May 24, 2024

5 favorite tools of the singer Valeria

InAleria 50! But the singer looks almost the same as 20 years ago. In an interview BeautyHack she admitted that he does not butyric, and her husband is the most zealous opponent of cosmetologists. What tools help her maintain her youth and beauty? Looked in the closet Valerie and found out that there is.

“Of course, I have a minimum of means, without which I can not do. It is impossible to wash with water and go to sleep! A cosmetologist is also attending, but not as often as we would like. I have one permanent doctor – Alina Akhmadullina Rustamovna that works in the Clinical Institute of Aesthetic Medicine (KIAM). Recently did the procedure on the machine BBL (powered by broadband light and rejuvenates the skin) across the week should come on the PRP. I also like radio frequency lifting.

If we talk about makeup and styling, then I, of course, is a makeup artist and hairdresser. And if I have some photo shoot or event, contact them. She painted exactly five minutes. Well, maybe seven. (Laughs). For the life of this enough!

When the makeup artist does a “makeup without makeup”, he even creates it within the hour because it’s a different technique, a different quality and totally different approach. But in “war paint” on events and concerts – not my story”.

CC cream “Perfect radiance”, Erborian

СС-крем «Совершенное сияние», Erborian

In the morning I put on a favorite CC cream Erborian with SPF-filter, I use it for two years. I have white skin, face never tans, so apply the cream with a high protection factor and a light shade. Remedy Erborian perfect mix of beauty and decorative. SS – pigment the new generation does not clog pores and gives a gentle glow.

Foaming gel to cleanse the skin Tolerian, La Roche-Posay

Пенящийся гель для очищения кожи Tolerian, La Roche-Posay

I really like the tool for removing makeup La Roche-Posay– I love this drugstore brand for many years and already use the Toleriane range for sensitive skin, although mine isn’t that. After the gel gives a feeling of purity delight.

A lightweight, foaming gel with a creamy texture and floral, unobtrusive aroma copes with its task.

There are no preservatives, aggressive surfactants and fragrances. Gel pH of skin (after toner can not be used). Among the ingredients you will find glycerin, glycolic acid and ascorbic acid. The entire composition is placed in three lines – the contents of “chemistry” is minimized.

Micellar water “7 herbs”, Erborian

Мицеллярная вода «7 трав», Erborian

Micellar water appeared at the brand quite recently decided to try it. It takes a good mascara, longwear lipstick, and Foundation, leaving a feeling of cleanliness. The water is suitable for removing any type of makeup: water-resistant, oil-based and silicone-based (most often it is used in the manufacture of mascara). Database tools – extracts of medicinal plants. It not only cleanses, but also nourishes the skin without drying.

Lip gloss Eclat Minute, Clarins

Блеск для губ Eclat Minute, Clarins

This tool has a purse of almost every make-up artist. Gentle, non-sticky gloss with a creamy texture gives your lips a shimmer, highlighting the natural beauty and shape. His unobtrusive herbal scent that is not felt after application. Tool with semi – transparent coating to achieve a rich color will not work. If you want a brighter Shine, you can use on top of lipstick.

Foundation Foundation Face Body, Make Up For Ever

Тональная основа Face Body, Make Up For Ever

From this Foundation, despite the watery consistency (80% water), good ability of covering the light redness hide. The Foundation provides the effect of “no make” and not visible even in bright light. The tool a little moisturizing due to the unique formula Water Blend. Well worn during the day and not felt. Will suit lovers of the natural sudovogo makeup.

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