Nude. Long-Wear Cream Shadow – one of the best formulas cream shadows on the market: they are very easy to apply with your finger, warming up from the heat of the skin, and do infinitely hold.

Liquid eyeshadow Eye Paint, shade Cocky Bisque, L’oreal Paris

Жидкие тени для век Eye Paint, оттенок Cocky Bisque, L’Oreal Paris


I have already praised Eye Paint – these cream eyeshadows with applicators heirs of the outstanding series Armani Eye Tint. Cocky Bisque shade that we have called the champagne color: warm beige-pink. Like all Eye Paint, the texture is brilliant – sparkling as the champagne.

The shade of the Eyeshadow, the shade Beware, Urban Decay

Тени Eyeshadow, оттенок Beware, Urban Decay

The kings of boring Nada the range is not only a huge series of Naked palettes, but mono-a shadow of all necessary colors. Beware warm brown included in the limited edition Theodora palette dedicated to the release of the film “Oz the great and powerful” and last year released separately. The texture is great: silky and very pigmentirovanieme.

Eyeshadow is My Must-Haves, hue Chilli Vanilli Essence

Тени для век My Must-Haves, оттенок Chilli Vanilli, Essence

In a charming line My Must-Haves included lots of shadows, blushes and even powders for lips that the brand offers to combine individual palettes (sold separately). Chilli Vanilli – very light matte finish of exceptional quality: it is almost creamy to the touch and so dense that the color is transferred by one stroke of the brush.

Eyeshadow Color Tattoo, Breathless, Maybelline

A long-lasting cream eye shadow Color Tattoo – international blogger hit: to Maybelline little budget brands were taken over the cream shadow. A series of love for the resilience, good colors and good texture, which tightens the skin and dries in two months. Shining sunset Breathless – the same color from the category of “put and go” that is needed for a quick makeover.

Eyeshadow Diamond Dust, a Nude shade Diamonds, LA Splash

This shade of loose glitter keeps a balance between the blinding lights all around and neat Nude make-up: it’s really glitter, it’s shiny, but only at a certain angle and in certain light. Suitable in situations, when the soul asks of luxury, and bright colors are for some reason unavailable.

Cream shadow Water Eyeshadow, 201 Rosy Taupe, Kiko Milano

One of the biggest hits of the Italian brand – the shadows that are proposed to be applied dry and/or wet. They are powdery but very finely ground and look almost creamy when applied. Grayish-pink to Rosy Taupe is a good choice for everyday make.

Palette Smoky Stories, Brilliant Prunette, Bourjois

Палетка теней Smoky Stories, Brilliant Prunette, Bourjois

Plum cake – that’s the first Association when looking at a new palette Smoky Stories. The shades are perfect for festive make – up to suit him and nodoby lip gloss, and a matte wine lipstick.

New tested special correspondent BeautyHack Lagostina Anastasia: “I guess now I know how the makeup will make in the New year, after all, plum smoky eyes is something new! In a palette of three rich shade and clear topcoat with glitter. Shade shadows like themselves – a couple of strokes of a fluffy brush for the crease, and perfect makeup ready. Thanks to this light texture of these shadows suggest beginners – they are not too pigmented, and therefore, even if tampering go flawlessly. Pleased and durability even without pre-applied base shadow lasted all day and not showered on the cheekbones, and this, incidentally, is the sin of many tools with shimmer”.

Palette Goddess Eyeshadow Palette No. 2 Selene, KISS New York Professional

Палетка теней Goddess Eyeshadow Palette, №2 Selene, KISS New York Professional

American brand of decorative cosmetics KISS New York Professional recently appeared in Russia, but already pleased with a large assortment of unusual tones and rich pigments of funds. Cosmetics produced in Korea, but on the means you will find funny animals and unusual packaging – all very simple, stylish, in the spirit of new York.

The palette resembles a Goddess tool in the Arsenal of professional make – up- glossy black packaging, large “portion” of shadows and perfectly matched shades. The second room is hidden from the rich colorful gamma neutral shades and variants for bright makeup – dark blue, similar to denim, Burgundy and bright purple (the color of the year, by the way).

The shade is perfect for applying dry and wet – himernye shades in combination with a wet brush to create a metallic effect. Shade just, despite the pigmentation, and most importantly, do not fall off during the day!

Reticulation eyeshadow eyes Blush Magnif’Edition, Rimmel

Палетка теней для век Magnif’eyes Blush Edition, Rimmel

Frankly, as soon as I saw the palette in pink tones, I could not help curiosity overcame. The shadows from Rimmel rich pigment (especially if applied to the base) and a nice texture that is well shaded and does not crumble like chalk. Pleased and durability – the shadows lasted for 8 hours and even passed the “stress test” (forgot and rubbed my eyes). Range of shades is amazing, even the most experienced buchalka: I got a few interesting options for day and evening makeup. I particularly liked the first three universal shades that can be applied in the corner of the eye, under the brow and to blend boundaries.

Palette Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection, Too Faced

Палетка теней Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection, Too Faced

“Chocolate” from the American brand Too Faced has long been a hit for butyricum and the sweet tooth. The name and packaging of the shadows are not random – they contain cocoa extract, which nourishes the skin of the eyelids, and the smell of milk chocolate. Eyeshadow palette 16 shades with delicious names – here and salted caramel, and creme brulee, and truffles. They fit perfectly even without the base, easy to dry lips, and do not roll down during the day. Safely take it on trips and use for completely different occasions, from Christmas parties to dinner on the ocean.

Eyeshadow Les 4 Ombres, 268, Chanel

Тени для век Les 4 Ombres, 268, Chanel

The red color in the eye makeup trend last fall. At first was skeptical until I tested this palette, four shades are a fiery red. Was interesting evening makeup for brown eyes: mixed this pigment with bright brown and complemented by a black arrow. Coffee shade from this palette often use for everyday makeup in the Nude tones. Pigments are well shaded and can be easily removed with micellar water.

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