May 25, 2024

5 new hair products

Cream booster Custom Care Repair Booster, Tigi. About the boosters actively talking in 2016 – were called not only products for the face, but also hair care. Unlike creams, serums, masks have booster more concentrated formula, so it acts faster and improves the effect of the use of more conventional treatments.

In the categories of hair care products is usually called the booster means, rich in keratin and is designed to improve the quality of the hair (whether recovery osvetleni or lack of gloss – on the other causes of dryness and breakage I was told here).

Repair Booster from Tigi is designed to restore hair at a cellular level. Its composition cannot be called environmentally friendly, but nothing overtly harmful in it.

The tool is used in tandem with air conditioning. Their long hair, put about 10 grains of the booster mixed with conditioner. Distribute medium in length, paying attention to ends, wait 5 minutes, then wash off.

Восстанавливающий крем-бустер Custom Care Repair Booster, Tigi

I like that the booster works instantly. Moisturizes hair. One thing: if you have thin strands, such care can weight.

Soothing mask for sensitive scalp Keraplant Nature Skin-Calming Mud, Lisap Milano

Успокаивающая маска для чувствительной кожи головы Keraplant Nature Skin-Calming Mud, Lisap Milano

Despite the fact that this is a calming mask, I have it caused the opposite effect – irritation of the scalp. Perhaps due to the synthetic components or white clay in the composition. This tool is not for every day, I would rather call the peeling: it should be applied once a week to cleanse the scalp (see individual responses). Although most of you would not want because and use are not convenient to use: perfectly, if you mix the mask with essential oil from the same series, will strike at partings, leave for 5-10 minutes and wash off with warm water.

Toning conditioner Color Perfect Color Booster shampoo

Оттеночный бальзам-ополаскиватель Color Perfect Color Booster, Wella

I’m a brunette with natural hair color, so it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of the product 100%. But after the test reached a few conclusions. A lot of spirits, both good and not. On the one hand, they provide better penetration of useful components under the cuticle, and on the other, still dried hair. Not recommended to restore a completely “dead” strands (conditioner you won’t help), but as a daily maintenance tool may be approached.

Cream shampoo Spa Organic Macadamia, Planeta Organica

Крем-шампунь Spa Organic Macadamia, Planeta Organica

Very good shampoo! Composed of a large number of oils and, in General, it is balanced in such a way to nourish the hair while washing. The main ingredient is macadamia oil, known for its restorative properties. Bonus extra Shine without weighting.

Features: foam is bad (due to natural ingredients) but the manufacturer warns of this, even in the name of the shampoo. Me, this fact does not bother: is distributed well and is easily washed off, cleaning the hair is high quality, but not up to scratch.

Glitter spray for hair Detox Kamchatka organics, Natura Siberica

Блеск-спрей для волос Detox organics Kamchatka, Natura Siberica

Brand Natura Siberica owns several organic farms in the far East. The result of this work – a series of Detox Organics. The major components of all funds mined in Sakhalin and Kamchatka. In all of Kamchatka’s range there are several types of clay, coal, local salt, mineral and vegetable ingredients. For example, in the hair spray trick done on the antioxidant properties of the Arctic volcanic raspberries and blueberries.

In the composition of the Shine spray is really a lot of natural ingredients. I recently did the procedure KeraTriplex (of hair look smooth and shiny), but the effect of the spray are still noticeable.

This is a good tool for sos help when you want to give the strands a healthy glow. But don’t confuse it with care (for example, oils for hair).

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