May 20, 2024

5 red lipsticks for colds are not more than 500 rubles

Withredtwo as Monica Bellucci, strong lip shade unripe cherries, liquid detergent with a glossy luster and matte lipstick with oils in the composition editor BeautyHack Daria Sizova explains why a good tool does not necessarily have to be expensive.

First cold – it’s time for deep shades of red. Dark evenings, dullness in the morning and black outerwear really want to diversify a bright accent – red lipstick perfectly cope with the task.

For a long time, was embarrassed to wear scarlet shades – now I understand that just haven’t found the perfect red lipstick. Eventually picked up – and not just one, but five. It turned out that red lipstick does not have to be expensive: in the affordable segment you can find great options for every taste and color (read – finish and texture).

For anybody not a secret that often means the segment of “luxury” and “mass-market” made in the same factory. We pay more for packaging and status, but not for quality. But on the first point, the available tools are catching up with luxury why not try more shades?

Lip gloss Infaillible, 402 Forgive My Sin, L’oreal Paris

Actually, no it is not glitter, but a real lipstick with a pleasant, creamy texture. The name of the shade speaks for itself – it could be Marilyn Monroe and Monica Bellucci. You might like: the tools are “correct” blue undertone. And thus the shade will fit any girl, regardless of skin color.

Put the applicator straight out of the bag – it is made in the shape of a spoon that conveniently “scoops” the right amount of money. Even if you are not beauty gurus, the first time exactly to apply lipstick is quite real. After a few minutes it freezes, leaving a nice matte finish. The feeling of tightness is on the wind lips do not crack the coating will remain uniform.

Resistance means a solid four: survive a glass of water and a snack, but afraid of fat funds and long socks. It is reasonable to capture the lipstick with you and correct during the day – overlaying the tools are no problem.

Valuable property for cold – hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants in the composition. Formula gently cares for the skin, preventing dryness and flaking (including from the cold and wind).

Lipstick “Explosion of color” Berry Bold Berry Rebel, Mark

If the mention network cosmetics you roll your eyes in a fit of snobbery, I suggest you reconsider brands that distribute cosmetics through catalogs, has long stepped far forward (first quality products).

The Mark line of Avon – the perfect proof. First, funds do not give the cheap chic of the 90s. the Packaging is very concise and high-quality lipstick can not hide in a drawer.

The contents are also not upset: inside you will find a steady creamy stick. Lipstick will not break even under extreme conditions – neither in the road nor in the heat or in the cold.

Classic creamy texture is well distributed over the lips, leaving a nice satin finish. Durability, as with all creamy lipsticks, – after 3-4 hours the tool needs to be updated. The shade is very rich and bright – it’s not a classic red, but rather a berry tone (reminiscent of a young cherry).

If you makeup, take the brush (good too, you can find in the affordable segment is a great look for options here). The cut of the lipstick is not the most convenient – without the skill to paint exactly the circuit will not work. But you can safely create a fashionable effect, “zatselovali” lip – blend tool with fingertips (it will be great to blend in fresh frosty blush).

Lipstick Lip Stories, Deep Water Bay, Sephora Collection

To try the tool should, at least, because of the packaging. The design creates associations with the girls in style Pin-Up in striped swimsuits with high waist, round sunglasses and a bright lip makeup.

Cardboard splendor, as in the film “Baywatch”, hiding a bright creamy lipstick with a nice semi-matte finish. Red tint looks noble and does not create vulgar associations – on the contrary, looks very sexy.

I would have a tool for evening out, and in the office wore something simpler. For the application I have no complaints, but make sure that the lips were perfect. Turn skin preparation in the ritual, spending a little more time: make a scrub and apply a lip mask or a nourishing balm. After that, the lipstick will go smoother.

Very comfortable to wear, but if you plan to do makeup for an important event, apply the pencil as a substrate – this will greatly prolong the durability of the lipstick.

Lipstick Color Riche Matte Addiction, 346 Red Perfection, L’oreal Paris

To ignore that beauty excellence is impossible – a matte finish in kofmortna cream will not leave anyone indifferent.

The right shade of red not yellow the teeth and would be appropriate in any situation – as a complement to an evening look, as a bright accent daytime makeup. With him will reincarnate in the legendary Dita Von Teese (don’t forget to add arrows for every taste looking for here).

The tool tightens the lips, and Camellia oil and jojoba oil will not allow the lips to dry out. Apply directly from the packaging – a bright accent ready!

Liquid lipstick Rouge Laque Addition of Aqua, Red, Bourjois

The tool will appeal to fans of glitter and translucent coverage. The lipstick has the texture of butter, and finish Polish for the lips.

If you love just a light hint of color, apply one layer. But if you want to achieve color intensity, feel free to collect more funds, it will not flow out of the lips.

What is important: the tool does not sticky (anyone familiar sick feeling of hair stuck to her lips? ). This lipstick that the stress test is not going to happen. Feel the solid comfort and moisture – unusual water Lily extract in the composition copes with it.

About durability keep silence. Among the means a texture resistance is not important. Do not forget to take your lipstick with you.

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