5 resistant makeup products from makeup artist and blogger Natalini

Xotaika school makeup Tutto Bene and popular YouTube channel Mua Natalina Natalina – how to apply lipstick Lime Crime and what means to use to make any shadow and liner super-durable!

Concealer Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup, Estée Lauder

Тональный крем Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup, Estée Lauder

An indispensable tool for those who want to makeover firmness lasted all day. In normal life I do not feel a pressing need, but on special occasions – weddings, parties – always use it. Ideal for oily and combination skin, leaves a semi-matte finish and does not change color throughout the day. The cream is available in 13 shades. I “stretch” it on the skin is very thin and pierce with a sponge.

Mascara that adds volume, BadGal Mascara, Benefit

Тушь, придающая объем, BadGal Mascara, Benefit

Perhaps the only waterproof mascara that I like. She is very persistent and will survive even the adventures in the water Park. It gives great volume and easy to apply with a fluffy brush, pulling your lashes and not laplaya them. Plus the mascara can be layered (two layers would be sufficient). To remove this ink can only be a two-phase medium

A means for breeding of shadows Duraline, Inglot

Средство для разведения теней Duraline, Inglot

This thinner will make any eyeliner super resistant! I use it in a separate container or even on the back of the hand was dropped with a pipette (very comfortable, by the way!) one drop of Duraline, the pigment is added, or “crumb,” shadows, getting a new tool. Apply it on the eyelids, the mucous membrane or even the mouth. Main acting component silicone polymer, which creates a protective film, responsible for the fixation. It is an indispensable tool in the case of a makeup artist.

Base under the shade Prep+Prime 24-hour extend eye base, M. A. C

База под тени Prep+Prime 24-hour extend eye base, M.A.C

For me it is the strong base under the shadows. The secret: apply it as a thin layer and after waiting for 10 seconds, but always closed my eyes to engage. If you perform this simple step, quietly pass with a bright shadow for 24 hours, not rolled, and rich color will continue for the whole day!

Matte lipstick Matte Velvetines, Lime Crime

Матовая помада Matte Velvetines, Lime Crime

These famous lipstick-lasting, but comfortable and not dry the lips. After the first test I understood why some girls fans of these funds. Lipstick is practically not felt on the lips and easy to apply “native” applicator, provided that they are presented in extremely vivid shades. When going to events always use only them. And Lime Crime can be easily layering two layers not visible on the lips. My favorite shades: Cashmere (taupe), Sasha (brownish Nude), Red Velvet (perfect red) and New Americana (warm red). If you don’t have a lot of experience applying a bright matte lipsticks, I suggest after the correct contour concealer.

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