May 18, 2024

5 cool new products for makeup and skin care

Inisajet Anna Letova tested the new tools well-known brands and told me what cream will not only conceal imperfections, but will also moisturize the skin by using a highlighter to give the face a natural glow and some eyeliner to draw super-thin hands.

Cream with tonal effect Invisible Ilumination Instant Glow Fresh Skin Tint, Lumene

Fell in love with this cream at first glance… and use! A real godsend for those who do not like to feel on the face Foundation. When you open the jar, it seems like there classic a sturdy base beige color, but when applying the tool melts and it moisturizes the skin.

Many creams highlight the shortcomings and basically noticeable on the face, but it’s certainly not about a new product from Lumene. It evens skin tone and can replace BB or CC creams (the best looking in this collection) – with care components for the week were peeling. The cream held up fine during the day – and this despite the fact that I have oily skin.

Крем для лица с тональным эффектом Invisible Ilumination Instant Glow Fresh Skin Tint, Lumene

I would even say that it is slightly mattifying effect – it turns a beautiful natural satin finish and, in General, the effect of well-groomed, healthy skin. And it can be layered where you need more serious masking, apply a second or third layer after a minute when the first “absorbed”.

Gated stick Dark Wonder Bomb Strobing Glow Stick, tint, Neon Light, L’etoile

Стробированный стик Dark Wonder Glow Bomb Strobing Stick, оттенок Neon Light, Л’Этуаль

Loved the convenient stick format and thick texture – such hilitary love the most because they give the effect of hydrated skin, and resemble a natural Shine that appears after running or just during the day. Dry means, on the contrary, can emphasize uneven texture or imperfections on the face.

Glitter Glow shimmer Bomb very nice, but will appeal only to those who love glitter. When he felt the feather on her face – like scrub with apricot seeds. Therefore it is better to apply neat or drive in motion, or choose a different tool ideal for sensitive skin or rosacea.

Because of the creamy texture it’s not very long – for 4-5 hours and then absorbed by the skin. But thanks to a convenient format to update the lights even on the run.

Eyeliner Eyeliner LiquiSILK, nailLOOK

Подводка для глаз LiquiSILK Eyeliner, nailLOOK

Eyeliner with the easy application and the high pigmentation is actually very difficult to find the color is kind of grey and desaturated, or the brush is too soft. Marche nailLOOK managed to strike a balance: the applicator is very thin arrow can be as clear and minimalistic, and the color is coal black with the first layer.

The means glossy and dries to a matte finish, but, unfortunately, does not hold all day. Gave the eyeliner a test of a long work day, but by night, the arrow a little roll. But not chapped – if you take a tube and improve during the day, problems do not arise. For me it is a great tool for special (and not very long) of the event.

Eyebrow pencil Eyebrow Pencil Sexy, Ice Blonde shade, Romanovamakeup

Карандаш для бровей Sexy Eyebrow Pencil, оттенок Ice Blonde, Romanovamakeup

Any makeup artist (and blonde) confirm – find the perfect shade for light brows, very hard. They are usually either too brown, or dark gray. Here the color matched very well and looks as natural as possible. For my blonde hair shade even a little bright, but to fill in the gaps – what is needed, especially if the top apply coloring eyebrow mascara (which itself selects Olga Romanova, read here).

Apply and shade Sexy Eyebrow Pencil is very easy – thank you for this handy stylus. It is moderately soft, but leaves no crumbs, as is often done wax tools. And hard enough – you can paint the missing hairs and gently feather the pigment.

Multifunction daytime Protect emulsion Fluide Age Multi-Actions, Uriage

Многофункциональная дневная эмульсия Age Protect Fluide Multi-Actions, Uriage

Emulsion promises getting rid of wrinkles and improving skin tone come to feel all these effects, it is necessary to test the tool is not less than a month. I used a novelty during the week and noticed that the skin has lightened and smoothed, the face no longer looks grey and tired.

Emulsion slightly mattifies the skin and tightens pores, so was a great base for makeup. Noticed it on my face feel easy tingling during application if used after the gel cleanser with fruit acids. When it gets the job Uriage (one of favorites), this effect does not occur.

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