40 Geometric Nail Art Ideas

People just have to choose what’s best for them. However, it is not easy today. In any case, when you are undecided and are unsure whether you have well-fitted colors and patterns, you can go on combinations that are evergreen.

Black and white combinations, blue pink, nude shades, dots and geometric shapes are always IN. The originality never comes out of fashion, so the unique decorated nails are imperative this season.

Black lines can greatly refresh the classic French manicure.

The whole world of fashion, and so does the manicure world is full of very beautiful, original and creative solutions for building your own style. There is a lot of ideas for combining wardrobe, patterns, makeup, fashion accessories, footwear…

To be noticed you need to be unique. When it comes about manicure, it is not difficult if you have a good beautician. A little creativity and boldness are needed to decorate your nails, except standard artistic tools. Flowers, leaves, spots, streaks, lines, hearts… There are many details and patterns using which you can enrich your manicure but also the overall look. In the gallery below, you will see this time ideas for decorating your nails with geometric shapes. Geometry was our inspiration this time, and it may become yours when you look at photos.

When we speak about colors, neutral nude tones still dominate in the world of manicure. Ladies adore them because they are gentle like them, they give a carefree appearance to their hands, with those colors you can’t make a mistake and its easy to combine. You should be creative and at least one nail in neutral color decorate with triangle, circles or a line in more effective color. What is interesting is the logo of various companies that ladies put on their nails. When we can color lips in that style, why not to decorate nails?

Your manicure will not remain unnoticed if you do not paint the entire nail plate but leave the “opening” – some unpainted lines or triangles. Animal print is always IN, I do not remember the season when it was neglected. It is sometimes modern as a dominant design, and sometimes you only need to have one detail with that print. But his negative side is that it may not be right for the job.

Strong colors with plenty of rhinestones are still reserved for parties, going outs and events when you just have to be the main. Glitters and tinsels are also reserved for these occasions, but cleverly combined with the entire manicure can be worn all day. My dear ladies, if you are simply tired of choosing and combining colors (whether darker or brighter, whether pink or green, maybe still yellow???), simply do not color them this month, but on nicely manicured non-colored nails, draw the line or draw a square in black. You will see, it will be very interesting.

Here are some of the ideas that we have prepared for you, so enjoy and tomorrow right in the salon. Be nice and nurtured. Live with entire your lungs, life is just one and today. Life is not yesterday or in future, life is now, this moment.

Emboss two colors and use spots. You can achieve more than you think.

The gentle green color is very feminine and popular this season. It combines nicely with a white but good effect you can achieve if you combine it with bright yellow.

Glitter gels are great for decorating your nails, because they will give them a playful and modern note, and you will have a youthful look.

The golden color here refreshed and beautified the classic black and white combination of colors. The golden color is an excellent addition to almost all colors, it exist to refresh other colors and make them glamorous and beautiful.

It is spring and summer is coming soon. Therefore, use various colors, it is allowed – it is warm playful spring.

Oval nails look very sophisticated and elegant. Instead of decorating the tops of your nails, you can decorate the nail root in the same way. The effect will be even better.

It is not necessary to paint the entire nail plate. Lines in black, white or some other color that build geometric shapes can look very trendy.

A lot of tiny colorful dots and curly lines can refresh every manicure like this in boring black color.

This manicure reminds a little bit on the marine, so it’s great if you are going to the beach.

Here’s the idea for using different shades of some color to get the original manicure.

Proper nutrition is essential if you want to have beautiful and healthy nails. On healthy nails, all colors are well placed.

The shaped nails are for many ladies favorite, and here’s how to color them and decorate with geometric motifs.

White and black can be very boring, but if they are combined in the right way they can be very interesting.

The yellow color of the nail polish will never go unnoticed. Light yellow can make your hands pale, but this darker yellow color can make the whole manicure more interesting.

If you are employed and work hard on your computer and your keyboard, it will surely be easier with shorter nails. However, short nails may look very luxurious and glamorous.

If you like to have your hands and nails look fresh, choose colors with diamond gloss.

The hexagons don’t need to be only in the notes and books in mathematics, but also on nails. Here’s one way how to use it and beautify your manicure.

If you want your nail color to be more intense, use as a base lacquer some in white color.

Geometric patterns are always trendy and modern. It does not take a lot of effort to get an interesting geometric manicure.

Many ladies likes French manicure and even more like a modern French manicure with red lacquer on top of nails instead of white. I am one of them!

The combination of black and white is very well refreshed with golden color and a huge rhinestone on one nail.

Combining various colors with yellow does not lose popularity for years, and so it definitely remains this time. However, if here don’t exist this white coherent lines, this manicure would be much lighter.

The good side of the ”geometric” nails is that you can combine geometric shapes in thousands of ways.

Rhinestones are unavoidable and this time, and every manicure make even more luxurious and more desirable. With rhinestones there is no mistake.

Pastel tones of pink and blue color can greatly enrich a simple manicure like white.

A light green color must be combined with white or yellow. These colors give you a youthful look and surely will cheer you up.

Use straight, thicker, thinner, longer and shorter lines, and make plaited patterns on your nails.

Maybe geometry was not your favorite subject in school, but in fashion it’s certainly your often choice.

Eternal pink – blue combination is great for young girls who are playful and have cheerful spirit.

Nude tones are gentle and simple. But if you complete them with black and gold details, you can achieve a very seductive and powerful look.

Strong and striking colors, striking prints and motives are certainly the most desirable and the most modern this summer.

Royal blue color with high gloss will enchant everyone with who you spend time.

The universe on the nails is popular and we wrote about it. Enrich it with geometric shapes.

One very interesting idea for this season is to frame your nails in a strong color like black.

If you are not skilled in drawing, surely you will be able to draw the right lines of various colors easily.

Frame your chrome nails using white color and add a little tinsels.

It is very interesting if you do not color the entire nail plate but leave the part non-colored.

Geometric nails are very interesting and innovative. Ladies can free their creativity and play with colors and shapes.

If your creativity has fallen these days, steal some ideas from social networks and various sites, and polish your nails in that way.

Although it looks very glamorous this manicure can be taken freely at work.

Pink colors are very good choice in warm summer days. Details in black can refresh a lot your pink manicure.

If you wear black and white color, you will not make a mistake. I hope we inspired you for your next summer manicure and you enjoyed our gallery!

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