49 Captions to Capture your Dog’s Personality Perfectly for Instagram

Famously referred to as Man’s Best Friend, our canine compatriots share in our joy, our grief, and our plates. They keep us warm when it’s cold and remind us to have a little fun now and again.

It’s no wonder that we take such pleasure in sharing our furry friends with the world.

Here are a few captions to help you capture the moment.

Humans vs. Dogs
  • If my dog makes you uncomfortable, I’d be happy to lock you in the other room.
  • What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs.
  • If my dog doesn’t like you, I probably won’t either.
  • I like dogs better than most humans.

  • No person on Earth will love you more, be more patient with your moods, and keep your secrets better than your dog.
  • My dog gets treated better than some humans, because he behaves better than some humans.
  • “Dogs never bite me – just humans.” – Marilyn Monroe
Cats vs. Dogs
  • Dogs love you. Cats tolerate you.
  • If you want a roommate, get a cat. If you want family, get a dog.
  • Dogs: Better than cats since…well, forever.
  • Dogs think you’re a god. Cats think they’re the gods.
For the Love of Dogs
  • I want to go to dog heaven.
  • Happiness is doggy kisses.
  • Live. Love. Bark.

  • Love is a four-legged word.
  • Love is wet noses, sloppy kisses, and wagging tails.
  • The road to my heart is paved with pawprints.
  • Life is too short to just have one dog.
  • Dogaholic.
Furry Therapy
  • The best therapist has fur and four legs.
  • Dogs have a way of finding people who need them and filling an emptiness they didn’t know they had.
  • “Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras
  • People who say money can’t buy you happiness, have never paid an adoption fee.
All About Rescues
  • You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it.
  • The best things in life are rescued.
  • My family is a rescue family.
  • Saving a dog will not change the whole world, but it will change that dog’s world.
Doggy Puns
  • I’ll love you fur-ever.
  • He’s not fat, he’s husky!
  • I find dog puns rePUGnant.
  • I’ve had a ruff day.

  • What a mastiff waste of time.
  • What’s up dog?
  • He keeps hounding me for a treat!
  • Every morning, I enjoy coffee and a beagle.
(Wo)Man’s best Friend
  • In life, it’s not about where you go, but who goes with you.
  • Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong.
  • They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but I say they are family.
  • The more men I meet, the more I love dogs.
  • Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend never had a dog.
  • “Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.” – Orhan Pamuk
  • “Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.” – Elizabeth Taylor
  • Crazy Dog Lady
Doggy Households
  • In my home, dog hair is both a fashion accessory and a condiment.
  • Money can buy a lot of things, but it doesn’t wiggle its butt every time you come to the door.
  • Home is where the dog is.
  • Travel with dogs for twice the adventure!

  • First they steal your heart; then they steal your bed.
  • “Everything I know, I learned from dogs.” – Nora Roberts

If these quotes don’t get your puppy excited, nothing will. Time to get snapping!

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