45 Classy Nail Art Ideas

Very femine manicure, the color is gentle and the diamond glow makes it very luxurious. In the sea of ideas for decorating and upgrading nails, its more and more hard for ladies to make choices.

Workers in the salons have become true masters in their work because they make a real little masterpiece on women’s hands. There is a lot of ideas, and in our gallery you will see some of the ideas that this week were very interested and did not leave us indifferent.

Whether you prefer long or short nails, they must first of all be tidy. And then should be colored. If you do not have a lot of time and you’re in a hurry, use a simple nail polish and get out, but do not leave hands careless. You may believe that you do not have time for that, that you are more than that, but really you will feel more secure if you put nail polish. If you feel better, you will have more confidence. And if you have confidence, it’s easy to get everything that you want.

Almond shape for nails is still the absolute hit, especially among the younger generation. Since entered on the big door in the world of manicure, its popularity has not diminished. Whether the nails are shorter or longer, with this shape will be extremely modern. The oval and square fingernails are superfluous because they are classic in the world of manicure. With this form there is no mistake, you only have to choose the shape that best suits your fingers and the shape of the nail plate.

If you upgrade nails every month, for at least a week make a break between two upgrades. And during this time, treat your nails with protective and nutritious creams. In this way, regardless of constant filing, it will remain strong and health.

Keratin is an integral part of hair and nails. If your body produces more keratin, your nails will be healthier and stronger. Hair too. Milk is one of the most important foods for strong hair and nails. Because of the lack of iron, your nails may be brittle. Milk is rich in calcium, proteins, vitamin D and biotin, and will greatly contribute to your nails and hair. Eggs also contain biotin and iron, so also consume them. Carrot and pumpkin are rich in vitamin A. Foods rich in vitamin A will make nails less dry. Hydration is very important. Drink lot of water, thanks to water nutrients from these foods are transferred to the nail and hair follicles.

Green leafy vegetables contain vitamins A and C. Eat cloves and spinach. Vitamin C helps absorption of iron in the body. Vitamin A accelerates hair growth, and vitamin C is good for the health of the skin of head.

As you can see, our lifestyle, the food we enter, physical activity, greatly affect the health of our entire body, and so hair and nails. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water and do sports – your body will be grateful to you. This will also affect your exterior. Enjoy each day and love yourself.

Spring manicure, very delicate details like flowering branches are very pleased.

If you want to be sexy and desirable, this manicure is the right choice. No one will remain indifferent.

Metallic-colored nails broke the monotony of the French manicure.

Earth tones like brown and beige have not been out of fashion for years. They are popular, trendy and easy to combine with wardrobe and makeup.

With such short nails you will do all the activities very easily.

Monochrome matte manicure looks very rich thanks to numerous golden rings.

And short nails can be remarkably sharpened. There is almost no warderobe with which this manicure will not go well.

Ladies with style will not bypass this manicure.

One of the most famous brands of nail polish is Zoya. These lacquers do not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde wafer, dibutyl phthalate, camphor and toluene.

Zoya nail polishes do not contain harmful substances and pregnant women can freely use them.

One more example of how effective jewelry affects the visual experience of manicure.

Almond shaped nails are very sensual and provocative. Combine different styles in painting, freely combine classic French manicure with metallic shades, zircons and Indian patterns.

If you are a fan and Glisten Glow you have no reason to worry. This brand offers everything from nail polishes, to balms for cuticle, nail and hand care products. They have a wide range of quality products that you can see on their site.

The shine and rhinestones enriches everything so the manicure. If you are indecisive and do not know which pattern to draw on your nails, simply sprinkle the jewels and it will be quite enough.

Flower details are especially popular during spring and summer.

Blue and pink combinations can be performed in various ways, childish, gentle but also very classical and feminine.

If you do not have time to color your nails every third evening, choose a gel nail polish that varies in UV lamps and lasts up to three weeks.

The black and white combination is evergreen in every aspect of fashion.

Beige tones stand well to everybody, and they are very gentle. Thanks to them, hands look very nurtured.

Here’s another sophisticated way to combine black and white.

Manicure with marble effect has gained many fans among the members of the more beautiful sex.

Complete the glamorous look of red matte nails with an effective gold ring.

Gold tones and rhinestones look very luxurious and powerful with whatever color to combine.

Very gentle, almost imperceptible ombre. Its popularity is the same today as the first time when appeared.

Golden nails are a modern solution for a luxurious manicure. This color is synonym for wealth and luxury. It leaves no one indifferent. The golden color looks very nice in autumn and winter months, but be free to take it whenever you want to look elegant.

Black is a temperamental shade that will highlight your individualism.

Dots are the old all-knowing way to decorate your nails.

Gentle colors that spill over into each other. Very skillfully made manicure with effective pattern.

The white polish is sensational and chic. When you are saturated with strong and pastel shades, choose white color.

Neon colors emphasize tanned skin and stand nicely on any length of nail.

You can get metallic manicures in many ways. You can choose between the nail polish in these colors, and some metallic nail films.

You can get a very elegant manicure with a combination of different shades of one color.

In order not to be a monotone, this manicure is complemented with the same color just glossy at the base of the nail.

A modern version of the French manicure. Two shades do not have a clear passage and gray color is used instead of white on top.

The lace on the nails looks very elegant but in combination with this dark red color look and very extravagant.

If you marry, choose manicure like this, for example. The lace was created for brides.

Extravagant green with extravagant rhinestones. For the best effect, combine matte and glossy shades.

The world of fashion will never be oversaturated of shine, jewels and the color of gold.

French manicure is always a popular and good choice for every occasion.

The combination of nude shades and gold colors looks a bit exotic.

Geometry always finds places in fashion. Lines, triangles, squares can all be placed on a nail.

The manicure for the most important day of life can look like this.

The dark lines and geometric shapes made this slightly boring manicure more effective.

Violet color with diamond gloss is a common choice of ladies of all age groups.

Another matte manicure that has been made more effective thanks to effective rings. Hmmmm or vice versa?

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