5 Unique Gender Reveals That Are Much More Surprising Than Colored Cakes

While some couples prefer not to know the sex of their baby until he or she is born, others plan parties and hire photographers so they can let the whole world know well in advance of the child’s arrival into the world. It’s all about personal preference, which is probably why there are so many unique ways to reveal, should you choose to do so.

It’s no secret that people go all out, and sometimes way overboard, when it comes to doing it for the ‘Gram. And gender reveals are no exception.

Keep scrolling for five gender reveals that go beyond cutting into a pink or blue layer cake.

The great balloon pop

This couple popped a balloon that had pink dust and confetti inside. Just make sure you have a good friend (and a great vacuum cleaner) on hand to clean up after.

The unwrapping

Family and friends played a crucial role in this reveal. There were “Team Boy” and “Team Girl” pins worn as the parents-to-be opened a series of boxes, Matryoshka doll style, to reveal a tiny pair of pink booties inside.

The batter up

This mommy-to-be was pitched a ball that exploded into a pink cloud when she hit it. Talk about a pretty picture.

The before-and-after photo shoot

A more low-key (but still Insta-ready) way to say “It’s a…”

The confetti drop

Jessica Alba joined in on the hoopla with this special reveal for her girls. Is it just us or does confetti seem crucial for an ultra-photogenic gender reveal? It also probably doesn’t hurt to be Jessica Alba.

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