April 12, 2024

50 Housewarming Gift Ideas for Every Budget in 2023

After spending my 20s renting rooms in random SpareRoom house shares, living with boyfriends and even a stint back at my childhood home with my parents, at the grand old age of 30, I can finally say I’m an official homeowner. And it feels *so* good.

Buying a house is exciting, stressful and completely exhausting. This purchase in particular has not been without its struggles. My partner and I (caveat, this is the 21st century, I cannot afford to buy on my own) originally put an offer on a completely different property six months ago, and it wasn’t until we moved out of our flat (and put all our life’s belongings into storage) that the house fell through and we had to start our search from scratch – all while living out of a suitcase; sofa surfing between our parents’ places. Luckily, we’re now officially moved in, and I couldn’t be happier.

Of course, when a good friend or family member finds a new home to make their safe haven, it’s only right to show some love, excitement and support. We’ve been bombarded with the most thoughtful new home cards and housewarming gifts. But, sometimes, these new home gifts – however considerate – miss the mark ever-so slightly. A beautiful bouquet of freshly picked spring flowers is lovely, of course, but if you haven’t yet unpacked your box of vases, where are you supposed to put them? The kitchen sink? And while a new print or piece of art for your bare walls is kind, if that person doesn’t know what your new house looks like (or your home decor style, for that matter), it could end up going straight back into box labelled ‘storage’.

If you’re looking to purchase the perfect housewarming gift for a loved one who has recently changed address, my best advice is to ask them what they actually need. Perhaps their kettle is 15 years old and they want a sparkly new one to go with their new kitchen. Or, they’re moving into their first-ever home and don’t actually own a hoover, because the flats they’ve been renting for the past decade always had one provided by the landlord? A Dyson might seem like a boring gift, but it’s probably one of the most useful items I’ve been given (thanks, mum! ).

If you prefer to send surprise gifts, think back to the last time you visited them at home. If you know their last pad had 50 or so houseplants, please don’t buy them another. While pretty crockery is nice, if it’s a couple moving in together, they may now have double the number of plates and bowls, and simply won’t have storage space for a brand new 16-piece dinner set.

When it comes to the best gifts, consider buying something the recipient wouldn’t usually buy themselves – a luxurious scented candle from Jo Malone, a bottle of wine and carafe, or some fancy hand soap from Aesop for the downstairs loo. If you want to help them put their stamp on the space and buy something specifically for their home – such as a doormat, wine glasses or candlestick holders – remember to really think about their personal style (rather than yours). If they’re going for a minimalist ‘White Company’ vibe, then bright, eclectic wall art from Cath Kidson will sadly just end up in the charity shop.

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