April 20, 2024

46 short bob hairstyles that feel fresh and show a little shoulder action

We love the relaxed aesthetic of outgrown bobs and midi haircuts but, if you’re getting the itch to lop away layers, we’re with you. You can’t beat short bob hairstyles when it comes to freeing up your strands with a fresh cut.

And, we’re not just talking shoulder-sweeping lengths, but hitching things up higher to skim jaws and cheekbones for a style that’s undeniably, unashamedly airy.

Granted, it’s a little daring, and yes, you may have less length to play around with than a midi cut, but on the flip-side, you’ll still have more styling options on offer than if you were to go as short as a pixie. In fact, we’ve already rounded up our favourite half-up top knots, jaw-length baby braids and adorable dinky ponytails.

As for which short bob hairstyles make the cut, that’s down to personal preference. French-girl bobs have led the way for the past few years with equal-parts cool and cutesy strands that finish around the cheek. Curly bobs help to accentuate pretty texture. The heart-throb bob (think ’90s Cameron Diaz) calls for a cut that finishes right at the nape of the neck and jawline bobs are the hair contouring hack that take the heavy-lifting out of our makeup routine by framing our face perfectly.

More of a perfectionist? Ultra sharp, sliced edges will keep things looking immaculate. Or for something more lived-in, soft-blunt ends are beautifully laidback. The C-cut or curved layers that are set to headline 2023 are also infiltrating bob trends too with soft-curved shapes proving mega popular, too. And, for an extra hit of personality, we love a fringe moment, whether it’s straight-across like the French-girl, wispy and barely-there, or a statement-making swooshy curtain bang.

Here are some of our favourite short bob hairstyles to get you inspired…

Sliced, but soft-curved

Boyband bob

Papercut bob

Jellyfish bob

Curly bob

Nape bob

Wispy fringe


Mussy and curtain fringe

Soft-blunt and slightly A-line

Golden French bob

Curved jawline bob

Soft-blunt and slightly waved

Blonde soft-curve bob

Rolled bob

Jawline bob


Curly jawline bob


Balayage bob

Wavy bob

Shaggy bob

Soft-slice bob

Sleek and sliced

Heart throb bob

Side-tucked jawline bob

Chopped bob


Ultra blunt bob

Slightly A-line

Just below the jaw

Cheekbone bob

Above the shoulder

French bob

Soft-stacked French bob

Short but heavy

Curved side-part bob

Blunt and face-framing


Piecey fringe

Blonde flipped

Curly blunt

’90s blunt bob

Root-pop bob

Curly side-part bob

Soft shattered

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