July 18, 2024

4 Ways to Make Your Workouts a Little More Bearable If You’re Sheltering at Home

Before you find yourself fighting for workout space or equipment, check out these four ways to make your at-home workout a little more bearable – they’ll help when you’ve got a full house and your space is limited.

By now, working out at home isn’t anything new for many of us. Learning how to get by with minimal equipment, how to work out so the neighbors won’t hear, and how to utilize what we have at our disposal is all old hat.

But one that we can almost never prepare for is how to get the workout you want when you’re sharing a space. If you find yourself sheltering at home with parents or in-laws, adult siblings, a partner, or whomever, you may find yourself at your wit’s end.

Designate a Fitness Time

Not everyone likes to work out at the same time, but consider adopting similar workout schedules for several reasons. This allows for not only a workout and motivation buddy, but it also sets the tone for the house.


If “8 a. m. is when we work out” is the rule of the house, you won’t have to worry about someone starting a blender for a morning smoothie while you struggle to hear what your favorite online instructor is saying. Even if you’re not all doing the same workout, having the understanding of this time as off limits for distractions may lead to a more pleasant workout for all.

Share Your Favorite Workouts

For all of those who enjoy the company of a fitness friend but seem to be at odds when it comes to deciding what workout to do as a group, let everyone in your pod pick a workout. Then you can alternate between everyone’s favorite workout, so there will be no wasting time or arguing as to what workout to try. You’ll already have a schedule!

Make It a (Friendly) Competition

This works especially well if you’re staying at home with your extended family or siblings. Break up your crew into teams, and let some of the fun begin. Whether you’re a family of runners racing to see which team can run the most miles in 30 days or you’re more of the indoor types who are tallying points each time you complete an online class, adding a little friendly in-house competition can keep everyone motivated and on track with the workout plans.

Give Space When Needed

And, hey, if it comes down to it and you find your household just isn’t the type for group fitness, that’s OK, too. The important thing is to know what works for you and what keeps you motivated to move each day. If that’s not lacing up your UA HOVR™ Rise 2 Training Shoes ($100) and joining your brother and sister-in-law every night at 7 p. m. for a little HIIT action, that’s perfectly fine. Just be sure you communicate what you need to create a good environment for everyone to burn a little sweat without reaching their boiling points.

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