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Toorelove, berry and soft pink, liquid and dry matte, and shimmer: the best blush options for every taste – the selection BeautyHack.

Afterglow Blush 8-Hour Blush Score, Urban Decay

“Orgasmmale” has generated a boom in this sort of blush, and brands vying began to produce similar shades. But it was not at all. Tell me about the most successful.

These blush shade is a little softer and with a less pronounced shimmer, so ideal for those who are in Nars Orgasm is “Christmas glitter” for my taste, they are there, and there’s a cool, but for some this is a fundamental point.

Румяна Afterglow 8-Hour Blush Score, Urban Decay  

Blush Galifornia, Benefit

New broke into my top just a couple of minutes, once fell into the hands! The thing in an unusual neon-coral shade – more brands release more “soft”, and there is a real explosion of color!

Румяна Galifornia, Benefit

The texture is also managed – blush is made for Prisma Shine technology, when pigments are mixed with the gel and not the white base dry, but in the end they still powdery. And the design… Well you can see! Especially conquers brush with wooden turquoise handle.

Blush Rose Aux Joues Blush Tender Peach Party 03, Guerlain

Румяна Rose Aux Joues Blush Tender, 03 Peach Party, Guerlain 

This blush is the most tender of my favorites. Very light peach shade with barely visible shimmer. Easy to apply, shade and stay all day! A tool in every sense of “luxury”. While about a few people writes we must fix it!

Blush Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm, 02 Robust Rhubarb, Clinique

Румяна Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm, 02 Robust Rhubarb, Clinique 

Throughout the collection there is only one cream blush: actually, I started my big love for such shades. They are wonderful in everything: starting with a cute “chubby stick,” which became a cult classic and launched the fashion for cosmetic cream sticks, and ending with texture without problems fades and dissolves on the skin so that it is not visible boundaries of the application it gives a very natural effect.

Palette blusher Blush by 3 In 367 Lace, Sleek MakeUp

Палетка румян Blush by 3 367 In Lace, Sleek MakeUp 

For relatively little money (about 1100 rubles) includes three shade of coral blush! First Crochet the orange complement summer makeup in coral tones. Guipure a relative of Nars Orgasm, but more shimmery and rich, and the third Chantilly classic coral, where a balance of pink, orange and red notes.

Multiple blush Tint, tint, Jeanette, NARS

Румяна Multiple Tint, оттенок Jeanette, NARS

In early summer collection was released NARS x Charlotte Gainsbourg – the offspring of love of NARS and enfant terrible of the French underground Charlotte gainsbour. The collection is very sophisticated: a mix of translucent textures and deep dark colors. Multiple Tint can be used on both lips and cheeks – it becomes translucent, slightly moist layer. Reddish Jeannete – exact hit in the heart with him as any woman will look like after a run (or the successful party).

The blush palette Blush Harmony, tone color Code Coco Chanel

Палитра румян Blush Harmony, оттенок Coco Code, Chanel

Harmony Blush a – line blush with unusual prints and patterns, which are produced within the limited edition collections. Coco Code was released in spring, but still is on sale is the four colored sections (one is a warm red, and three other more conventional colors) that you can mix according to their understanding, each time achieving a different effect.

Tint lip and cheek Rouge Tint, Erborian

Тинт для губ и щек Rouge Tint, Erborian

My favorite Koreans are slowly but surely continue to develop the market of decorative cosmetics (care they have for a long time and he for the most part brilliant). Spring the brand went two for oil and one lip tint for lips and cheeks – a loose gel that, when applied in one coat will suit even the most modest. Not the most modest can squeeze a little bit more money and make themselves flaming cheeks.

Blush for lips and cheeks Lip Cheek Bloom shade Peony, Burberry

Румяна для губ и щек Lip Cheek Bloom, оттенок Peony, Burberry

Squares Lip Cheek Bloom like ice cubes with a vibrant centre – the ideal, as always with Burberry, the packaging, and a very good vehicle inside. It is a bright, “siliconindia” to the touch cream-gel, which is easy to dose and blend. Shade Peony – red / pink, equally beautiful on a bright and tanned skin.

Color blush Contour Cheek Stick shade Bora Bora Coral, trèStiQue

Румяна Color Contour Cheek Stick, оттенок Bora Bora Coral, trèStiQue

Have cool travel stamps only two shades of blush – pink and this coral. The texture is very pleasant and well-shaded (embedded in the package the brush, but convenient enough), the shade – translucent delicate peach. It can be layered, but not very much: it’s more of a gel than a cream – very airy.

AMC Face blush, liquid Blush, tint 95, Inglot

Жидкие румяна AMC Face Blush, оттенок 95, Inglot

AMC Face Blush is quite pigmented cream blush that is packaged in a bottle with a convenient dispenser (you can squeeze quite a bit and not peremejateisa from head to toe). 95 shade – warm beige with minimal Shine. Can be used as a refreshing blush or apply on the cheek bones instead of bronzer.

The Rouge Original Skin Blush, Habanera shade, Rouge Bunny Rouge

Румяна Original Skin Blush, оттенок Habanera, Rouge Bunny Rouge

The brand had a short but great range of blush – there is a perfect cool pink (Gracilis) and one of the best shades for contouring that suits Bliznaci girls (Delicata). With warm light brown Habanera, you can make a summer version of contouring on a slightly tanned skin, and you can use it instead of a traditional blush or bronzer.

Sexy blush Cream Blusher, the shade of Shiny Peach, Romanovamakeup

Румяна Sexy Cream Blusher, оттенок Shiny Peach, Romanovamakeup

Olga Romanova fairly quickly expanding its makeinu line. One of her latest inventions – these cream blush. They exist in a single hue – a bright cheerful small peach with subtle shimmer. To touch silicone-smooth and shaded perfectly – easy to apply and a brush, fingers and sponge.

Blush Colour Blush, shade Opera, Delilah

Румяна Colour Blush, оттенок Opera, Delilah

Unreal beautiful cool pink shade already had in my collection a bright blush – but why not to remind him again? From Colour Blush is a wonderful color, a good powdery texture and a convenient travel-friendly packaging – very thin, small and with a mirror inside. The shade turns light porcelain skin, and the tan plays on the contrast.

Blush-highlighter Bronzing Blusher, Artdeco

Румяна-хайлайтер Bronzing Blusher, Artdeco

German brand every year produces limited edition collections blush and bronzer with a very beautiful print. This year blush is more like a warm highlighter – a warm pink-Corolla the main part and gold kaliterna “star” inside. The color intensity can be varied: either to dial in the brush more of a highlighter or pigment.

Blush stick Blush Infaillible Paint, the Faint shade of Fuchsia, L’oreal Paris

Румяна-стик Infaillible Blush Paint, оттенок Fuchsia Faint, L’Oreal Paris

In a series of durable means Infaillible recently got the blush stick – indeed, as the packaging promises, bright and persistent. The shades are all versatile, but interesting: especially this line is decorated with a fuchsia skin, it gives honest, almost beetroot shade that can easily blend with your fingers.

Blush Happy Booster Blush, shade Rose, Physicians Formula

Румяна Happy Booster Blush, оттенок Rose, Physicians Formula

Best seller eco-friendly brand looks lovely – shaped prints in the form of hearts will melt even the coldest heart. Themselves blush is also good: universal warm pink Rose shade makes your face look more fresh and healthy for 30 seconds. Included – the mirror (it is not so easy to find, it is hidden under the blush) and a relatively good brush.

Cheeks in Bloom blush, the shade of Rubens, Rouge Bunny Rouge

Румяна Cheeks in Bloom, оттенок Rubens, Rouge Bunny Rouge

Compact sticky Cheeks in Bloom, called by the names of famous artists – old hit the mark. Their love for variability: cream-gel texture goes bright enough layer, but blends easily with a brush or fingers. Wine cold Rubens – the darkest in the range; mark offers to put Cheeks in Bloom not only on the cheeks but on the lips, and the shade is not less good.

Blush The Blush, the shade Mauve Diamond Dolce Gabbana

Румяна The Blush, оттенок Mauve Diamond, Dolce Gabbana

Dolce Gabbana make, without exaggeration, a beautiful blush: cool colors (remember the luxury spring limitu) and very fine grinding. From Mauve Diamond turns out to be both unpredictable and versatile shade – here is well balanced purple and dark pink, has a very slight satin Shine, and color to fit any lipstick with a cool pink undertone.

Blush Mineralize Blush, Gentle shade, M. A. C

Румяна Mineralize Blush, оттенок Gentle, M.A.C

One of the hits of the brand – berry shade of blush with a Golden shimmer. Have a Mineralize Blush light translucent texture, but it lends itself well to overlaying and how many mineral resources, looks great on the skin and neohd not look foreign. Gentle easy to replace and blush, and highlighter – it is very gentle, but quite noticeable glow.

Instain blush, Pinstripe shade, theBalm

Румяна Instain, оттенок Pinstripe, theBalm

Strong (really strong!) blush from theBalm Instain elegant series, which includes six shades – three of them brand calls the autumn, three in the spring. Cold and bright plum Pinstripe, of course, refers to the first, and looks great by itself as a standalone accent.

Blush Cheek Color, shade Gratuitous, Tom Ford

Румяна Cheek Color, оттенок Gratuitous, Tom Ford

Tom Ford this year was particularly heavy on the lipstick, but the makeup person went a lot of cool pieces – in particular, the summer hilitary and covered plum blush Gratuitous. They adapt to the rest of the makeup and easily replace other means – shimmer enough to do without the highlighter, but if you apply blush high on the cheekbones, and no contouring is not required.

Blush Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush, the shade Rebel Rose, Estée Lauder

Румяна Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush, оттенок Rebel Rose, Estée Lauder

It’s not even the darkest blush in the brand’s assortment – but Rebel Rose, slightly shining wine-pink color, perfectly formed in our selection. One of the most versatile shades of the list – they can use every day-to-day makeup if better shade, and layering in anticipation of the dramatic exits.

Blush blush Couture collection Beauty of Nature, Artdeco

Румяна Blush Couture, коллекция Beauty of Nature, Artdeco

Magnezone limited edition blush print a collect – and they are worth it. Fall collection, where we already showed a lip pencil, is called Beauty of Nature is on the surface of the blush cut out the bird and branch (print wears long!). Beige-pink shade is obtained by mixing sectors plum, brown and gold.

Arctic Holiday baked blush Compact Blush, shade Original Plum, Kiko Milano

Запеченые румяна Arctic Holiday Compact Blush, оттенок Original Plum, Kiko Milano

Christmas collection has just arrived in stores, and we already hasten to show the blush of her Original Plum wine. Collection – a fountain of glitter and sequins, but this blush only slightly glow, but the brightness can be achieved with one touch. The texture is lovely – the grind is so shallow that it is almost creamy. Apply and blend – a pleasure.

Blush Light Shadow, a shade of Rose, Propose, Catrice

Румяна Light Shadow, оттенок Rose Propose, Catrice

Light Shadow – line of three shades: a matte color large compartment + a small highlighter. If you have perseverance, patience and a small brush, you can try to use a highlighter separately, but much easier to blend and get soft, satin reddish color. On the hand the color looks very nice but layering the blush to any possible effect – especially if you use mostly matte part.

Blush Powder Blush, shade Never Say Never, M. A. C

Румяна Powder Blush, оттенок Never Say Never, M.A.C 

Last year my favorite brand of all the makeup artists have launched a mini-line of five shades of blush: they are all very bright, pigmented and packaged in the same jar as mono shadows. Never Say Never is a neutral pinkish red, similar to the classic MAC blush Frankly Scarlet.

Gel blush Lazy Joy Jelly Dough Blusher, tint RD01 Cherry Jelly, Holika Holika x Gudetama

Гелевые румяна Lazy Joy Jelly Dough Blusher, оттенок RD01 Cherry Jelly, Holika Holika x Gudetama 

On the lid of Guatama, he’s lazy egg depicted with a cherry on the head, but it’s a set – blush not cherry and even apricot, well, or color bright cherry. They have a great texture (soft cream, is nice on the skin) and bright, but not vibrant colour.

Blush Don’t Blush, shade Cosmic Rose, Wycon

Румяна Don’t Blush, оттенок Cosmic Rose, Wycon

In the packaging of the blush looks brick-red, but when applied to the skin are actually pink, as the title promises – it’s quite dark and warm, but still pink. Ideal for notorious draping.

Blush Les Tissages de Chanel, a shade of Coralline Tweed, Chanel

Румяна Les Tissages de Chanel, оттенок Tweed Coralline, Chanel 

“Tweed” line is far less known than the classic round Joues Contraste, and for good reason: for example, I love them for a very long time. Tweed Coraline came out this winter in the Asian collection. Warm peachy coral shade, as in love Chanel, the face looks a little shiny.

Means for cheeks and lips L. A. Lights, tint, Fairfax Fuchsia, Smashbox

Средство для скул и губ L.A.Lights, оттенок Fairfax Fuchsia, Smashbox 

L. A. Lights – a line of sticks that you can use both on cheeks and lips, but I prefer to only use as a blush. Since the series is successful and popular, it is constantly updated with new shades. The brightest of them – “crazy fuchsia” which perfectly sets off fair skin and lays down a beautiful wet patch of light.

Afterglow blush Blush, shade Quiver, Urban Decay

Румяна Afterglow Blush, оттенок Quiver, Urban Decay 

In a series of blush Afterglow a few bright shades – honorary prize I want to mention pink Crush, but a champion in today’s nomination was Quiver, interesting cool red-crimson. On the face it looks not as fiery as in the packaging, but the color is perfectly superimposed.

Blush Creme to Powder Blush, a shade of Crimson, Sleek Makeup

Румяна Creme to Powder Blush, оттенок Crimson, Sleek Makeup 

Red-pink matte shade uncompromising in the format of “eye gouge” is best applied with a brush, but if you want theatrics, you can use the sponge. Despite the ultra-bright saturated color, blush and become flustered fit perfectly hurrah.

Blush Like a Doll, a Vibrant Coral shade 302, Pupa

Baked blusher – hit Italian brand: the colors are bright, the pigmentation is great, packaging is small, sleek and convenient. Our pink-coral shade – another bow to NARS Orgasm, and excellently done: the color is really refreshing. In addition to the gold shimmer, there is a fairly large sequins – you can go without a highlighter.

Blush Like a Doll Luminys Blush, 200, Pupa

Румяна Like a Doll Luminys Blush, 200, Pupa

Baked blush Pupa would inevitably cause nostalgia at all, whose teenage years occurred in the early 2000s. They were my favorites then and continue to delight until now. Delicate peach shade number 200 will fit and tanned girls, and quite the Whitey. Small shining particles do not disintegrate into individual sequins, and give the cheeks shimmer as if your skin were illuminated from within.

The texture of the skin such radiance will not emphasize, but a few years will definitely slow down the blush gives a very natural, just like in childhood, when a long walk in the cold. From additional pluses – vitamin E and jojoba oil in the composition, as well as a handy mirror – a rarity for such a compact package.

Shimmering blush palette Signature Color Shimmer Cubes for Face, Artistry

Палетка мерцающих румян Signature Color Shimmer Cubes for Face, Artistry

Artistry continues to make a limited collection that gives us hope that spring is still around the corner. We have already talked about sandwich, as a cake, lip gloss here (link) – and now I hasten to share impressions of the palette shimmering blush in packaging similar to the box Carlo.

Inside the nine cubes shining with different shades of blush – the color of sparkling champagne to a strawberry candy. Remember the childhood and place the cubes in the manner of “pyatnashek” – the permutations are endless. But we suggest to separate the light colors from the more saturated and use one half as a blush and the other as a delicate illuminating skin highlighter.

Blush Flower Design Enriched Blush, 02 Provocative Pink, Kiko Milano

Румяна Design Flower Enriched Blush, 02 Provocative Pink, Kiko Milano

This blush with extracts of flower petals – from the limited edition of Neo Noir. But Kiko Milano blush all the good (and not just blush). They have an interesting texture – dry and at the same time gentle, well-shaded, dry or oily skin. Pick the shade of lipstick – so makeup looks neater.

Blush, Blush, Bourjois

Румяна Blush, Bourjois

C these blush we are not inseparable from the University bench. First, they are very compact, and secondly, to apply easy. However, “native” brush at them very uncomfortable, I replaced it with a powder brush from Bourjois. With its help, the blush is very thin, barely visible layer.

Cream blush Creamy Face Colour, Rosa Carina, Dolce&Gabbana

Кремовые румяна Creamy Face Colour, Rosa Carina, Dolce&Gabbana

I’m a fan of cream blushes – they are best adapt to the skin tone. Like the fact that the person instantly turns into a powder. The pigment may seem bright, but it needs quite a bit to achieve the effect of a natural blush.

Blush Orgasm, Nars

 Румяна Orgasm, Nars

Nothing refreshes makeup, like a drop of blush on the apples of the cheeks. The tool I love for ease of application and soft shading. They can make up in technique draping.

Wear them out of season – in my opinion, they are good anytime of the year. Don’t be afraid to apply too much pigment, they are easily shaded with almost “zero”. But to do the best feather to his temples – a visual lifting effect is guaranteed!

Small bytehack – buy decorative miniature. First, they are easier to carry, they save space in the purse. Secondly, it is always budget – miniature tools is cheaper than a full size. Third, let’s be Frank: you never use even three blush in my entire life. And to try something new want. Always.

2 in 1: lip balm + blush BABY LIPS Balm&Blush, Maybelline

2 в 1: бальзам для губ + румяна BABY LIPS Balm&Blush, Maybelline

Will suit anyone with dry or sensitive skin. In the composition – vitamin E and oil. Interesting for its unconventional packaging and multifunctional applicator. Apply to the apples of the cheeks and lips to freshen the face. All three shades – peach, pink and raspberry to its corresponding flavor.

Wonderful Cushion cream blush, Sephora

Кремовые румяна Wonderful Cushion, Sephora

Colony is one of the latest trends. Thanks to the soft “pillow”, the tool is applied in a thin layer and blends with the skin giving natural glow.

Blush Silky Touch Blush, Essence

Румяна Silky Touch Blush, Essence

Silky and pigmented, but on the face look naturally. The shade 20 babydoll can be used to draping: on the cheeks and temples get the effect of a highlighter with a pink glow.

Blush Multi Blush Matt, Catrice

Румяна Multi Matt Blush, Catrice

Four matte shade palettes in one. Can be used alone or mixed together, creating a unique glow. Light in texture, bright palette suits the blondes and dark brunettes.

Blush Le Blush Alliance Perfect, L’oreal

Румяна Le Blush Alliance Perfect, L'Oreal

Blush of the famous series Perfect Alliance merge with the skin, lay a translucent layer, but long kept. Pastel pink shade 105 resembles the Dior Rosy Glow.

A long-lasting cream blush Cream Blush, NYX

Стойкие кремовые румяна Cream Blush, NYX

This blush is not just cream but also a mineral. Best applied with the fingers, but can use a dense brush made of synthetic bristles (for a brighter effect). Can be used as a tint for the lips, especially in the composition is caring components, for example, castor oil.

Blush with Ombre effect Ombre Blush, NYX

Румяна с эффектом омбре Ombre Blush, NYX

Blush Ombre dial on the brush in one motion and apply light side to the top of the cheekbones and darker – pidskalou depression for sculpting the face.

Baked blush Like A Doll Luminys, Pupa

Запеченные румяна Like A Doll Luminys, Pupa

If you have greasy skin and you like a glow, baked blush Pupa will give the same effect sleek and “illuminated” from the inside of the skin. Medium with a silky texture is easy to apply and creates a bright glow.

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