5 best cold creams for the face

DLa mothers and babies, for dry and very dry skin with calendula and thermal water: in the special collection BeautyHack – best cold cream for saving the skin from the cold weather.

Nourishing cream with cold-cream Nourishing Cream with Cold Cream Mustela

The Mustela brand, 60 years ago, was founded by pharmacist Paul Bertone – he created the first cleansing milk for children. White color means caused associations with the Royal fur of the ermine (lat. Mustela) – and the brand was born.

Now the product range of the brand have the funds for mothers and babies with different skin type (to determine what type of skin your child will help our test). And in the winter, as we know, can not do without the cold cream.

This tool not only from Mustela nourishes dry skin and protects it from external influences. Despite the rich texture of the cream is easily absorbed, leaving the skin signature powdery scent of Mustela funds.

Питательный крем для лица с колд-кремом Nourishing Cream with Cold Cream, Mustela

Among the ingredients of a patented Avocado Perseose, which consists of two sugars of avocado (by the way, it formed the basis of all children’s lineup), Shea butter and vegetable oil together they soften even very dry skin, nourish it and help to maintain the natural protective barrier. But most importantly, cold cream Mustela, like other products of the brand has been tested for safety, so it is suitable for children from birth.

Cold cream Cold Cream Avène

Колд-крем Cold Cream, Avène

Cold-cream from the French brand Avène is called sos remedy: it nourishes and smoothes the skin, instantly eliminates peeling and protecting it from aggressive external environment. With the discomfort and burning feeling after walking in the cold and does cope with a Bang, thanks to the rich natural oils and unchanged thermal water Avène.

And the protection is beeswax – it creates in the person an invisible film, with which the skin is not terrible neither storms nor blizzards. The texture of cold cream classic – hearty and nutritious, so it is recommended to apply his massage, and make-up to begin not earlier than in half an hour.

Cold cream Nourishing Protecting Cream, Uriage

Колд-крем Protecting Nourishing Cream, Uriage

French brand Uriage all loved it for the natural composition of funds and a wide choice in the range of brands you can find children’s skincare and anti-aging cosmetics, and even drugs to solve specific skin problems. Cold cream from Weleda helps to forget about what is strapped weathered skin, once and for all. In this classic “winter” creams vaseline and beeswax creates a protective barrier on the skin, and Uriage thermal water, known for its soothing properties. Extra bonus: the cream can be used to protect the hands, face and body, and not be afraid of an unexpected reaction – a tool recognized as hypoallergenic. On the protection of the skin of babies is also taken care of Uriage – issued protective winter cold cream for children and infants.

Children’s cold cream ABCDerm Cold-Cream, Bioderma

Детский колд-крем для лица ABCDerm Cold-Cream, Bioderma

About the brand Bioderma all know, at least, in their best – selling micellar water Sensibio H2O. In fact, moms have long appreciated and a children’s line of the brand, because it is possible to find everything from cleansing wipes and micellular liquid to creams to treat diaper rash. There are cold cream, suitable even for babies – it provides power to the skin of the baby and, as befits a “winter” cream, protects it from frost.

In the tool there is not one questionable ingredient – but there is apricot kernel oil with its unsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, and beeswax, which creates the skin surface a very thin protective film. By the way, the product protects not only from cold but from the dry air!

Nourishing cream with marigold extract and cold-cream, Klorane Bebe

Питательный крем с экстрактом календулы и колд-кремом, Klorane Bebe

Children’s cold cream Klorane not only perfectly protects baby’s skin from wind and impact temperature, but also calms, soothes and reduces redness and peeling, thanks to the calendula extract in the composition. By the way, the ingredients are so natural that even passed the test for ingestion (but still not advised), as well as serious ophthalmologic and dermatological control.

Representatives Klorane is recommended to apply the cream twice a day – morning and evening. Thick consistency upon contact with skin turns into nourishing emulsion is easily absorbed, leaving the face feeling of the film is tested by moms!

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