February 21, 2024

40 Long Hairstyles & Haircuts To Make The Most Of Length In 2022

As for long hairstyles for thin hair, it can be tempting to chop it back to create fuller-looking hair, but longer blunt cuts can work beautifully, too.

“Using blunt techniques when choosing which chop suits you will keep thin hair feeling fuller,” explains Ricky Walters, Owner & Creative Director of Salon 64. If you do want to work in some layers, keep it soft. »

Avoid any heavy layering as that can make hair appear thinner at the ends,» says Lee Stafford, who seconds asking for blunt ends.

Anything too short and choppy at the back will make the ends look wispy, so opt for longer layers and midi cuts that fall around your shoulder blades. Around the front, chunky face-framing layers can add oomph and volume – and they work perfectly with another major trend, the supermodel blow dry.

As for styling, top hair stylists like Justine Marjan and Sarah Angius have been dropping tutorials on Instagram and TikTok. The jist? Have a stack of accessories to amp up a basic ponytail, or clip hair away from your face. And have a go at different braids and buns. Often, they’re easier to do than you’d think.

And, if you want to keep your hair in good nick in between, it’s worth taking a look at our round-up of the best split end serums to heat protection sprays and deep conditioning hair masks.

Horseshoe layers

This involves “shortening the layers towards the front of the haircut resulting in a ‘horesehoe shape’ through the length. Depending on how long your hair is, this can be anything from a bit of face framing to collarbone-length sections and opens up the very important front area (face, neck, chest etc) beautifully,» says Nicholas Hardwick, Principal Stylist at Josh Wood Colour.

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