Avon’s £3.50 oil has so many brilliant reviews for its multiple beauty benefits

Try as we might to keep hydrated and and slather on the moisturiser while we’re enjoying the tropical climes, sometimes there’s no easy way to revive our parched skin after a hard day’s sunbathing on the beach.

There are many things we love about summer. A sunkissed tan, bare legs, endless cocktails in our favourite roof garden, and, of course, the promise of our long-awaited summer holiday.

The only downside? Dry skin.

Those days could be a thing of the past if Avon has anything to do with it, because according to the beauty stalwart, their Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Spray is the one essential ‘you won’t want to be without during the summer and whilst on holiday.’

The humble £3.50 body mist have shot to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list thanks to its multiple beauty properties. So, what’s all the fuss about?

Well, for starters, the lightweight formula, which is infused with delicious natural oils such a jojoba, has a super easy application. You simply spray it all over the body like a mist to lock in moisture and restore your skin back to a smooth, nourished state.

Then there’s the scent of the oil, which is described as having a ‘pleasant woody smell’ like you’ve just been for a stroll in the forest after rainfall. Heavenly.

Intriguingly, Avon says that the spray also doubles an insect repellant, as well as a means to tame flyaway hairs when the sunshine encourages the inevitable frizz. Who doesn’t love a multitasker?

“Wasn’t sure if it would work, but it has. No more midgie bites. It’s got a pleasant, gender-neutral smell that’s not too strong. Softens my skin and doesn’t disgust my cat. Couldn’t be more chuffed,” one happy customer wrote on Amazon.

“Bought this to deter biting insects from eating me alive. Am still here and have lovely, soft fragrant skin too!,” another added.

You won’t have to worry about applying the oil on the beach and getting sand stuck in *unfortunate* places either, because it comes in a handy bottle with a pump dispenser, so you can crack on with the things that matter on holiday, i.e. getting a solid tan and those all-important pics for the ‘gram.

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