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Onosnovatelnee school makeup Tutto Bene, makeup artist and youtube blogger Natalina – new lipstick Romanovamakeup and hydrogel mask, which enhances the lips.

Lipstick pencil Sexy Lipstick Pen shade Vintage Rose, Romanovamakeup

Makeup artist and Creator of the brand Romanovamakeup Olga Romanova makes my favorite lipsticks here in the sticks! I love the color Ketione. But new Vintage Rose is very beautiful, covered slightly pinkish hue. Versatile and suitable for all.

From Sexy Lipstick Pen nice creamy texture, goes without any gaps in color and without stripes. Of course, persistent like all the lipstick Romanovamakeup.

Помада-карандаш Sexy Lipstick Pen, оттенок Vintage Rose, Romanovamakeup

Other favorite persistent means told here.

Liquid eyeshadow and shadow Sparkling Holiday Eye Base Shadow, Kiko Milano

Жидкие тени для век и основа под тени Sparkling Holiday Eye Base Shadow, Kiko Milano

More “two in one” from the new Christmas collection of Kiko Milano. Cool matting: the base is transparent, and therefore hides all the redness and veins on the eyelids. For this quality I would call it a concealer for the eyelids. And if the above apply other shadows, their color will be much richer.
Now the tool is available in four shades.

Hydrogel lip mask “Honey kiss”!

Гидрогелевая маска для губ «Медовый поцелуй», Avon

Good mask, especially for the autumn-winter period. You can stick her on the lips while you wear eyeliner. Task tools as a way to moisturize the lips, to remove the peeling. And the mask increases them significantly, so use it not at night, and before you start doing makeup. For the effect is enough to leave only for 5 minutes. I advise you to do a similar mask before using matte lipsticks, then lip will be beautiful and moisturized throughout the day.

Serum for Sensational lashes Lash Boosting Serum, Maybelline New York

Сыворотка для ресниц Lash Sensational Boosting Serum, Maybelline New York

It is not decorative, and full godovoe tool. Maybelline New York promise that within four weeks eyelashes will appear more voluminous and fluffy. I tried to apply the serum a couple of times, and the visible results have not noticed, but will continue to test it further. I love that Maybelline New York is, in principle, pondered the establishment of such funds in the budget segment: I know that many girls like to care for eyelash with a prolonged effect. It is also great that it can be used as a primer. Visually, the serum looks like a transparent mascara with a fluffy brush.

Face serum Maca-Cica Hydro Serum, Secret Nature

Сыворотка для лица Maca-Cica Hydro Serum, Secret Nature

Serum 84% of rose water (part of it is in the first place). I’m a fan of this component – great relieves irritation and soothes the skin, helps very much if the face is wind-beaten in the cold. The serum pharmacy smell, light pleasant gel texture. I like that it gives a wow effect from the first application (I use cream before): the skin looks rested, radiant. But the cumulative effect also has: each time the result is better.

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