May 20, 2024

5 makeup tricks from professional makeup artist

Inisajet and columnist BeautyHack Nachi Lambent – o Tom, how to apply concealer so it does not roll under eyes, and on a universal basis under shade which will suit everyone.

Less concealer!

Do not apply a thick layer of concealer under the eyes, otherwise he rolled up in wrinkles. The coating must be very thin and delicate. For this I use fingers or a fluffy brush – choose the tool that is convenient for you personally and allows you to feather the means most quietly, hiding the bruises.

If you think that one layer is not enough, wait until it is fixed, and on top apply the second layer, driving the concealer with fingers or brush. It is clear that not all media can be easily layered, so I use concealer High Precision Retouch by Giorgio Armani.

It’s very light, available in four shades and in a sequential application is completely invisible on the skin.

Start with the eye makeup

If you decided to do a colourful smoky eyes with pigment or glitter, start with the eye makeup. So it will be easier to remove the crumbled remains and to begin applying the makeup. If a different sequence to adjust the tone, trying to remove stains and shimmer to the skin, will be much harder. And some cotton swabs you’ll be fine.

5 makeup-трюков от профессионального визажиста

Cream shadow as a base

That’s what I suggest to use instead of the usual base under the shade. And on top apply a dry texture. Ideally, if both tools will be one tone (or to have the same undertone). This trick will make the eye makeup more intense and prolong its durability. Not necessarily in both cases to use funds from the premium segment. An excellent budget alternative “base” cream eyeshadow is from H&M.

Effect zatselovali lips

To visually the lips look more plump after applying lipstick, gently blend the contour with a cotton swab. This technique is convenient because you will not need to touch up makeup every hour, and the pigment will be uniformly off the lips.

Combine shade of blush with lipstick

I love when blush matched in tone to lipstick. It is not necessary to have a dozen houses blush. Enough to apply the lipstick on your hand to warm up your fingers and lightly move the pigment on the apples of the cheeks, well rastushevok it. For extra durability, these “blush” you can fix with a transparent powder.

For example, Ultra HD Make Up For Ever.

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