5 favorite beauty products singer RONNY

Withall the newly RONNY (@veronikabatrakovaa) – singer, actress “the Producer Center Agutin Leonid” and the author of own songs – unveiled the long-awaited clip for the song “million dollar Baby”.

5 любимых Бьюти-средств певицы RONNY

Broad arrow, thick lashes, bright lipstick make recognizable the image of a star. BeautyHack looked at the beauty wardrobe RONNY and the singer has told, how it is possible to recreate a bold makeover.

“I consider myself a real butyricum and I’m sure a thorough skin care and proper make-up should be an integral part of the everyday life of a creative artist. I – a supporter of bright makeup, and the way in the video for “million dollar Baby” accurately conveys the state of my soul.

I’m sure that the topic is beauty of reincarnation is close to many girls, I like to try different images, but there are iconic the most recognizable. It’s bandanas, shoes with powerful soles, sportswear and, of course, bright makeup.”

Moisturizing cream Moisture Surge Intense, Clinique

Интенсивно увлажняющий крем Moisture Surge Intense, Clinique

Regardless of whether I slept or not, whether a weekend or a long shoot, my every day begins with a beauty routine. Thoroughly clean the skin with lotion, then wash up and go to the stage of hydration. Here in the course are favorite mask (periodically change them so that the skin does not get used), and then apply a proven cream.

I like Moisture Surge from Clinique – their three-tier system must have been in the collection of every girl. In the summer I use the gel version of the classic, and in the cold season, turn on Intense. It not only hydrates, but also soothes after my experiments with bright makeup is just at hand. Only after the cream is absorbed, apply concealer and prepare for new beauty the makeover.

Matte lipstick Matte Ink, the hue of the Philosopher, Maybelline New York

Матовая помада Matte Ink, оттенок Philosopher, Maybelline New York

There is no such shade of lipstick that I wouldn’t like it – the color palette itself does not organicyou. Why choose sudovye and delicate shades and bright colors that draw the eye. A large selection of Lime Crime from Maybelline and, most importantly – to determine mood.

Under the atmosphere of the clip, for example, fit perfectly matte Matte Ink from Maybelline New York cold purple shade. I always put makeup bag in lipstick to fix my makeup during the day, but this get is extremely rare – she’s so stoical that makes even long shooting day with a break for snacks. I also like that the color is exactly the same as in the tube: it is not necessary to add multiple layers and to test the lip for strength. But just in case they do “training”: paint a nourishing balm for half an hour before makeup and pamaciau lips with a tissue before you apply the product.

Best lip balm with expert makeup artists are looking for here.

Compact powder Pressed Blot Powder, Light shade, M. A. C

Компактная пудра Pressed Blot Powder, оттенок Light, M.A.C

To make up withstood the heat of the day, fix it with powder. Lately prefer transparent means that do not create on the face extra thick layer of makeup, and only control Shine and extend the durability of Foundation.

Compact powder from M. A. C – great to put it in her purse and to correct shortcomings, if necessary. Noticed that skin it looks smooth as if it walked filter in FaceTune. Included is a sponge, which will help out in an emergency, but I like to use a big fluffy powder brush.

Thin waterproof liquid eyeliner Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen, Urban Decay

Тонкая водостойкая подводка Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen, Urban Decay

My business beauty card is long clear of the arrow. They help to stand out, even if the rest of the makeup remains neutral. After years of training learned to draw them just five minutes and in every situation, even on the way to the set or performance. Eyeliner, also always take, you never know how to behave in hands after a vigorous dance on stage.

For Express makeup great tool with a felt tip – like Fine-Point by Urban Decay. Own plus eyeliner water-resistant and, therefore, does not flow, treacherously turning into a Panda. She has a slim tip, which can be used to draw both wide and thin arrows, and even paint over migracyjne space. Black as tar pigment suitable for any image, but if I need bright the arrows, choose a color liquid eyeliner sequins Heavy metal of the same brand.

Palette shimmers / highlighters Highlighter Palette Hi-Lite, Lime Crime

Палетка хайлайтеров Highlighter Palette Hi-Lite, Lime Crime

I’m sure with the help of highlighter you can instantly lift your mood and to assert themselves. Compact version always take with you even if you go out for a few minutes, but at home cherish an entire palette shimmers / highlighters Lime Crime to create a magical twinkling cheekbones.

This is the highlighter, which when tight, causing “visible from space”. In the palette of three shades – cool pink, Golden and warm peach that can be applied not only on the protruding part of the face, but on the eyelids instead of eyeshadow. And when you can’t decide on a color, mix all three and always get compliments throughout the day.

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