5 new products for the face

Tokosmetolog and dermatologist clinics GMTClinic Olga Barbaricia at the request BeautyHack at the time changed the usual care and used the new products from five brands (creams, peels, scrubs and masks). Results – in the material.

Night cream-Age Protect exfoliating Multi-action Peeling Night Cream, Uriage

Range Age Protect French brand Uriage dermatological introduced in the autumn. It includes 7 new products: five tools for day and night care serum and cream for the skin around the eyes. The main feature of Age Protect – not stamp hang tags in the form of age restrictions: all funds were directed for work as the signs of aging and eliminate dull color and loss of elasticity.

In this case, the manufacturer is not trying to amaze us the super-complex composition – I found the only reliable, proven components. For example, in a night cream peel is lactic acid, which very gently exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities and moisturizes the skin. And squalene as an antioxidant regenerates cells. Additional ingredients: thermal spring water and hyaluronic acid.

Ночной крем-пилинг Age Protect Multi-action Peeling Night Cream, Uriage 

The cream is comfortable to use, I have sensitive skin, but no burning, and other discomfort I felt struck on the night (the consistency of the tool resembles a low-fat cream), and in the morning washed away the cleanser. Suitable for problem skin.

Mask-scrub Refreshing Scrub Mask, JorgObé

A young Danish brand with the inherent Scandinavians clarity and conciseness creates high-quality and simple treatments for men and women. JorgObé appeared in 2010, presenting a single mask film, the whole party which a few months scattered around the world. Since JorgObé cosmetics sold in the world’s largest Department stores from Selfridges Co up to the online giant Anthropologie.

This mask-scrub I especially suggest to girls with oily, prone to inflammation skin. It is gentle, but effective exfoliator due to salicylic acid, zinc oxide, white clay in the composition. There are abrasive particles, but they are very small and do not scratch the skin. I use the mask for 10-15 minutes maximum – that’s enough. Great that the composition is the menthol and cools the skin.

Balm Omega 3 6 9 Nutrition Intense, Omegaderm

Бальзам для лица Omega 3 6 9 Intense Nutrition, Omegaderm

This new feature in the series Omega 3 6 9 on the basis of fatty acids from the Russian brand Omegaderm. The balm can be used morning or night as a moisturizer. After applying the film, but it evaporates quickly. In the structure stated a large number of oils (olive, macadamia, Shea), but the texture is surprisingly not greasy. Acids in the composition are responsible for the restoration of water-lipid film, and vitamin a for the division and renewal of cells.

Nice product for every day without any marks anti-age.

Facial mask, The Charcoal Mask Pore Minimizer, Sephora Collection

Маска для лица The Charcoal Mask Pore Minimizer, Sephora Collection

Not quite the usual “fabric” artwork for masks on the basis of coal, so the composition you will find only the extract. However, a good mask for weekly care for preventive purposes. Among the components is glycerin, which moisturizes the skin after cleansing since. The tools are thin fabric, which is well fixed on the skin and fits snugly to the problem areas where you need a thorough cleansing. The Charcoal Mask I advise the girls with skin prone to oiliness.

Other great fabric masks my colleague, beautician Angelica Ugwa told here.

Restoring mask with aloe Vera Mineral Mask, Vichy
Восстанавливающая маска с алоэ вера Mineral Mask, Vichy

C testing this tool, I had a difficulty. The fact that the stated Mineral Mask for sensitive skin, but absolutely no good for her. I have the tool caused redness and stinging during use. Was applied for 5 minutes as stated in the instructions. Possible, so the skin responds to aloe is one of the main components of the mask, so before purchase I advise you to test the tool.

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