40 best lip balms for fall

Withrodstva for deep recovery, the formula to nourish the lips – reveal the best balms that make your lips plump and hydrated.

The Lip Vibrance by Blistex

Бальзам для губ Lip Vibrance, Blistex  

First, lips after using – from the berries, as the girls from Soviet cartoons (painted but not look). Second, it is long-lasting – radiance, power and lubricity saved at least an hour even on the street (and even now). Thirdly, the cap is built pretty mirror.

While only tested this season balm is the only one who really just leveled peeling (at least visually). However, the smell and taste of strawberries.

Lip balm with pineapple, Beauty Bar

Бальзам для губ с ананасом, Beauty Bar

Funny is immediately taken over #Dosyadaki, but the mother managed to state three facts:

1) ergonomic packaging, which should not be sticking your finger;

2) delicate, buttery, but thin coating on the lips (the part of 90% of oils)

3) the pleasant smell of pineapple without the effect of “red-eye”;

Lip balm Lip Care Soin Levres Him/Her by Giorgio Armani

Бальзам для губ Lip Care Soin Levres Him/Her Giorgio Armani

This balm can always find in my purse. Not sticky, moisturizes the lips – even in cold weather they won’t dry and weathered.

Lip balm, Jurlique Love Balm Rose

Бальзам для губ Love Balm Rose Jurlique

Don’t like lip balms with menthol fragrance, prefer floral. Jurlique moisturizing not only good qualities but also the wonderful aroma of roses.

Lip balm SOS High Definition

Бальзам для губ SOS High Definition

Brand High Definition specializiruetsya on cosmetics for eyebrows, but the line also has a great lip balm. Versatile, it can be used for everything – even to RUB on your hands, if you forgot to bring cream.

Lip balm Peony Pivoine Sublime tinted lip balm, L’occitane

Бальзам для губ Пион Pivoine Sublime tinted lip balm, L`Occitane

Perfect for the hot summer! First of all, because the tools are semi-matte texture (rare for balms). The stick is solid and does not melt in the heat. The formula contains sun protection filter (SPF 25). Everyone is talking about how important it is to protect your skin from the sun, but lip products with SPF are very few, especially outside the lines special sunscreen for the beach. But with L’occitane Pivoine Sublime tinted lip balm lip not knowing this, will become stronger and will receive protection from the sun.

Lip balm Nourishing Lip Balm by Yves Rocher

Бальзам для губ Nourishing Lip Balm, Yves Rocher 

In the line of Yves Rocher Nourishing lip balm there are a few transparent balms with different scents and colored with smells and hints of berries: strawberries, cherries and raspberries. Gives a very nice light tint on your lips. I can’t say that the balms are very nourishing, but for use during the day is ideal. Moreover, they are one of the most affordable on the market.

Hydrating and volumizing lipstick – balm Kiss Kiss Roselip, Guerlain

Увлажняющая и придающая объем помада- бальзам Kiss Kiss Roselip, Guerlain 

If you want an expensive lip balm in a very nice package, I recommend Guerlain Kiss Kiss Roselip. The packaging, like the Kiss Kiss lipsticks, but only white, tool smells like roses. My favorite colors – wine Wonder Violette (not the most common color for these balms) and pale-pink Morning Rose (it reacts to the Ph of lips and a little enhances their color looks very natural and refreshing). Another great that these balms are very economically spent.

BB BB Bon balm Baume a levres, L’etoile selection

ВВ-бальзам BB Bon Baume a levres, Л`Этуаль selection 

Balms L’etoile selection BB Bon Baume a levres in tubes with a very nice applicator. Their shades somewhat more transparent than other balms from this collection. However, there is a longer lip care, they can even repair the lips from dryness, although they have the texture not oily, but light. By the way, each shade has its own nice candy scent.

Lip balm Joli Baume Eclat du Jour Clarins

Бальзам для губ Joli Baume Eclat du Jour, Clarins 

Balm Clarins Joli Baume Eclat du Jour also enhances the lip color. But unlike most of these balms, the tint turns out he is not pink, but a warm soft orange. The tools are peach flavor that is impossible not to fall in love. Another Clarins for several years produces such balms and beautiful limited edition packaging design

Two-phase lip gloss Juicy Shaker, Lancôme

Двухфазный блеск для губ Juicy Shaker, Lancôme

This little cocktail shaker! It must shake before applying to mix the pigment and nourishing oil. And it is applied using a large soft sponge. Lancôme has done everything to this lightweight balm was very special.

Glitter-Rouge Vertige Le balm Baume Liquide, Yves Rocher

Блеск-бальзам Rouge Vertige Le Baume Liquide, Yves Rocher 

In addition to the balms in the form of sticks, Yves Rocher has recently released lip glosses and balms. They are not less convenient to use on the run or just when I want a light tint on the lips and slightly wet Shine. At Rouge Vertige Le Baume Liquide besides the pleasant low-fat, but comfortable texture and a very large palette of colors. You can choose a completely transparent and to give his daughter as the first balm. And bright, and with the lips it will give the effect of bright full lips.

Lip balm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm, Benefit

Бальзам для губ Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm, Benefit 

The Benefit balms are different from other incredibly comfortable soothing formula. Still they have an interesting selection of shades, e.g., pink-purple Lolli Balm – very fresh “puppet” color.

Lip balm Eclat Minute Baume Levres Embellisseur, Clarins

Бальзам для губ Eclat Minute Baume Embellisseur Levres, Clarins 

Clarins Eclat Minute is not only in the form of glosses in tubes, but in the form of small balms in sticks. They are very compact, will fit any pocket, and a travel cosmetic bag is not heavier. Very tasty, simply mesmerizing smell and look great on the lips (especially love the beige and red shades). The only drawback is quickly running out.

Lip balm Tintin Oil Volupte, YSL

Бальзам для губ Volupte Tintin Oil, YSL 

It is very shining lip butter with a touch of Tinta. Love for the beautiful packaging, the smell of the YSL brand and the strong wet Shine from the entire collection! But the shades translucent and light.

Lip balm “Honey” Network, Lush

Бальзам для губ «Медовые Сети», Lush 

Lush “Honey Network” – one of my oldest favorite balms, I use it for about seven years. Once he conquered me not only a gorgeous vanilla-honey aroma, which pushes to him to eat, but a great body qualities. For night restores dry lips and prepares them for the new day!

Lip balm with effect of volume and Radiance Healthy Glow, 3LAB

Бальзам для губ с эффектом объема Здоровое Сияние Healthy Glow, 3LAB

The most expensive and premium balm that I love, 3LAB Healthy Glow Lip Balm. Composed of so many anti-aging that is caring and restorative ingredients that it can be confused with the face cream! In fact, it is a popular balm to use day – in addition to hydration that it provides, the tool works with the ph of lips and enhances their native hue, so it turns out that there is a symbiosis of beauty and use.

Lip balm Everon, Weleda

Бальзам для губ Everon, Weleda

About a hundred years ago was created a small company Everon engaged in the production of medicines. Later they created his first cosmetic product, and lip balm. Then Everon was renamed the already well-known brand Weleda, but it is the first tool in the range left, and in memory of the origins gave him the name in honor of the original name of the company. Despite such a long way, the balm copes with current problems of lips – dryness, obwedennogo and peeling.

Lip therapy Genuine Glow Reviving Oil Lip Tint, Estée Lauder

Средство для губ Genuine Glow Reviving Oil Lip Tint, Estée Lauder 

Lip balm Estée Lauder Genuine Glow Reviving Oil Lip Tint perfect for anybody! First, he’s cute and cool design soft silicone applicator. Secondly, he perfectly copes with protection from the weather and cares for lips. Thirdly, it enhances the natural shade of the lips and gives them a wonderful gloss, thereby replacing the glitter. Fourth, he has a very pleasant minty aroma and taste.

Lip balm Rich Naturkosmetik Bio-Calendula Lip Balm, Logona

Бальзам для губ Naturkosmetik Rich Bio-Calendula Lip Balm, Logona

The most suitable balm under harsh winter conditions is a Rich Logona Naturkosmetik Bio-Calendula Lip Balm. It is very nutritious, so literally overnight or for several days is able to restore even the most parched lips! It is ideal to use at night, but also during the day: due to its dense texture it creates on the skin a protective barrier that does not “break through” even the most piercing blizzards. Besides, he produced since 1978, and time is the best indicator of quality and efficiency.

Lip balm Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Stick Sensitive Lips, La Roche-Posay

Бальзам для губ Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Stick Sensitive Lips, La Roche-Posay 

If you suddenly fly to the sea or just in a hot country with blazing sun, don’t forget to take sun protection for lips! For these purposes, perfect La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Stick Sensitive Lips, which has a high protection factor. In addition, it hydrates the lips and keeps them from being weathered, but still very pleasantly surprised: he saved me in several trips. If you don’t mind lip balms in jars, I know another wonderful option – “Dudun” Erborian Doudoune for Lips. He instantly softens and feels very nice for them and excellent for use at night, in which he is working on the restoration of lips. And after a couple of applications the application turns into a soothing ritual, so he’s lying on the nightstand next to the bed every day waiting in the wings.

Lip balm Lip Balm #1, Kiehl’s

Бальзам для губ Lip Balm #1, Kiehl’s

They are in the range of brands with different flavors: for my taste is all good, but in the autumn and winter hands (and lips) are drawn to the cranberry, and in the spring and summer – mint. If I know that in the morning I will apply a demanding and capricious lipstick, and her lips are not in perfect shape, these balms in a state of emergency (during sleep) to solve this problem! For daytime use they’re not so well suited (quickly eaten), but the night perfect!

Lip balm No Make-up Protect Lip Balm, shade is 02 Grape, Vprove

Бальзам для губ No Make-up Protect Lip Balm, оттенок 02 Grape, Vprove 

Winter without lip balm I never leave the house even for milk. Remedy Korean brand Vprove liked immediately: the smell of grapes and non-sticky texture – is key to success. The texture is quite dense, but well-distributed over lips directly from the container. The main ingredient is grape seed oil. He restores dry lips with cracks. I use the balm daily. Lips remain hydrated for up to three hours even in the cold, while peppermint cools nice, slightly increasing in volume. I tried to apply the balm over lipstick, it was an interesting glossy effect. And protection need lips, even if they have lipstick!

Moisturizing lip balm Shea butter, L’occitane

Увлажняющий бальзам для губ Карите, L’Occitane

With the balms of this brand I’ve known for a long time, and dearly love them in the cold season. There Shea butter is a natural barrier, sagisawa from external environmental factors. The balm has a cumulative effect, but if you use it regularly, your lips will become softer. The tool copes well with the dryness (even if you drink little water, and I’m periodically guilty of this).

If your lips are dry, the wow-effect can be seen even after several applications. Love to put it on the night: restores the lips and in the morning they are easier to prepare for the application of lipstick. Bonus – balm can be applied on the cuticle. There is also a Shea butter – one of the most famous components of L’occitane .

The Butterstick Treatment Lip balm, Touch of Berry, Kiehl’s

Бальзам Butterstick Lip Treatment, Touch of Berry, Kiehl’s 

Conditioner is a tool, which I’ve never (at least one should always be in your purse). Because of the constant use matte lipsticks lips I beg for mercy, but transparent and barely noticeable balm is not always enough. Now, when I want to add some color to your life, take Butterstick berry from Kiehl’s. In its composition, coconut and lemon butter – together they nourish the lips and protect them from the harmful effects of the environment. The balm smells like chocolate (and would like to eat) and very pleasant on the lips: not too sticky, moderately moisturizing and gives a very natural effect zatselovali lips.

The Colored Balm Balm, Kiko Milano

Бальзам Colored Balm, Kiko Milano

Color balm from Kiko – a godsend for those who want to moisturize the lips and give them a delicate hue. Part of the formula of the balm – Shea butter, vitamins A, E and C that give it a creamy comfortable for application to the lips texture. In Kiko say that with daily use, the degree of hydration of lips is increased by 14%. Very nice figure!

The balm is available in seven subtle shades, ranging from translucent to an intense peach and blueberry. I got the last blueberry. Pigmentation (balsam) he has a beautiful dark berry shade looks natural and shines on the lips.

The balm is pleasant to apply, delicate texture instantly makes lips soft and a light caramel and fruit aroma carries into the summer!

Lip balm Lip Balm Himalaya Herbals

Бальзам для губ Lip Balm, Himalaya Herbals

The balsam four vegetable oils: coconut, castor, carrot seed and wheat germ. They soften and nourish the lips and protect them from dryness and peeling. The tools are transparent and texture, convenient applicator, so you can put it anywhere and without a mirror.

Feel free to take the balm with you on vacation in the mountains or at the sea – the composition has a UV filter. Despite the vegetable component, the balm delicious flavor Bubble gum. One of the best budget options!

Tinted lip balm French Kiss Tinted Lip tint crimson red, Caudalie

Оттеночный бальзам для губ French Kiss Tinted Lip, оттенок малиновый красный, Caudalie

Appreciate tools that simultaneously provide hydration and a light color. Balm lays down a thin layer, but nourishes the lips perfectly! At the finish the effect of Tinta, although the tube you will see a very intense red color.

In the balm of beeswax, aloe Vera extract, castor oil. No parabens and mineral oil. The only negative – the balm should be applied with your finger or a brush. In public places it is very inconvenient and unhygienic.

Lip balm Shea Butter Miracle Balm, Purple Tree

Бальзам для губ Shea Butter Miracle Balm, Purple Tree

It has an incredibly delicious smell of cocoa that is the first thing you think of, got hold of a balm. The facility pleasant non-sticky texture, it smoothly falls on the lips, instantly moisturizes (the composition of fatty acids and provitamin A).

Apply Purple Tree at night – in the morning lips will be very soft! Big plus – it can be applied to cuticles, hands, elbows and heels, to lay them eyebrows and even lengthen lashes.

Lip balm “Bee Maya”, Organic Kitchen

Бальзам для губ «Пчела Майя», Organic Kitchen 

Externally, the balm looks like a real honey (Organic Kitchen is famous for exciting textures tools)! No difference: color, texture and even fragrance. I used the product in windy conditions and was satisfied. In addition to this white honey in the composition is first thing macadamia oil. In addition, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin, it also heals small wounds and cracks.

Lip balm Kiss Elixir Lip Balm, Rouge Bunny Rouge

Бальзам для губ Kiss Elixir Lip Balm, Rouge Bunny Rouge

Lip balm from Rouge Bunny Rouge I want to use at every opportunity, for all to see an absolutely fantastic minimalistic packaging! In winter it is not so difficult, because the balm is needed every three hours. This tool has a thick texture and tightly fastened on the lips. For softening and restoring lips meet almond oil, argan and Shea. Foundation funds – beeswax, so it will not stick to the lips. Spicy aroma reminded me of a scented candle, which is very cool – can be used for aromatherapy.

Lip balm with Manuka honey Paw Paw Papaya Lip Balm, Papaya Gold

Бальзам для губ с медом манука Paw Paw Papaya Lip Balm, Papaya Gold

Use for the second balm Papaya brand and satisfied with the effect of both! Means honey in composition and appearance. Contains Manuka honey (antiseptic and antifungal agent, which is produced from the tea tree), dense, sugar, the substrate melts from the heat of your lips and dissolves them. Moisturizes, nourishes, soothes and heals micro cracks.

Apply it on the lips every day after washing, and for Express recovery, make a night mask.

Nourishing lip balm Hydra Beauty Nutrition, Chanel

Питательный бальзам для губ Hydra Beauty Nutrition, Chanel

Weighty jar with a minimalist design filled with white-colored balm. Medium dense, thick, but after 5 minutes after application is fully absorbed. I tested the balm on chapped lips. First struck on the night of the dense layer in the morning there was no hint of dryness. All seluchenko smoothed, the skin is plumped and hydrated.

The absence of any tool for applying kompensiruet full size cans, it is very wide, so the balm is easy to apply directly onto the lips themselves.

Oil rose Baume au karite Karite, L оccitane

Масло роза-карите Baume au Karite, L’оccitane

The Foundation funds the classic Shea butter (best-seller), but only with the scent of roses. The tool can be applied on chapped areas on the face and hands, but the vial 10 g allows you to use it as a lip balm and carry. Of course, a narrow neck and lack of a spatula make it difficult to use, but you can adapt.

Oil falls a light layer. Composed of vitamin E, which helps damaged lips. The most convenient and efficient use for the night, a dense layer, and in the morning lips are ready for makeup.

Balm for deep recovery Nutritic Levres, La Roche-Posay

Бальзам для глубокого восстановления Nutritic Levres, La Roche-Posay

I’ve used sunscreen stick balm from La Roche-Posay. Nutritic Levres is another version, but without the SPF filter. Balm is for dry and sensitive lips for mine. The team biolipids and Ceramides 5 which work to protect and restore the lips.

The lipstick is very nicely distributed on my lips – feels like it envelops them, but no “oily” effect. It is matte, but gives my lips a slight glow.

A means for humidifying the Lip moisturizer, Santa Maria Novella

Средство для увлажнения губ Lip moisturizer, Santa Maria Novella

The mixture of vegetable oils of sesame, grapeseed and apricot designed to restore dry and flaky lips. But it is suitable to prevent cracking in the winter. The only negative – very small volume. It is a pity, because the balm is really nice: leaves no sticky finish, absorbs quickly and really heals wounds on the lips. Consumed relatively sparingly, but I leave it for emergencies.

Lip balm Baume Pour Les Levres, V76 by

Бальзам для губ Baume Pour Les Levres, V76 by

The balm almost immediately was in the backpack my husband. It and is clear: not shiny, leaves a menthol finish, and cools the lips. Yes, and the brand V76 by Vaughn – mens. It created one of the best of Barbera (already in the third generation) and celebrity stylist Vaughn ACORD, the US. In his portfolio – work with al Pacino, Richard Gere, bill Clinton and shooting for GQ, Time, Rolling Stone.

All funds V76 (and it shampoos, conditioners, products for grooming, cleansing foams, lotions and exfoliants) contain no mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, liquid vaseline. For example, lip balm composed of jojoba oil, coconut, sunflower seed and vitamin E.

The tool will not save already chapped lips (care of lips is very delicate and does not leave a thick oil layer), but perfect for everyday use in the winter.

Moisturizing and regenerating lip balm Hydra-Essentiel, Сlarins

Увлажняющий и восстанавливающий бальзам для губ Hydra-Essentiel, Сlarins

This balm I recommend in cases when lips need extra help. In January, I for a few days forgot about the lip, thinking that the wind and frost will not have time to spoil them, but nydiva lipstick even embellish. The opposite happened. Since I generally don’t rely on lipstick (no matter how oily they were not) in the winter and only use them at events.

Hydra-Essentiel feel on the lips, covering them with light film. The idea is they should stay the shade (texture has a delicate very delicate pink), but it is not visible. Unlike previous tools have Сlarins less gentle ingredients: have mineral oil and paraffin. Maybe it will scare some part of wanting to try and those who are such components reacts allergies. But from myself I will say that the balm really works, sasisa lips from chapping and peeling.

Protective lip balm Sacred Nature by Comfort Zone

Защитный бальзам для губ Sacred Nature, Comfort Zone  

In brand Comfort Zone I fell in love with from the first day of our acquaintance, which lasts six months. During this time, no disappointment – excitement and nothing else. With nourishing protective balm Sacred Nature happened the same story. As soon as you open the cap and the scent of natural essential oils, my heart was bound up in this simple case. The main active ingredient is Buriti oil responsible for moisturizing, protection from wind and other adverse environmental factors. All ingredients are 100% natural and produced from organic crops. The balm is easy to apply – starts to melt on my lips, absorbs quickly and does not spread. As for the smell, you can sell your soul – think it must smell truly organic.

Lip balm Sergei Naumov x GUM color “Red”, Sergey Naumov

Бальзам для губ Сергей Наумов х ГУМ, оттенок «Красный», Sergey Naumov

Christmas fair on red square, the Kremlin ruby stars and kissing under the tree – this is a new product from makeup artist Sergei Naumov. All the famous lip balm in a minimalist aluminum jar got a new reading – now it is bright red and created in collaboration with the Gum.

The balm is called “Red,” and, despite the fact that the jar is the color seems summery juicy on your lips, it turns into a translucent pigment. The ingredients list has not changed – the composition of the formula includes Shea butter, jojoba, avocado and mint. The latter, incidentally, noticeable on the lips is felt – not uncomfortable on the lips, but gives a feeling of freshness and adds visual volume. Effect zatselovali lips guaranteed!

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