April 15, 2024

5 Mouth-Watering Taco And Cocktail Combos That’ll Make You Forget Frozen Margaritas

If you’re anything like me, your taste buds told you warm weather was approaching sooner than the weather reporter did.

‘Tis the season to start craving tacos – and the refreshing cocktails that pair so perfectly with them. After a trip to Toro Loco, a trendy Mexican spot in NYC, I can’t get the flavors off my mind (though their cocktails were definitely the star of the show).

While there are plenty of outdoor taco joints where you can enjoy crisp corn tortillas and tequila, it’s actually really easy to nail a taco and cocktail combo at home for your own patio party. Keep scrolling if you’ve got the street-food feels, because I’ve pulled culinary inspiration from some of my favorite spots, putting together protein and cocktail combos everyone will want to taco-bout (I’m not even sorry for that).

Carnitas and Toro Loco’s Devil in Disguise

Pork carnitas tacos, which are often assembled with onion, cilantro, and avocado crema, demand a warm flavor profile. The mezcal, ancho reyes, creme de cassis, sage, and ginger beer in this craft cocktail create a smoky flavor that brings out the rich flavor of the pork.

Carne asada and Toro Loco’s Say Aloe to My Little Friend

The simplicity of marinated skirt steak, garlic, and onions works seamlessly with the classic tequila and aloe vera combo. The drink also features curaçao and salted honey to compliment the rich red meat.

Pollo Yucateco and Modelo

It’s a well-known pair for a reason: Roasted free-range chicken thigh marinated in bright spices like recado rojo and topped with pickled red onions is a vibrant dish that only needs a native brew, such as Modelo, to make your taste buds explode. The easy-going beer won’t trample the flavor of the taco.

Pescado and Toro Loco’s Chia Pet

With grilled fish as the base and common toppers like cabbage, chipotle mayo, and red onion, you’ll want to pair this taco with something light and fruity. Shake up vodka, prickly pear agua fresca, cucumber, and jalepeño flavors for the perfect match.

Cauliflower and Toro Loco’s Amore Agave

So, it’s not technically a protein, but cauliflower makes a great vegetarian base for tacos. Try it fried in a spicy-sweet coconut curry and enjoy with a refresher made of tequila, fennel, agave, lime, cherry heering, and sparkling wine.

Now, all you need are hangover cures that work.

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