5 warming flavors for each day

I really love sweet and warm scents, but wearing them is not always obtained. As soon as the winter is approaching, this five keeps me warm and uplifting their interesting compositions.

Eau de Parfum Intense Café, Montale

Frankly, I never drink coffee with sugar and drink desserts this drink. To me the taste and smell of coffee, and I don’t want anything to interrupt. But perfume is an exception. The sweetness that diluted the flavor, not making it cloying.

First psyke feel rich coffee smell, but it is well seasoned with a sweet amber-vanilla accord: if in addition to the Cup of espresso is vanilla cheesecake.

Lyrics of floral notes – I seem to be a garden of fragrant red roses. It is known that the perfume was inspired by an acquaintance at a little cafe on the promenade in Paris. That is why the Café was so Intense, romantic, warm and sensual.

Парфюмерная вода Café Intense, Montale

By the way, very persistent: one of the few fragrances that lasts all day. But if you love coffee notes in perfume, read the material of our perfume columnist critic Ksenia Golovanova about the best in this category.

Toilet water, Love in Idleness, Atkinsons

Туалетная вода Love in Idleness, Atkinsons

Atkisons is a British perfume brand with a history of 200 years. Very interesting! In 1799 by a merchant of Cumberland, James Atkinsons came to London and decided to open a shop of perfumes and cosmetics – the recipe worked for them myself. At the entrance to the store stood a great big bear, which immediately attracted the attention of passers-by. By the way, this animal eventually became a symbol of the brand. Representatives of high society particularly praised the fragrant rose, the aroma of balsam made of bear fat. Then James began to come up with colognes, which eventually drove even fashionable in those days Italian. Fresh, but warm and spicy scent loved by all. And once he was caught and king George IV. He was so excited that he had made Atkinsons official perfumer of the Royal court of England.

I began my acquaintance with the warm fragrance of toilet water, Love in Idleness. I was still working in Allure magazine and I remember how beautiful large purple bottle with a magic elixir inside was in my hands: it was love at first sight and at first spray. Remember how you felt violet aroma, coupled with the smell of toffee and raspberry. By the way, among the notes there is patchouli, and moss and heliotrope. Perfume is pretty persistent – if I put in the morning until the evening held a pleasant train. The fragrance is inspired by my favorite Shakespeare play “a Midsummer night’s Dream”.

Iris Rebelle Eau De Cologne, Atelier Cologne

Одеколон Iris Rebelle, Atelier Cologne

French fragrance brand Atelier Cologne appeared in 2009. Its creators are husband and wife Silva Gunter and Christopher Servicel. The concept of fragrances involves the use of components of high concentration. This year they personally came to Moscow to present a novelty, and the space in which the presentation took place, was decorated in the style of their Paris office.

New – Rebelle Iris – powdery, airy scent that with the first “zilch” moves into a blooming garden. Reveals notes of iris, lavender, may rose, which are complemented Calabrian bergamot, orange color, black pepper, white musk and patchouli. Emerges before your eyes the image of an elegant ballerina, which quickly and easily performs pirouettes. The aroma will remind you of warm spring and summer days, cool autumn – take it!

Toilet water, Lovely Me, Liu Jo

Туалетная вода Lovely Me, Liu Jo

For me it was always a clear separation – there are brands that produce clothes, there are brands that are strong in perfumery. Liu Jo has always been one of my favorite brands, but this is the case when together with the new dress I left the shop with a new fragrance. As a rule, all perfumes of the brand complement the image of tenderness and femininity, and Lovely Me direct proof. Blooming, enchanting, elegant is the first words that come to mind when listening to new.

Reveals a sweet-fruity notes of Apple and raspberry, which perfectly complements the bergamot accord. Fragrance will appeal to those who like floral-fruity: orange, Jasmine, and tuberose. Lovely Me warms their refined blend of cedar and amber, spiced with the final and quite unexpected chord of salty popcorn. Separate the aesthetic pleasure – a bottle of pale pink glass with monogram L*J and pendant of the Golden flower.

The toilet water Rose Orage, Chabaud

Парфюмерная вода Rose Orage, Chabaud

Sophie Chabot, the Creator of the brand, a new collection of fragrances said: “It’s kind of olfactory landscapes of my memories of the most expensive places, situations and traditions of the countries that I have visited”. Interesting fact, but after listening to the aroma of Rose, Orange I like, too, moved on a virtual journey. Before my eyes immediately introduced a field of blooming roses, on which falls the light of the sun that appeared after a rainstorm. By the way, Rose Orange flowers during a thunderstorm. In the heart of the fragrance is a combination of geranium and rose. Them diluted fruit notes – raspberries and black currant that complement the nutmeg and pink pepper. When the fragrance opens, leaves of patchouli, heliotrope, amber felt the chord.

Look for a facility with a warm scent for summer? I’m sure you will find “your” in this collection.

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