May 24, 2024

50 best eye podvodok

Withrodstva for thin arrows and a cat eye with a felt tip and creamy texture experts chose the best eyeliner that will last until the end of the day.

Resistant eyeliner Pro Longwear Fluidline, Blacktrack, M. A. C

For the black arrows the course is always she. Cream pigment instantly fixed. For thin arrows use a small brush with a beveled edge.

When necessary, can be used as a shade – good shade, ideal for smoky eyes.

УстойчиваяподводкаPro Longwear Fluidline, Blacktrack, M. A. C

Eyeliner Liquidlast Liner, M. A. C

Подводка Liquidlast Liner, M. A. C

Over the past four months has not conducted no arrows any day! The thing is that I found the perfect eyeliner. My find was a very thin eyeliner with a soft fluffy “tail” Liquidlast Liner, M. A. C. Maneuver to century easily, the brush is lowered gently, the eyelid does not need to pull for smooth application. Resistant: no smears and does not spread, even if you accidentally touch it. I fell in love!

Gel eyeliner Lasting Drama 24H, Maybelline

ГелеваяподводкаLasting Drama 24H, Maybelline

Maybelline eyeliner blends easily and firmly held all day. And with it you can create any hands – both the subtle and graphic.

Universal waterproof eyeliner-eye shadow Aqua Black, Make Up For Ever

Водостойкая универсальная подводка-тени для век Aqua Black, Make Up For Ever

Never start to draw the shape of a liquid eyeliner – even when I want maximum graphics and intense color. Compact cream gel Aqua Black is selected for water resistance and convenience: you can take any brush to create the arrow to the desired shape and to control the width of a cotton swab or concealer. Set the shape – when you are confident in them, fix the form of liquid with lacquer or matte effect.

Eyeliner Liquid Eye Liner, shade Identification, L’etoile Selection

Подводка Liquid Eye Liner, оттенок Identification, Л’Этуаль Selection

L’etoile Selection’s triumphant return to the world of conceptual collections that they are not released annually. Autumn and winter Dis/Order is dedicated to virtual reality, which allows you to look and change as you like. The collection includes eye shadow, nail polishes and two liner – warm brown Autentification and green sequined Identification. The form factor classic – unwinding tube and a felt applicator.

Eyeliner Line Designer shade Brown Glaze, By Terry

Подводка Line Designer, оттенок Brown Glaze, By Terry

In-line Designer Line includes five more or less classic shades that By Terry, however, knows how to make interesting: Brown Glaze instead of the boring normal brown is bronze with sequins. Shade translucent for brightness have to be layered or applied to a substrate of a pencil. The color of the liquid, and the brush is provided with neat thin felt tip.

Eyeliner , AMC Eyeliner Gel, hue 65, Inglot

ПодводкаAMC Eyeliner Gel, оттенок 65, Inglot

Part of the autumn collection of Italian Kiss, which we have already slightly shown: gel eyeliner, AMC Eyeliner Gel in unexpected eyeliner shades. Burgundy shade 65, like the rest of the color line, especially look good on green and brown eyes. Eyeliner in jars, by the way, most suitable for beginners – enough to buy a good thin angled brush.

Eyeliner Liner Feutre Vertige, shade 03 pine forest (Foret Vert), Yves Rocher

ПодводкаVertige Feutre Liner, оттенок 03 Хвойный бор (Vert Foret), Yves Rocher

New this summer – a line of eyeliners markers Vertige Feutre Liner, the extension of the line lengthening mascaras. The applicator is narrowed down, the tip is very thin, the color is dense enough in a single layer, but not flashy. The shade Vert Foret – a soft mossy green.

Eyeliner Aqua XL Ink Liner, tint, L-90 a Lustrous Violet, Make Up For Ever

ПодводкаAqua XL Ink Liner, оттенок L-90 Lustrous Violet, Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever the last two years actively remodels its entire range – this spring, turn to introductions. Turned out very well: eyeliner become more vivid and persistent. The only pain is the assortment of shades if used MUFE offered all the colors of the rainbow, now unusual only a few. In particular, this lavender-pink Lustrous Violet.

Eyeliner Satin contour Nocturnal Ink in Blue Roan shade, Rouge Bunny Rouge

Подводка Сатиновый контурNocturnal Ink, оттенок Blue Roan, Rouge Bunny Rouge

Mark makes several types of eyeliners particularly beautiful Devotion Ink with glitter and lacquer eyeliner Raven Glaze marker. Nocturnal Ink – the most casual option: it’s a satin (almost matte) dark eyeliner markers without sparkles. The applicator is comfortable, thin, fairly flexible; the shade of Blue Roan is a dark blue-green

Eyeliner Eyeliner Feutre Fin, a shade 803, Vivienne Sabo

ПодводкаEyeliner Feutre Fin, оттенок 803, Vivienne Sabo

The eyeliner came out this year as part of the summer collection Marienere where mark played a lot with blue undertones. 803 – pure bright blue. Before you use the marker have to be shaken (in the case placed the ball, which does not allow liquid to thicken). Eyeliner can be applied immediately with a thick layer, if you press down hard on the marker, but it is better to lead the line, barely touching the skin – so it won’t spread.

Waterproof liquid eyeliner is Razor Sharp Liner, a shade of Dark Force, Urban Decay

Водостойкая жидкая подводкаRazor Sharp Liner, оттенок Dark Force, Urban Decay

One of the most versatile shades in a lovely range of Razor Sharp Liner – Dark Force, brown with Golden, red and green sequins. Dark Force is nice and thin arrows, but sweeping allows difficult shade to open up in all its glory. Conveniently the finest tassels, which are equipped with these eyeliner and line width control as easy as possible.

Eyeliner to contour the eyes, the shade of Fantasy (Fantasy), Lush

Подводка для контура глаз, оттенок Фантазия (Fantasy), Lush

The Lush color is dark and subtle a good brush and good shades. For example, Fantasy is a true bright gold, which doesn’t tarnish on the eyes and good looks in the complex make-up and as the only accent

Eyeliner Graphik Ink Liner, Clarins

ПодводкаGraphik Ink Liner, Clarins

New liner – the main star of the autumn collection Clarins, in whose honor it was named. The eyeliner pen, the tip is comfortable and elastic, strongly narrowing downwards – easy to adjust the width of the arrow. Pigment medium intensity: not gray, but not stated intense black. Graphik Ink Liner should be tested not on hand, and the eyes on this line somehow slightly spread, and the century no.

Eyeliner Vamp! Stylo Liner, Pupa

ПодводкаVamp! Stylo Liner, Pupa

Another marker with a convenient applicator is sufficiently long (about a centimeter) and with a sharp tip: you can draw a very thin line. The tip itself the right to the marker of hardness – not wooden and not dangling. Color average density (lighter than the Clarins, but still not gray) and are susceptible to overlaying, the eyeliner dries quickly and does not leak.

Liquid Eyeliner Calligraphic Eye Liner, Make Up Factory

ПодводкаCalligraphic Eye Liner, Make Up Factory

This eyeliner applicator in the form of a thin flexible brush – many neophytes preferred to draw the arrows such that you can make the finest arrows. On our swatches color was very pale, although, as shown by further experiments, the liner later “painted”, and the intensity of the tint depends on the degree of depression.

Eyeliner Glam Doll Super Black Liner Waterproof, Catrice

ПодводкаGlam Doll Super Black Liner Waterproof, Catrice

The Glam Doll, which includes eyeliner and mascara, endlessly updated with new variations. A waterproof version of the marker for eyes came out recently and promises superposent and resistance 16 hours. The applicator shape as the heel kitten heel is wide at the top and tapering sharply to the tip, giving the ability to do both wide and narrow arrows. Black color really black.

Eyeliner High Precision Waterproof Liner, Seventeen

Подводка High Precision Liner Waterproof, Seventeen

Sudden success – work cheap brand, usually located on the periphery of the interests of beauty journalists was very good. Classic screw-on liquid eyeliner with a thin felt tip is very saturated and dries quickly.

Liquid eyeliner Automatic Fine Eyeliner, Shiseido

Жидкая подводка Automatic Fine Eyeliner, Shiseido

This eyeliner is necessary before use to collect as a fountain pen: insert the nozzle brush into the base with the ink and press the button. As a result you can adjust the amount of eyeliner and the degree of its brightness. This is not the applicator, but the brush is thin and comfortable, good bend and is able to calligraphic lines.

The Last Super Liner Eyeliner, Essence

Подводка Super Last Eyeliner, Essence

The inscription is Deep Black on the packaging is not cheating – it really supercherry liner. It is packaged in a screw tube and looks like a classic eyeliner, which was increased by half – the big huge bottle and a long applicator. He is very flexible and of equal width throughout its length, and very thin arrows does not work, fateful eyes.

Schwing liquid eyeliner, theBalm

Подводка Schwing, theBalm

Perhaps the exemplary liner: classic tube, comfortable handle, the felt applicator is of medium hardness with a very narrow tip, with ultrashiny color. Absolutely all the features of black liquid eyeliner on her. Bonus – the packaging which shows the brand penapolis theBalm girls that stare at men’s ass.

The Master Ink Satin Eyeliner, Maybelline

Подводка Master Ink Satin, Maybelline

Maybelline have got a couple of Master Ink – a liquid liner with a matte and a glossy finish respectively. They have a good narrow felt applicators, they are inexpensive and very durable. The main drawback of the glossy is that the first layer is light and watery, especially if the liner is not shaken long enough and vigorously before using (Matt, in this sense, behaves much better with one coat paints a very black line). The second layer solves the problem.

Eyeliner Quick Eyeliner, a shade of Teal, Wycon

Подводка Quick Eyeliner, оттенок Teal, Wycon

Eyeliner-pen like a novice with them usually turns out super thin and bright line, which does not require layering. Have a convenient Quick Eyeliner a felt tip with a sharp tip that will allow, if desired, to draw a barely visible arrow, but to do and baggy quite easily. In this series there are only four shades, the brightest of them – a rich celadon, Teal.

Waterproof liquid eyeliner is Razor Sharp Liner, Cuff and Intergalactic shades, Urban Decay

Водостойкая жидкая подводка Razor Sharp Liner, оттенкиCuff иIntergalactic, Urban Decay

The brand completely re-launched their liquid eyeliner in the past year. Now Razor Sharp thin, smooth and good flexible brush and the original colours – for example, dim pink and Intergalactic silver Cuff. As always with Urban Decay, durability of eyeliners at the height of the arrow hold as much as necessary, and scrub them only a means for removing makeup.

Color liquid eyeliner Vivid Brights, shade Vivid Escape, NYX

Цветная жидкая подводка Vivid Brights, оттенок Vivid Escape, NYX

NYX – the absolute kings of bright eyeliners (I already wrote about their red Vivid Fire, which is unique in our market I have not found). Color Vivid Escape is somewhere between yellow and light green – almost neon when applied and dries, it becomes matte and more muted. Love the shades in this series, even forgive some moodiness formula.

Eyeliner, Dip Eyeliner, shade 03 Certain Charm gift sets

Подводка Dip Eyeliner, оттенок 03 Certain Charm, BeYu

This cheap German brand has always been quite simple and basic range, which last autumn suddenly expanded the risky and complex colors. In addition to rock dark lipsticks came and this dark plum metallic eyeliner – a felt tip, good pigmentation and interesting complex tone.

Eyeliner The Eyeliner, Lively shade of Purple, Sephora

Подводка Fingertip Eyeliner, оттенок Lively Purple, Sephora

Last year French giant Sephora under its own brand released liner-thimbles, which were intended to make life easier for even novice lovers of the shooter. The point is that the tube liner can be worn on the index finger so that the tip continued the line of the finger. The idea is cool and working to draw really easy (though unusual). Shades five, the most striking is a noble reddish purple.

Write eyeliner and Blend, shade 53 Violet Parade, Nouba

Подводка Write and Blend, оттенок 53 Violet Parade, Nouba

I mentioned last year a series of Write and Blend is very dense gel shadow-eye shadow, which, unfortunately, came to us in a limited range. I prefer not to use them as shadows, but to draw them a long, wide, arrow – slanted brush more convenient to do it all. Why grey-blue shade is called Violet Parade, I don’t understand in a hundred years, but that does not prevent me to love him.

Eyeliner Designer, Liner, shade Brown Glaze, By Terry

Подводка Liner Designer, оттенок Brown Glaze, By Terry

Have By Terry makes a great make – classic, but always with some interesting nuances. For this collection I chose a calm Golden-brown eyeliner with fine glitter, which looks especially good in the sun. For tight crisp lines you will need two coats or you can apply Liner Designer a pencil.

Eyeliner Aqua Liner, shade 1 Diamond Gold, Make Up For Ever

Подводка Aqua Liner, оттенок 1 Diamond Gold, Make Up For Ever

Awful I love the series Make Up For Ever Aqua there are the toughest tools in the world, they are not dry and well applied. Aqua Liner is designed as a classic liquid eyeliner with felt nibs, which give a thin, bright line. In a series of great colors – I love blue milliganii, about which even strangers ask what sort of eyeliner, and this thick liquid gold.

Liquid eyeliner Glitter Eyeliner, shade 05 Verde, Wycon

Подводка Eyeliner Glitter, оттенок 05 Verde, Wycon

The absolute majority of the glittery pencil eyeliners without substrate and several layers look a little pale – but not this Wycon: it is not transparent as usual, and almost black base, which involved blue and green sequins. On the black pencil it looks even more obvious and bright, but in principle all good, but due to the convenient thin brush and a good texture arrow can be done in just a few seconds.

Liquid eyeliner Glitter Liner, a shade of Gold Sparkles, IsaDora

Подводка Glitter Liner, оттенок Gold Sparkles, IsaDora

New IsaDora – transparent lip gloss with gold sparkles. Good in any kind of solo, just like the picture (but then slightly better layering), black, brown or colored pencil, as well as on the lower eyelid or as a highlighter in the corners of the eyes. The most versatile thing – how the gold eyeliner in General can be universal.

Eyeliner Is Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliner, Urban Decay

Подводка Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliner,Urban Decay

Do not get tired to praise eyeliner Urban Decay Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliner – at first they are striking in their color palette, where as many as twenty shades to suit every taste! And among them there are classic-glossy and shimmering metal. Very convenient applicator allows you to draw arrows of any thickness and shape, at the same time gaining on the brush optimal amount. Well, the “icing on the cake” was their durability – holds all day and all of them transcend!

Liquid eyeliner 3-Dot Liner, Clarins

Жидкая подводка 3-Dot Liner,Clarins

Famous eyeliner Clarins 3-Dot Liner won butyricum almost immediately after launch – it’s unique applicator-the Trident, which is so convenient to paint migracyjne space, dotting between the lashes. At the same time with the same ease one edge, it is possible to draw a line for the arrow. To him this was not on the market, but now is not one mark copied this form a felt tip, but we remember who was first.

Eyeliner, Cat Eye Liner, Burberry

ПодводкаCat Eye Liner,Burberry

Interesting new product released brand Burberry, eyeliner, Cat Eye Liner, combining two means: on one side of the case directly to the liner, and on the other the shade with a sponge-cushion for shading. For example, a black liner are black-brown shade with bronze shimmer, and chocolate brown. They are very convenient to paint migracyjne space and to soften the graphic of the arrows, causing the shadows on top of them.

Eyeliner Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner, Urban Decay

ПодводкаHeavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner,Urban Decay

For all fans of Shine and sparkle in the range is the Urban Decay eyeliner Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner, is a glitter of different colors. Of course, for most it is solely in the evenings, but my experience says that by day they are good. If the arrow classic shades to put this scattering of sequins, the makeup immediately begins to play with new colors! If you have not ultrastroy dress code, then why not?

Gel eyeliner Eye and Brow Maestro Eye Makeup, Giorgio Armani

Гелевая подводка Eye and Brow Maestro Eye Makeup,Giorgio Armani

Gel eyeliner in a jar Giorgio Armani Eye and Brow Maestro Eye Makeup is very versatile – it is multifunctional, sustainable, cream tool that you can emphasize eyebrows and to use as shadow or eyeliner. You can even paint the regrown roots – its capabilities are limited only by your imagination! In operation the tool is plastic, well-typed, a “slip” when drawing and well kept on the skin.

Roller Rollerwheel eyeliner Liquid Liner, M. A. C

Роликовая подводкаRollerwheel Liquid Liner, M. A. C

The prize for the most unusual and extravagant applicator eyeliner out the new MAC Cosmetics Rollerwheel Liquid Liner! I think that the authors were inspired by pizza cutter – otherwise it’s hard for me to explain it in an interesting shape. In fact, it draws about the same as cuts a knife – it is very convenient to draw a long line, smoothly to round out and create the schedule. Of course, the first required skill, but then everything goes like clockwork!

Eyeliner pen-Graphik Ink Liner, Clarins

Подводка-фломастер Graphik Ink Liner,Clarins

For ultracare plump shooter in the style of Amy Winehouse perfect new eyeliner pen-Clarins Graphik Ink Liner. It has a rather large felted applicator, which is easy to draw broad, gradually tapering line. Everything else hands work persistent, quite simply washed off by any means make-up remover. The only drawback – the presence of just one shade!

Eyeliner Liner Couture Precision Felt-Tip Eyeliner, Givenchy

Подводка Liner Couture Precision Felt-Tip Eyeliner,Givenchy

Another convenient eyeliner with felt applicator and excellent durability – Givenchy Liner Couture Precision Felt-Tip Eyeliner. Just ten years ago to find such a good all round assistant to create the shooter was incredibly difficult, if not impossible, therefore, very glad of the fact that technology has gone far ahead and now you just have to choose!

Ink Master Ink, 20, Maybelline New York

ПодводкаMaster Ink, 20,Maybelline New York

Tested a lot of eyeliners arrows are always present in my everyday makeup. This went on all parameters. First, the good even for newcomers: a thin supple brush glides on the eyelid and allows you to draw as a thin arrow, and a graphic. Second, easily removed with micellar water, so that in the event of an error, you will not have to wash off eye makeup. Thirdly, if put in the morning, till late night you can be sure that the arrows remain in place and not smeared.

The eyeliner is Master Precise Curvy, Maybelline

Подводка для глазMaster Precise Curvy, Maybelline

Reminiscent of the token. A tip in the form of a flat hourglass is most convenient to draw a cat arrow. Gives a rich black pigment that won’t fade for 5-6 hours. Feel free to choose her way on holiday and have plenty of means to waterproof makeup for the evening, then to quickly erase eye makeup.

Eyeliner Precise Tip True Mystic Eyeliner, Lumene

Подводка для глазTrue Mystic Precise Tip Eyeliner, Lumene

Many luxury brands in the collections are liner-like forms, this is not inferior to them. Spike soaked in rich pigment, you can draw the arrow of any complexity – from the most delicate and subtle to the most intense and thick. If applied in the morning till evening eye makeup will remain intact. Does not spread, even if you get caught in the rain or cry. While easily removed with a cotton pad with micellar water.

Superliner So Couture, L’oreal

Суперлайнер So Couture,L’oreal

Suitable for those who loves false eyelashes. Tip of eyeliner easy to draw a line, even if you have already glued them. By the way, he’s not like all of eyeliners-pens – if you look at the tip, you can see that it consists of thin fibers welded together. Another plus dries so easily and will last six months.

Eyeliner Vamp Difinition Liner, Pupa

Подводка для глазVamp Difinition Liner, Pupa

The biggest plus to this eyeliner is that it dries instantly – no prints on the upper eyelid. Sharp point draws ultra-thin arrows, and the pigment is evenly distributed on eyelids. Will fit you, even if you have sensitive eyes does not cause irritation and does not spread.

Eyeliner Glam&Doll Super Black Liner, Catrice

ПодводкаGlam&Doll Super Black Liner, Catrice

A godsend for those who are just learning to draw hands. Flexible felt tip in the shape of a Tulip will not allow you to make a mistake that cannot be immediately corrected gently. Thin arrow easily transformirovalsya in the cat. Upgrade best after 3-4 hours.

Eyeliner Liquid Ink Essence

ПодводкаLiquid Ink, Essence

In the collection of three shades – black, grey and bronze, but the last two are the most popular. Many colored eyeliner not differ durability, but this is a nice surprise – will secure a bright arrow on the eyelids. Instantly freezes and doesn’t come off. One piece can last for 3-4 months.

Eyeliner Vivid Brights Eyeliner, Nyx

ПодводкиVivid Brights Eyeliner, Nyx

Really wide selection of shades for those who love bright eye makeup. 9 colors – from the usual (blue, green) to the unexpected (red, purple). If Essence eyeliner go with a metallic effect, then there is absolutely matte finish. It’s good to do a double – arrow- bottom-black and from above to duplicate the bright pigment. Color begins to fade after 5-6 hours.

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