5 cool new products for skin care

MASKA for lifting, the perfect balm for winter, tinted cream-gel for oily skin and two new products for skin care tested by a dermatologist Alexander Malakhov.

Lip balm is Ultra-Conditioning Lip Balm, Elemis

 Бальзам для губ Ultra-Conditioning Lip Balm, Elemis

A light colorless balm smells good, not sticky and very natural highlights the natural lip color. If you want to make the lips visually chubbier seemed rather taste: has a slight cooling effect, due to which the volume attaches.

The composition is great! There are many components with nourishing and moisturizing effect, the effect lasts long. To protect lips from the cold and wind in winter, I recommend to apply this remedy 30 minutes before going outside. And new subtle smells of vanilla, but not too Intrusive – I will be happy to use it.

Price: 2 115 RUB.

Traditional herbal facial mask “elasticity and Lifting”, Bio Kigelia de Africa, Planeta Organica

Традиционная травяная маска для лица «Лифтинг и упругость», Bio Kigelia de Africa, Planeta Organica

First, I noticed that the mask smells really nice, despite the natural composition based on clay, herbal extracts and zinc. Good work to cleanse and narrow pores, if your skin type is a normal or oily.

In the latter case, a better mask to use after a deep cleansing, or after exfoliation. The novelty has the effect of lymphatic drainage, therefore, be seen lifting especially on edematous deformation of the face. But dry or sensitive skin mask can be a little pull.

The tool is well softens the stratum corneum and unclogs pores. After she must recommend once again to wash my face using the cleansing gel. You can even use a light scrub, then the effect of pore cleansing will be even better. Critical components in the composition, I did not notice, but also a powerful anti-aging too. It is rather an option for normal to oily skin to 30 years or for oily skin.

Price: on request

Hyaluronic serum for face Detox Organics Sakhalin Hyaluronic Hydrating Booster, Natura Siberica

Гиалуроновый тоник для лица Detox Organics Sakhalin Hyaluronic Hydrating Booster, Natura Siberica

New from Natura Siberica smells of herbs and the above mentioned mask will definitely appeal to fans of natural ingredients of herbal ingredients. But hyaluronic acid is not so much powerful moisturizing tonic will not give. When applied leaves a sticky feeling and it absorbs quickly. Good for those who love to use thermal water during the day – so the tool will work better.

Good composition: components of perfect young skin, but the owners of different types is to use the tonic correctly. Dry skin it is better to moisten with cream, and for oily the new product may be used as the final step of skin care before sleep. For example, after you locally caused means inflammation, you can spray this toner on top of it and have nothing to use.

About the hair line of Sakhalin read here.

Price: 140 RUB.

Concentrate detox Detox Booster Mezolux

Концентрат-детокс Detox Booster, Mezolux

This lightweight serum is called “concentrate-detox”, and this is justified in part there algae, which eliminates toxins. “Wow-effect” and the lights most likely will not – the texture is too light. For oily skin can be used as a light gel before bed, but for dry-type moisture will not be enough.

A noticeable result of expect girls with oily and problem skin. It will give a light lymphatic drainage effect and would be great for self-massage of the face. And yet, in my opinion, it is required to combine with moisturizing cream to get some moisture and impressive.

Price: 1 268 RUB

Correcting tinted cream-gel Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant La Roche-Posay

Корректирующий тонирующий крем-гель Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant, La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay is one of the most loved drugstore brands. Now in stock appeared and lightweight tinted cream-gel, which in addition to camouflage properties works with imperfections. And the model perfectly mattes the skin and spreads easily over the skin.

For oily and combination skin – a great option: rashes and inflammation do become less noticeable, and thanks to brokerage in the composition of the cream-gel to fight pigmentation. On the face throughout the day, not overpowering and well kept. In order not to aggravate the inflammation, apply with clean hands, not with a damp sponge.

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Price: 1 266 RUB

Text: Anastasia Speranskaya

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