Bobbi Brown’s new Luxe Shine Lipsticks

It’s that time of the week where 5 women in our GLAMOUR offices try out the latest beauty launches. Last week we put Maybelline’s Tattoo Liner up to the test and each review was disparate from the next.

We’re turning our head towards makeup this week and it’s the dose of shine we need for the autumn time.

The Product

This week’s product is Bobbi Brown’s newest Luxe Shine Intense Lipstick, £28. It claims to be formulated with a dimensional shine magnifier complex with hyaluronic acid to maintain plump lips as well as vitamin E which acts as a soothing agent.

The Reviews

Lottie Winter, Beauty Editor

So creamy! So pigmented! This new lipstick delivers on all fronts while keeping lips moisturised for hours. There’s a good shade selection but my personal favourite is Red Stiletto for a touch of glamour – especially in the run-up to Christmas.

Elle Turner, Deputy Beauty Editor

I like the selection of colours and love that this red (Showstopper) has a hint of pink to it – v windswept and interesting for winter. It’s quite a bold and unforgiving pigment but if you pat it into the centre of your lips and dab it outwards, you can apply more quickly and less precisely and it’ll still look nice.

Kiran Meeda, Online Features Assistant

Encased in a beautiful and portable gold compartment, the lipstick is just as elegant as its casing. The lipstick itself is incredibly shiny at first glance, but the standout factor for me would have to be how moisturising the lipstick is. Not only did it leave my lips feeling soft and nourished, but the lipstick colour was incredibly pigmented, leaving a lightweight shimmery moisturised lip look.

Oriana Findlay, Freelance Blogger/Events

My first thought is about how silky and shiny the lipstick is. It’s so silky it almost feels like a lip moisturiser. As a result, it’s super easy to apply neatly on your lips. I normally only wear brown and nude lipsticks but I decided to choose this red hue as a change. It’s a perfect compromise for someone who isn’t a fan of a red lipstick as it’s not an “in your face red”. Also if there was a perfect Christmas lipstick then this would be it!

Hayley Bheruer, Events Assistant

I am someone who is picky when it comes to lipstick scents. I absolutely love the subtle sweet vanilla scent of this lipstick. When it came to application I was surprised how creamy the texture was. The lipstick slid on as easily as a balm but has the pigmentation and lasting wear of a true lipstick. I am so happy I’ve found this lipstick and the cute packaging is a bonus.

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